Jodie Marsh: Still classy!

My new favorite British monstrosity Jodie Marsh stopped by a radio show yesterday and sent out a request for sperm from any willing donor. You see, Jodie’s apparently a lesbian now but won’t let that stop her from trying to conceive. Because there’s nothing a child loves more than finding out its father is some dude with too much free time and a turkey baster. The Sun reports:

She recently admitting she’s started a relationship with hairdresser NINA.
Jodie said: “I’ve had loads of s**t men. I can see why women turn lesbian, because you get to the point where you’re sick of hearing so much f***ing bull***t, so you start to look elsewhere.”

Here’s the best part: Right after her nationwide request for man sauce, Jodie scooted off to a local Starbucks to promote the “Bring Your Own Mug” event to reduce waste. Yeah. So, to all my readers across the pond, you might want to order that latte with a shot of penicillin. Or you can dodge the pee-burning bullet altogether and get your Dunkin on. Do they even have those in England? If not, immediately start swimming west. I’ll save a glazed for you.

Photos: The Sun, WENN
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