Joaquin Phoenix Might Be Lex Luthor

“Joaquin Phoenix, what are you going to do once that acid wears off?”
“Kill Superman!” – How this post happened

Now that the Internet’s done making alternate Breaking Bad endings, it’s time to forget Bryan Cranston being Lex Luthor and move on to.. Joaquin Phoenix? Eh, why not? He’s got a young girlfriend. Kids love comics. Variety reports:

Though sources couldn’t confirm what the role is, it’s believed to be for the main antagonist, which is likely to be Lex Luthor. Names like Jason Momoa and Callan Mulvey have been linked to the film but even if those actors are cast, sources are saying that they wouldn’t play the main villain, and that Warners has always wanted someone who would be a slam dunk in the role.

I’m actually okay with this because after Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum and Kevin Spacey doing Gene Hackman (Easy, Duck Commander, easy…) we’re long overdue for a mush-mouthed Lex Luthor who compulsively masturbates. It’s 2013 for God’s sake.

“Your demented plot is over, Luth- whoa, dude, what are you doing?”
“Silence, Superman! Silence. Little Lex needs silence… Seriously, this should just take a minute.”
“Want me to wait outside?”
“Could you?”

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