Joanna Krupa in Playboy

November 13th, 2009 // 199 Comments

Here’s model/actress/Maxim’s Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World Joanna Krupa posing for the December issue of Playboy and breaking the annoying streak of quasi-celebs refusing to go nude FOR PLAYBOY. That’s like owning a titty bar and letting the strippers wear sweaters and beekeeper outfits. Or whatever metaphor fully captures my desire to see Heidi Montag’s breasts light on fire. I’m not picky.

Pics link to NSFW versions.

Photos: Playboy

  1. dylans503

    eraser heads

  2. Shea

    Good God would I love to suck on those titties. I give the pics a B minus for the sole reason it was Playboy, and not a porno magazine. Wait whats that? Playboy is porn?

  3. JB

    Who is this broad? And shit, I think her nipples poked my eye through my monitor.

  4. stroke


  5. Lisa

    WOW!! None of this covering up bullshit, just all flesh and beautiful breasts, blond hair and natural goodness!!!!

    Playboy seriously needs to go back to how it used to be!! God, I look at Heidi’s attempt and it looks like a photo shopped, maxed out airbrushing, alien mess compared to this!!

    Joanna Krupa has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. Just beautiful!! Love pictures 1, 3 and 8!!


  6. Nixie

    Whoever this chick is, she looks great! Good job, you should be proud of your body! But… WTF is up with her toes in pic 3? Yucky! I guess it’s weird I noticed her toes when boobies are flashing!

  7. Harry

    Ever since this girl bitched out Terrell Owens on some reality show, she’s had my respect. Great t&a also help.

  8. wow

    wow, just wow.

  9. looking ultra sexy in those pics!

  10. Dude of Dudes


  11. gueibor

    #6: Thanks mu’fugga, you’ve forever ruined that pic for me! >=(

  12. Amber

    I’m a woman, and even I can appreciate such art. :D

  13. Allofyou

    Last week everyone on here was trashing this chick out saying she’s ugly, wonky nose, too plastic etc. I’m glad the comments thus far have been positive. This chick is an absolute hot-ass woman!

  14. Angelina Jolie

    I am a woman and I am not appreciating this…she isn’t that attractive

  15. jojo

    wow I am really impressed!!! Perfect breasts, perfect hands and feet! And she is such a natural! A lot of charisma in the way she looks at the camera!!! Outstanding! If I got fake boobs I would ask for hers – just a perfect size – not too big and bimbo looking yet not too small..

  16. Mark

    isn’t it obvious why you like these pix but not the pix of her last time…these are photoshopped and the last ones were really how she looks. Just admit that she is not that great looking.

  17. Pooh

    She has an attractive masculine face.

  18. The 9inch cock Man

    I Agree with Mark, those pictures of her not too long ago were so disgusting that I cannot appreciate these nearly as much

  19. Anexio

    Okay body but those nipples are just gross.

    I could hang my tanktops off of those things.

    She should consider a nipple reduction.


  20. Brüno

    This is worse than darfur this is darfive!!!

    ISH OUT!!!

  21. Hetero Male

    The nips are gross! Next!

  22. anon

    Fish you rule mang!! Thanx, great pics! Yahoooooooo!!!!! Nice knockers!!! Fuck!!!

  23. rgerg

    hahaha you haters are lame.. you wished you looked that good.. and those nipples are awesome! man face? really? are you on fucking crack? people are so jealous that they have to find a flaw with anybody.. piss off.

  24. P. Diddy says


  25. Jolanna

    19 forget that, I could hang my tanktops off her nose.

  26. Jake

    smokin hot. would fuck her in all possible positions and shoot it all over her pretty face. Also, great nips.

  27. lady gaga

    I must say this woman has great fashion sense…love the shoes

  28. Jane Doe

    I made a dump this morning that looked 10 times better than this chick…probably smelled better than her too.

  29. Good for her i guess..? some people find it empowering to be in playboy, other demeaning ….

  30. Luis

    WOW, the jealousy of some of these posters is rather embarassing, for them that is. Clearly a very beautiful women with an outstanding body. Oh well, ugly fatties and some disgrunteled pinkies doing what they do best.

  31. whatever

    SUPER hot bod. probably perfect. toned, not too thin, curvy…and PERFECT tits. nice and big, well shaped, perky, not porn star huge. BUT i could go for slightly different nips. and a whole new face. keep the hair, though. face looks better than in the last photos on here of her, but still pretty bad. even though her face is average at best, her body is SO SO SO great that i would DIE for a chance with her.

  32. Mister Bored

    Those nipples are great. I don’t care… I wouldn’t say to no to her in any shape, form or fashion.

  33. me

    ugly hands

  34. George

    I would at the very least try to stick her nipples in my anoos

  35. Johnny

    i’m sorry I don’t get the appeal of this woman

  36. the nerd herd

    I have been waiting to see these photos since I heard she was doing playboy, but I am afraid I am experiencing a rather huge disappointment…it’s sad really… she had so much potential

  37. Luis

    #35 Johnny
    You don’t get the appeal of this woman because you like the appeal of a big fat cock in your ass

  38. can appreciate this beauty

    I’m a woman, and even I can appreciate such art. :D

    totally agree with you, Amber, haha, that’s my name, also!!

  39. Johnny

    #37 Luis, do you have a big fat cock to put in my ass? I realize that you could be correct, I might actually like that, but I am not sure. Care to find out? ;)

  40. Raymond

    do not want

  41. The FAT COCK man

    well if Luis doesn’t have the proper equipment that you are looking for Johnny, which he probably does not…remember you always have me!!

  42. George

    Me too Johnny! I’d give it to you good and proper!

  43. Johnny

    wow!! I LOVE this site! Luis, the FAT COCK man, and George, what are your e-mail addresses fellas?

  44. Johnny

    anyone else here want to show Johnny a good time? Apparently this is the spot to find gay men…I would have never thought

  45. Hmmmm… man ! What a sexy body Joanna Krupa has !! She is looking so marvellous .. I like her breast so much . They are so sexy. Good going playboy..

  46. Kur Mudg Eon

    Perfect nips and what looks to be a tasty dish down below.

  47. Hmmmm… man ! What a sexy body Joanna Krupa has !! She is looking so marvellous .. I like her breast so much . They are so sexy. Good going playboy..

  48. Franchesca

    Isn’t this woman old? She should really retire.

  49. just

    Playboy might just be listening. Either that or their last few efforts snapped them out of their airbrushing comas.

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