Jodie Marsh will bring a touch of elegance to your next social event

October 7th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Jodie Marsh continued her silicon-fueled rampage through the English celebrity scene by attending soccer player Jermaine Defoe’s birthday party Sunday night. Wait, I didn’t know she did birthdays. She’d go perfect with my whiskey out of a brown bag at the strip club theme. Now, if only I could find Jodie in the Yellow Pages. Hmm… here we go: Right underneath “F” for “Funbags the Clown.”

NOTE: Third pic links to NSFW version that could be considered hot – if you’re oddly aroused by Frankenstein.

Photos: Splash News, The Sun, WENN

  1. Who’s Jodie Marsh?

    Why does she look like she’s 50 years old?

    Is she?

    Are you writing about 50 year olds now?

    Why do her implants look like one giant boob, with an ass crack in the middle?

    Why is she such a whore?

    Shouldn’t only hot girls be whores?

    Shouldn’t there be a rule stating that only hot girls can be whores?

    Shouldn’t there be a rule stating that hideously ugly girls can’t be whores?

    Who’s Jermaine Defoe?

  2. mafme

    I may be waaay off the mark here, but does anyone else see signs of attention-seeking behavior here?

  3. UK_Matt

    A few remarks for my across the pond veiwers:

    The pictures are taken outside of a Tesco. For those of you without one of those nearby – think just above Walmart.

    The registration number of the Range Rover she just climbed out of was 52, which means its 6 years old now. Hardly blinging it.

    The guy in the pink is her husband or boyfriend or something. She did the Tequila fake TV show thing too.

    For the record: I’ve no problem with Trashy Tarts, as long as they are true to the Trash. And boy is she.

  4. snackmix

    What a silly pig.

  5. paco taco

    two words. jerking now.

  6. Your granny drawers

    She’s wearing granny drawers because her leatherface makes her feel old. I can smell the skidmarks all the way from the old folks home. And you sinning young masterbating monkeys need to study or else you will drop out of college, get addicted to meth and work at Walmart.

  7. Edgonz

    lmao @ the “Enjoy the finer things in life” banner in the background he he

  8. ishi-san

    So what??? She is just a normal Brit-girl with a bit better body! (believe me, they are all pretty much like this when they go out!)

  9. Am I the only person here who sees something wrong in a grown woman showing her pants in a knock-kneed pose like a coy 5 year old? Outside a supermarket. Whilst sucking a lolly pop. She’s pushing 30 for fuck’s sake.

    If she wasn’t so cheap Louis Vuitton would be eyeing her up for their luggage range.

  10. Ted Mosby

    British chicks sadly are not freaks in the sack.

    But they give good head.

  11. kamakura

    for everyone commenting about the size of the guy’s heads:

    it’s not that they have a huge head, it’s (probably) that the photographer who shot them used a wide angle lens. (the EXIF data shows it was shot at 17mm which is pretty damn wide, considering it’s mounted on a full frame camera). When you shoot something up close with a wide angle rectilinear lens, you will get a lot of distortion along the edges, particularly a “stretching” like you see in the pictures above, or as you can see in the last image in this lens review:

    I’m guessing the photographer angled the camera downwards slightly when s/he shot the image which is why everyone has big ass heads, and tiny feet, kind of the weeble-wobble effect in reverse.

    okay, enough camera nonsense. back to making fun of the trashy people. *shudders at stain*

  12. ishi-san

    HAHAHAHA the girl in pic # 4 is soooo happy that she finally has a “cool” friend!!!!

    @60: you look at this site out of a different reason than most of us, don’t you? *lol* ;-)

  13. Chenush

    @49. When your period stain your panties, it does not look like that. you are obviosly a man.

  14. WAIT A MINUTE! Could giant head be related to this guy?:
    (click my name)

    It must be a British pap related mutation.

    Jodie Marsh looks significantly cuter here than in that last thing where she’s wearing the dorkotard, from back in August. Probably wearing a wig, though.

  15. Jammy

    Yah – just have to chime in with the panty stain, too.

  16. There are two DILDO’S in her ASS?

  17. granny

    hi! this guy is so cute, what is his name? (pink shirt)

  18. insecthero

    Run, it’s FRANKENBOOBIE!!!!

  19. granny

    Hi ! This guys in pink shirt is so cute, what is his name ?

  20. phyl

    Hi ! This guys in pink shirt is so cute, what is his name ?

  21. phyl

    This guys in pink shirt is so cute, what is his name ?

  22. AndyPandee

    Dudes in the pics are hot! I’d be riding them by now if I were her.

  23. Nathalie

    Erm.. can anyone tell me where I can buy those shoes?? Seriously. I Need to know

  24. Nathalie

    Erm.. can anyone tell me where I can buy those shoes?? Seriously. I need to know!!

  25. stu

    the forehead on that guy is rediculous, must be photoshopped. no ones forhead can be that big (except rhianna).

  26. She looks like a Barbie Doll who got stuck in the plastic tits portion of the conveyor belt too long

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