Jodie Marsh will bring a touch of elegance to your next social event

October 7th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Jodie Marsh continued her silicon-fueled rampage through the English celebrity scene by attending soccer player Jermaine Defoe’s birthday party Sunday night. Wait, I didn’t know she did birthdays. She’d go perfect with my whiskey out of a brown bag at the strip club theme. Now, if only I could find Jodie in the Yellow Pages. Hmm… here we go: Right underneath “F” for “Funbags the Clown.”

NOTE: Third pic links to NSFW version that could be considered hot – if you’re oddly aroused by Frankenstein.

Photos: Splash News, The Sun, WENN

  1. tabacchifc


  2. Brian


  3. bubba

    errr. is that a stain on the panties???

  4. Tight bod, everything else is ridiculous…

  5. bobby carozza

    Another bleached blonde orange plastic English bimbo slut

  6. khe0ps

    She is hot and knows how to party and yes i think that is a stain on the panties.

  7. Paul

    jesus, what a nose…slag

  8. fuhktwad

    White chicks are such whores.

  9. lloyd johnson

    Are those dudes fruity? Or is that the new thing for men to shave their chests and wear low cut shirts? I can’t wait to show off my man-cleavage.

  10. morga

    grossssssss ho

  11. Blah

    Is that the British Pamela Anderson or something? Complete with the big penis nose. At first I thought it was that other ho-bag, Jordan whatever her name is. Can’t tell those slutty ho’s apart anymore.

  12. surlywench

    Can someone tell Mr. Fag Pants the shocker is the first two fingers and the pinky. Wouldn’t want to disappoint her, as she looks so eager to have something shoved up her holes.

    On second thought, make it the entire fist. At least that way she’ll feel it.

  13. Ted from LA

    She looks like a Barbie Doll who got stuck in the plastic tits portion of the conveyor belt too long.

  14. veggi

    She’s bad enough, but why did they have to include those two male Superficial commenters?

  15. havoc

    Well….she looks like fun.


  16. sh


  17. Josh

    I bet she would be fun to go out with one night.
    Legs arn’t bad either.

  18. pussy_lover

    I would fuck the shit out of that. Any guy that claims different is a fucking pipe taker.

  19. not normal

    What is up with that nose?!

  20. Sport

    “White chicks are such whores.”

    Yeah, because we all know that when you see hookers on the streets in bad parts of town they are primarily white. oops, wrong demographic.

  21. antoine

    what’s up with pic 5 and the dude with the long face. I bet he has a hard time trying to find a ski mask that fits!

  22. supersex

    i like white whores

  23. Drunkman

    Look at that ugly chick trying to leech of Jodie.

  24. Drunkman

    Look at that ugly chick trying to leech off Jodie.

  25. Deacon Jones

    Ah, perfect. At least she knows her role.

    Now if only I can talk my boss into hiring chicks like this as our secretaries…

  26. havoc

    Big ole fake tits and minimal clothing.

    It really doesn’t get any better than that….


  27. MightyD

    Sweet mounds of cheapnest Batman!!

  28. norton

    May I suggest that if you’re going to expose your panties that they don’t have a stain on them?


  29. JaidenPaidin

    Cheap, silicone and trashy.

    LOVE IT.

    Gotta love a downright dirty looking slut.

  30. Virgodoll

    If I had a face as hideous as hers, I swear I would have committed suicide, man, she looks filthy

  31. Virgodoll

    If I had a face as hideous as hers, I swear I would have committed suicide, man, she looks filthy

  32. Cheech

    Piece of ass. If you wouldnt hit, your a fag

  33. Wow… I could punch the clown to that all day long.

  34. Turd Ferguson


    Amy is hotter than this skank

  35. cyelsm

    “Yeah, because we all know that when you see hookers on the streets in bad parts of town they are primarily white. oops, wrong demographic.”

    Actually they mostly like to hang out at sporting events, looking for a mandigo to support thier plastic surgery habit.

  36. Rich

    I’m surprised she is wearing panties, what a skank. Lucky for her if she trips & falls her silicone will break her fall.

  37. friendlystoner

    i`d bang that shit all night, tho defo not a girl you take home to your mum

  38. Rich

    #8- Like there are no Black or Asian whores, yeah right!!!

  39. Rich

    #18 are you nuts? I wouldn’t fuck that with a rented dick. I don’t want my dick to rot off from whatever she carries. FYI, I am a 100 percent pussy lover.

  40. Peters

    Gross stain on her panties!

  41. Alicat

    The stained panties take the attention off both her gigantic cans and her Michael Jackson nose… I didn’t think that was possible… *puke*

  42. ok

    Three metrosexual shemales


    EWWWWWWWWWW! Is that a pantyliner I see under that stain?!

    Nasty fug no-talent bag of meat!

  44. Tasha

    pretty well looks like a tampon string to go right along with that stain. Nasty girl.

  45. DUNFY

    I’d jizz in Jodie’s eyes and never look back. I’d eat that ass with a spoon and all that. I’d really like to test the tension of that rectum, whoo!

  46. SATAN

    nine times out of ten i’d swim across the atlantic for the opportunity to put a red-ball gagger in her mouth and douse her in cheap vodka while fuckin her pile-driver style…

    but that stain is such a turnoff.

  47. whatisname

    that guy has a MASSIVE head…

  48. ummm...yeah

    Just what the world needs…ANOTHER AMY WHOREHOUSE in the making!!!!!
    That bitch is nasty as they come….

  49. Jess

    That is totally a stain on her 12yr old panties….

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