Joanna Krupa hasn’t had sex in 14 weeks

Joanna Krupa revealed to E! News in late October that the grueling rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars essentially killed her sex life. And as of Saturday night it hasn’t gotten any better:

“It hasn’t really improved,” Krupa told us this weekend of KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball concert. “My fiancé left town right as my time on the show ended!”
But things may take a turn for the better any minute now–if they haven’t already. Krupa said the two are supposed to see each other today.
“Hopefully, we will finally you know…,” she said, adding, “It’s been most of the duration of the show, which was 14 weeks. So, um, yeah, he’s not very happy.”

So, wait, her fiancé left town just as the air was right for having sex with Joanna Krupa and didn’t even make an effort to return? How the fuck does that even happen? Someone should probably let Joanna know she’s about to marry a gay man because I would’ve rode an ostrich across a volcano just for a quickie. And I’m not just saying that because sex with me is short. That’s maybe 25% of the equation. If not, 40.

Photos: Beach Bunny