Joaquin Phoenix sits next to David Letterman

February 12th, 2009 // 102 Comments

Joaquin Phoenix stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night and pretty much did his best Andy Kaufman impression. He sat there silently and would mumble an occasional answer to Dave who tried to keep the conversation going. Things turned pissy when he shot down Joaquin’s offer to perform his hip-hop music on the show who then started swearing at Paul Shaffer for laughing. I don’t want to say this is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen, but Dave would’ve been better off interviewing a homeless guy who thinks the government in his shoe. Mostly because I like my crazy non-scripted.

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  1. azalea


  2. ValerieV

    he LOOKS like a crazy homeless guy………

  3. Matisyahu is gonna sue him.

  4. JofaMang

    Just publicity

    Weak, but successful

  5. timmy the dying boy

    That appearance is sure to win him whole armies of new fans.

  6. ValerieV

    He gives vegans a bad name.

  7. Sid

    Done before, and done way better. He needs somebody to tell him that this project isn’t working and he should drop it instead of digging a deeper hole for himself.

  8. Dear Mr. Funny Man 2009,

    You’re not fucking funny, and your little dumbass act that isn’t funny at all is retarded. Prepared to get fucked by the long dick of the Press when you fail and everyone drops your ass from movies.


  9. Eric

    I don’t buy his “rap gangsta” act, but it’s certainly an excellent impression of Kim Kardashian’s pussy before she waxes.

  10. Beth

    He eats his felines.

  11. Minty

    This is sad…i feel really bad for him…

  12. Dar

    Didn’t this moron learn anything from watching his brother die?

    Joaquin, you ignorant jackass, get a f***ing clue!

  13. sofake!!

    He deserves an Academy Award nomination for that act.

  14. phil

    It’s all a big hoax — one of his buddies is filming everything so they can act all smug when he admits it.

  15. p0nk

    gangsta rap: so easy a caveman can do it

  16. Pojojuniper

    We have a semi-homeless guy in our town who is called Shaky Dave. He looks JUST like this. Except he has a nicer suit.

  17. Jesus Wept

    David Letterman’s awesome. He doesn’t even flinch, he’s a pro. Joaquin got p4wned repeatedly

  18. #13 no, he sucks at pretending to be crazy. So obvious. What he deserves is a kick in the eye and a good point and laugh..

    Fucking tool

  19. SB

    is this publicity?obviously for Joaquin it is….. i wonder tho, is letterman in on it?

  20. Jrz

    I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.

    LOVE David Letterman!

  21. Andy

    If he wanted to do something different, instead of this he could have pretended to convert to a globe-trotting do-gooder like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, making Borat-style statements – earnest, but completely inappropriate – along the way. And film THAT, complete with the struggle the media would have to cover it. I think he’d be totally believable as a sincere dolt.

  22. April

    That’s the funniest thing I have seen all day. What a loser!

  23. It reminds me of the Crispin Glover interview from a few years ago. Two total loonies.

  24. Talent Free A-Holism

    Sorry fucking jackhole. I would have kicked him off the show right then and there. But then, Letterman made him look like a bitch!

    Damn I wish there was an alternative to Hollywood. Something for real Americans, European derived.

  25. My_Cock_Your_Mouth

    This is an act, what he thinks of as performance art. Dave is in on it.
    WaKeen thinks he is pulling one over on us but he just looks like a fool.

  26. Ed

    He’s pretty much re-living Johnny Cash’s early life.


  27. steve

    Give it up, Joaqoff.

  28. David Letterman

    “So when you come up with these rap songs, do you write it all down as sheet music, with clefts and everything? Oh, hey, sorry about that…”

  29. Mr. Sensitivity

    Somebody needs to put a Rihanna mask on him and then invite Chris Brown over.

  30. Jessica Simpson fan

    It’s just a bad outfit for him.

