Joaquin Phoenix has lost his shit

January 18th, 2009 // 155 Comments

Joaquin Phoenix made his musical debut Friday night at Vegas night club LAVO, and surprise! He’s a homeless rapper. The Oscar nominee jumped around the stage while performing/smoking for a perplexed crowd who have vowed never to take Ecstacy again. On the sidelines, brother-in-law Casey Affleck filmed the whole thing for a documentary I can only assume will be titled Joaquin Phoenix, Stay the Fuck Away From My Kids.

NOTE: Joaquin “rapping” after the jump along with a clip of him falling off the stage in case anyone thought this was actually a legitimate performance by someone not on heroin.

The Musical Stylings of Joaquin Phoenix:

One of these people is going to die soon. Guess which one.

Photos: Flynet, Splash News


  1. Thank you share here this post !

  2. I think he took the role in Walking the Line way to serious!!

  3. Yeah, his original name is Leaf. That’s how he is credited in the the movie “Space Camp.”

  4. ….that so funny..he must be awkward

  5. YES!!! it is just like that movie!!!!

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