Joanna Krupa hasn’t had sex in 14 weeks

December 8th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Joanna Krupa revealed to E! News in late October that the grueling rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars essentially killed her sex life. And as of Saturday night it hasn’t gotten any better:

“It hasn’t really improved,” Krupa told us this weekend of KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball concert. “My fiancé left town right as my time on the show ended!”
But things may take a turn for the better any minute now–if they haven’t already. Krupa said the two are supposed to see each other today.
“Hopefully, we will finally you know…,” she said, adding, “It’s been most of the duration of the show, which was 14 weeks. So, um, yeah, he’s not very happy.”

So, wait, her fiancé left town just as the air was right for having sex with Joanna Krupa and didn’t even make an effort to return? How the fuck does that even happen? Someone should probably let Joanna know she’s about to marry a gay man because I would’ve rode an ostrich across a volcano just for a quickie. And I’m not just saying that because sex with me is short. That’s maybe 25% of the equation. If not, 40.

Photos: Beach Bunny


  1. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    Killer body but I’m not feeling that man face.

  2. Harry Doyle


  3. Tiger Woods

    Would definitely hit it.

  4. kyle

    butterface for sure

  5. Lickilocki

    Her anus taste like Lindt chocolate.

  6. Osakasushi

    She looks gorgeous in the first pic but I’m not really feeling her body.
    No ass, no waist, no personality…
    She’s a beautiful woman but there’s not much special about her.

  7. OPS

    Just think, somewhere in the world some guy is about to bang this after a 14-week wait and he will probably finish before he gets it all the way in. Sounds good to me.

  8. Krupa's guy

    Hey, I am giant fucking loser!

  9. Xin-Xi

    Who gives a fuck?

  10. Drew


    Your real life experiences shouldn’t be taken as a standard.


    You wouldn’t get to feel it anyway. Everyone wins.

    I’m on a dick streak today. Print me off a gold star motherfucker.

  11. havoc

    I find it hard to believe this chick had a dry spell. Unless she’s retarded and believes in monogamy….


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  13. cdizzle

    OMG she is rockin. She is my perfect woman.

  14. damn

    she thinks 14 weeks is bad… i went 8 months and when i finally got laid, it sucked :(

    ps. hot bod, nice lips, pretty eyes, gross nose.

  15. she looks perfect..

  16. missywissy

    jeez! she’s probably not getting laid because all of the flirting she did ON AIR with her dance partner. My husband would have fucking left me had I kept joking on national television about having sex with somebody else. The dude probably just got sick of hearing what a fucking hoe she would be if she wasn’t “engaged”. That….. or maybe he’s a part of the Tiger Woods club and is just getting a bunch on the side.

  17. missywissy

    wow, cool…. husband is underlined twice in green.

  18. missywissy

    wow, cool…. husband is underlined twice in green.

  19. N.Y. Ted

    14 WEEKS…Fuck, she should have called Tiger Woods….!!!

  20. Donnie Brassballs

    She’ll either be dry as a bone when her fiancee first touches her or she’ll make old faithful look like a school water fountain.

  21. cunni lingus

    first first first first first first

  22. Haywood Jablowmie

    Pick me!

  23. yeah, sure. she hasn’t had sex in 14 weeks, but I’m pretty sure her fiance has. no guy waits that long especially for a girl who can hold out like that and definitely needs a bag on her head.

    *see Tiger Woods news

  24. Greg

    I don’t understand what some people on this site enjoy about licking someones butthole! That is just gross.
    Like the old adage goes…
    Liquor in the front
    Poker in the rear!

  25. who dat

    Guys never marry, there is no benefit in it for YOU. There is plenty of benefit for HER. Bet this guy is bangin somebody else and she is in denial.

  26. See ALice

    A body like that should be having a continious orgasm ………

  27. Mr. Obvious


    You’re on a dick streak today? Well thanks for coming out of the closet on That’s got to be a load off your mind or actually cause of your “dick” streak, you probably like loads on you.

  28. gotmilk?

    who is this chick anyway? never heard of her.

    Drew, you think too highly of yourself. fuck off.

  29. Fribble

    What, no toe-thumb??

  30. Shit right now im going on 3 weeks and i cant take it..!! haha

  31. Yeah...

    She has no curves…what is so attractive about this?

  32. you like fat girls

    She is curvy enough.

  33. wowwo

    hes boning other women, no doubt about it.

  34. Chuck

    I would sex her for 14 weeks straight with a bathtub full of Viagra.

  35. Megan Fox's stubby thumbs

    @ #29

    There’s a new post with plenty Toe-Thumbs (See: Megan Fox)

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  37. thunderstud

    Nice T&A…. If she needs somebody to hit that, I’ll do my duty…:D

  38. timmy the dying boy

    No tattoos. Very nice.

  39. Joanna Krupa, is very gorgeous, I guess she has more things to do in life so 14 weeks isn’t a big time also.

  40. bgn

    i’ll bang her 14 weeks non stop!!!

  41. pappysmeary

    i cant tell if shes hot… more pictures please

  42. Alkher

    @25 : i marry her whenever she wants to ! and her sister too !

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  44. VERY NICE PHOTO nice editing too hehe but shes really HOT

  45. Kelly

    #6…. NO WAIST????!!!!

    What, are you fucking blind?!

    Fuck there are some freaks around!

  46. would be nice to fuck this woman

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  48. keilinezx

    she is looking really really hot and nice face and behind her background so very nice.

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