Joaquin Phoenix struggles for love

joaquin_phoenix_thumb3.jpgJoaquin Phoenix says he has problems finding a girlfriend, because all his potential dates research him first. He explains, “I met a girl recently and we were out at dinner and suddenly she announces, ‘I’m vegan.’ I knew that was purely for my benefit because she got the information from a magazine and thought that was what she should say so we had something in common. You can see why meeting new people is so awkward. Normal things, like, ‘Are your parents together?’ they already know. If I could make films and never do interviews or have my photo taken, I’d do it.”

Hey, what a coincidence! If I could get paid without “doing any work” or “bathing regularly” or “fornicating with the cleaning lady”, I’d do that! Well, maybe. But I can see how much more difficult it must be when people are fawning all over you and paying you millions to play dress-up and pretend to be someone else, things usually reserved for tranny beauty-pageants. Or so I hear. Ahem. So anyway, good for you Joaquin!