  31. Tim

    So first off, this whole thing is definitely an act. Joaquin Phoenix is not actually crazy. Whether or not he is going to come out and admit that afterwards (that it was all a hoax) I’m not sure, but he is most assuredly making a 100% conscious decision to act like a weirdo. Granted he probably has more than a few deep seeded emotional problems (stemming from such events as witnessing at the age of 19 his older brother die of a drug overdose outside of a club in LA), but I still don’t buy that he has just all of the sudden lost his mind.

    And one other thing. News sites and blogs keep reporting that Joaquin got mad at Dave because Dave shot down his request to perform his musical act on the Late Show. This is not what Dave says at all. If you watch it again, when Dave says “I think that is highly unlikely” he is responding to Joaquin saying that he was “working on” his music. I think it is a reference to how lazy, detached, and unresponsive Joaquin was acting. This, I think, is what Dave was referring to, and I think Joaquin knew that too.

  32. jmac

    anyone who doesn’t find this funny has zero sense of humor. this crap was as funny as mallrats, clerks, grandmas boy etc.

    Also, if you think he was acting.. he wasn’t. Did you see the clip of his film? His acting was horrific. The guy is constantly drugged out of his mind.

  33. Elmo

    Oh my God he looks like a wayward Blues Brother

  34. Andrea

    #31 – you put more energy into that than Joaquin has put into his entire life.

  35. aquarian

    He looks extremely shy and uncomfortable. This interview just made me feel bad for him, I certainly didn’t feel like laughing at his expense. I thought this interview was mean and insensitive.

  36. Ok, this is starting to read like a Kim Kardashian story or a Tom Cruise/scientology story. Joaquin’s (or Casey Affleck’s) staff are writing the gullible comments. Sad.

  37. incorrect

    If you haven’t seen the crispin glover interview on letterman from like 20 years ago, you have to check it out. Dude goes fuckin’ crazy and is even more drugged out than Joaquin appears to be here (I know, he’s not crazy, it’s just an act, yadda yadda…who the fuck cares). Still, this is pretty good stuff.

  38. k-man

    i thought it was funny.

  39. RIPPED

    That guy is RIPPED off his ASS! “Did you feed them nitras before the show?” Hahaha, he shouldn’t get so stoned before a show if he can’t cover himself.

  40. routhless

    The Letterman interview was hilarious…You’ll notice a few Phoenix snickers when Letterman trips him up with a line. Great stunt especially when acting crazy is so “in” (brit, cruise, winehouse etc.) and you stupid asses who are spending so much time reading, watching and buying these crazy fool’s crap.

  41. Kate

    he looks like ‘teen wolf’

    also i would love to know what he said to dave at the very end when he took off his sunglasses and leaned in…

  42. Banquo

    Wow,..what a crappy actor, you can TELL that he’s acting “Dark and broody” and his yelling tantrum is complete with hollywood body acting (doing things that normal people DONT but that sell good on the camera..”

    The worst part of this is, it’s hollywood and he’s got affleck working with him so no matter how it goes down at the end the news will be reporting on “How they fooled america, the press and the fans” when in fact they fooled no one.

  43. Courtyardpigeon

    I think this is all joke. Must be trying to pull off a role.

  44. Mandi

    I totally believe the mockumentary ploy. When he was interviewed about playing Johnny Cash he said that before then music and singing was something completly foriegn to him. Now he wants to be a rapper? Plus, he is an incredible actor, so I believe he is able to pull off this going crazy bit. And he’s actually really funny, too. I think this shit is hilarious, I can’t wait to see more!

  45. Spo

    He’s playing the role of David-Darlene’s boyfriend on Roseanne.

  46. Lisa

    He is one nasty looking man. The hair and beard have got to go.

  47. Jeremy

    It was like watching an unfunny Zack Galifianakis. I’m all for hoaxes, but at least give it some kind of substance.

  48. Holyfuck


    Dude, WAY too much free time on your hands.

  49. Fai


    I wondered the same thing at the end.

  50. joe shmoe

    this guy is drugged outta his mind

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