Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘retirement’ explained: Surprise, it’s drugs

Joaquin Phoenix announced last week he’s retiring from acting to pursue a career in music. Sometime between that announcement and Saturday’s premiere of Che, where Joaquin arrived with the letters “Bye!” and “Good” written on his knuckles (above), the actor showed up to a reading blitzed as hell, according to Page Six:

The two-time Oscar nominee (“Walk the Line” and “Gladiator”) showed up to a tribute to Paul Newman last week in San Francisco and “was out of it,” said one attendee. Other actors were performing scenes and readings, but Phoenix just got up and walked out. “He wobbled back in a bit later, but it was odd,” said our source. “He was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet.”

Joaquin’s rep says “He’s fine. He just wants to focus on music.” Which is Hollywood talk for “He’s buck naked riding my kids’ Power Wheels down to the 7-11 for smokes because apparently he’s Robert Downey Jr. now.”

Photos: WENN