Jodie Marsh: Still classy!

October 22nd, 2008 // 67 Comments

My new favorite British monstrosity Jodie Marsh stopped by a radio show yesterday and sent out a request for sperm from any willing donor. You see, Jodie’s apparently a lesbian now but won’t let that stop her from trying to conceive. Because there’s nothing a child loves more than finding out its father is some dude with too much free time and a turkey baster. The Sun reports:

She recently admitting she’s started a relationship with hairdresser NINA.
Jodie said: “I’ve had loads of s**t men. I can see why women turn lesbian, because you get to the point where you’re sick of hearing so much f***ing bull***t, so you start to look elsewhere.”

Here’s the best part: Right after her nationwide request for man sauce, Jodie scooted off to a local Starbucks to promote the “Bring Your Own Mug” event to reduce waste. Yeah. So, to all my readers across the pond, you might want to order that latte with a shot of penicillin. Or you can dodge the pee-burning bullet altogether and get your Dunkin on. Do they even have those in England? If not, immediately start swimming west. I’ll save a glazed for you.

Photos: The Sun, WENN

  1. Troy


  2. Talk the talk, walk the walk sweetheart….

  3. daharia

    that make up..

  4. nastyjay

    OMFG baby, ur gonna get all u ever wanted

  5. Kahlee

    I’m not swimming all that way, its cold! Bring it here.

  6. oh shes a Vulva diver? didnt read the story…would never contribute to this circus even if she offered money…

  7. robot

    stay classy, san diego.

  8. The Bisexual

    I’d do her :). Purrrrrarrrrrrr.

  9. mamadough

    why doesn’t she just stick her finger down her throat and cough up some jesus juice if she wants sperm so badly? hell, if she farted consecutively, she could probably collect some in the toilet. i bet she even sneezes clumps of wad. someone get this women a towel.

  10. Yea - blah blah

    All that men “bullshit”…….she needs to really listen to herself. The media obsessed whore that she is. Im pretty sure she has more BS t put up with than any other guy out there. Besides I’m pretty sure she doesnt really intend to follow thru with it, ya know since it would TOTALLY upset her “image”

    Great followup – she says she wants sperm then has pics taken with foam on the end of her already falic shaped nose……

  11. simplicity

    waste of space.


    I want to see a before picture.

  12. Mcfeely Smackup

    I wonder what “fucking bullshit” she had to put up with? I’m guessing unacceptable bs like “honey, I think you need to get some help” or “do you have to act like a drunken whore ALL the time?”, or maybe “I’m sorry, who are you and why should we care?”.

  13. Dick Bush

    She’s hot and trashy.

    I’m nasty and Republican.

    Vote McPalin abd Cain in ’88

  14. Uh oh Douchie, looks like you have competition for random men to spew their load on you! On the bright side, I doubt she will encroach on your stall in the minneapolis airport.

  15. “uh oh” you can never have my personality cross dresser…keep riding my cock tails and follow me around like a lap dog… Ill engage you when i want to throw you a bone….

  16. Hey #17? if you really want to expose my “Proclivities” you should make an effort and come here early,,,

  17. Dobba

    Whatever homos. She’s filthy as fuck and yo just knowz yuz in furra ridin’. Open wide Jodie girl . . . I gots all u needz.

    Or something like that. I’m English so no idea why I’m talking like all you pillow biting, ankle squeezing, rednecks across the pond.

  18. malicious

    her whole shtick was that she had natural breasts compared with Jordon, no claim to fame there anymore. she actually makes Jordon look classy, never thought I’d say that

  19. Anon

    As we have paris you can have her.

    Shes a perpetual victim.
    She’s one of those women that complains about every man out there and how much she suffers but doesn’t realise the only common factor in her life and relationships is herself and she causes all the problems in her life.

    She’s spoilt and bratty and gives the guys she’s with nothing but shite all the time.
    She wants someone she can walk over in men and friends and when they stand up for themselves she goes into victim mode to get as much sympathy as she can.

    I can tell you something if she thinks men are trouble wait til she she’s been dating a woman for a while. Whole new level of crap.
    She won’t put up with her “shit” like a man has to.

    Thank god shes now “gay”. She’s ruined the lives of enough men I hope this woman gives her a taste of her own medicine.

  20. SOS

    She was just on “Its Me or the Dog” on animal planet.
    I can’t believe they’re the same person, she seemed so “innocent” on there!

  21. SOS

    She was just on “Its Me or the Dog” on animal planet.
    I can’t believe they’re the same person, she seemed so “innocent” on there!

  22. Lulu

    Her nose looks like a dick.

  23. Eggy

    I especially like the female sperm. She’s a real genius.

  24. Lloyd Willingham III

    All you racist blackneck ghetto porchmonkeys know she looks good.

  25. crabdonkey

    Why are the sperm coming out of the balls?

    Why are the two sperm in love?

    Why is she even wearing that fish net shirt?

    Why isn’t she acknowledging that donor standing behind her? He wants to make a deposit.

  26. Megan

    That has to be the most poorly drawn penis I’ve ever seen. And a female sperm? No one tell her that you can’t make babies by putting two sperm together, it’ll save the world from having one more idiot.

  27. Crabdonkey.

    I’ll take it you’re not used to her and thats why you’re assuming there would be an answer for those questions that isn’t “it’s Jodie Marsh, so who the fuck knows”

    To advertise getting a sperm donor she slags off men (great move when you need one for just that) and uses a drawing by child, or someone with a child like brain full of glaring irregularities.

  28. sperminator






  29. AMy Winehouse called. She wants her eye makeup back.

  30. m

    this woman shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce

  31. CaptainMorgan

    I’d give her at least 10 mintues. I’m sure she could teach me a lot.

  32. 1moreidiotintheworld

    —–o —–o —–o —–o —–o —–o —–o —–o —–o
    There’s some sperm for you ugly fucking tart! But seriously, do the world a favor and don’t reproduce…. or at least keep yourself and your bastard spawn on THAT side of the ocean for the love of God!!!!!

  33. Why Jodie?…. why?…..

  34. confused

    can someone please explain – what is wrong with this woman’s nose???????? What is that and why is she in public with it???????

  35. Ted from LA

    She seems very classy. I am surprised she needs to put up a sign begging for man juice.

  36. Chris

    Waste of space…Thats what she was in the UK, and based on her US antics. She’s still a waste of space…desperate for any sort of media attention.

    Ignore her.

    Thats what we did….and it worked too cuz she migrated.

  37. She and Coco are the same man.

  38. joho777

    I really doubt that Jodie Marsh can ever get pregnant.

    Her ovaries have been shriveled and fried by too many years of too much mascara, silicone, and hair bleach. And by way too much random sex with anonymous subhuman strangers.

  39. Call me Crazy

    Anyone else seeing the resemblance between this tart and a successfully bleached, female Michael Jackson? Please tell me her Mother’s name is Billie Jean!

  40. am I right?
    THIS IS AMERICA 2008, folks?

  41. weirdo

    Is’nt this Linda Hogan with her hair up and some make-up on?lol

  42. timmy the dying boy

    The key word here is “willing.”

  43. Binky

    Wow ! Sign me up !!
    I like a gal who really ‘nose’ how to handle a cappuccino.

  44. NY Ted

    I’ll give her all the fucking “sperm” she wants…only it won’t be where the baby she wants can be conceived…!


  45. cherrt

    She is hot and sexy. She even uploaded her private sexy photos and videos at the fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^. She has a personal account there. She drives lots of guys crazy.

  46. Stiles

    She’s like a pornstar without the videos!


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