Joanna Krupa’s Cleavage Had Dinner Again and More News

Alright, alright- I know she’s only 5-years-old and nobody was expecting Tchaikovsky, but Blue Ivy Carter (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kid) isn’t even looking in the same direction as the rest of the girls on this stage. Maybe her talents will blossom behind the camera? [TMZ]

I totally forgot that Hank Williams Jr. was ousted as the “Monday Night Football song” guy for complaining about how ESPN was too liberal. Now the network that features minorities playing sports on it for 80% of its programming is bringing him back… yay? [NBCsports]

Today was Day 1 of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial and his lawyers are on some A-game shit. [PageSix]

Tom Cruise basically made a sequel to Top Gun where he starts flying planes for the Cartel. I think it’d be way more realistic if he had a giant beer gut – he’s way too fit to be a pilot in the 80’s… [LaineyGossip]

Damn, Dan Aykroyd is butthurt that Paul Feig spent $30-40 million on Ghostbusters reshoots for things he suggested in the first place. Paul said he was full of shit and it was ten times less than that. Do your job. That’s the lesson here. [Dlisted]

Alec Baldwin reaches out to Kathy Griffin in regards to her Trump decapitation picture and it might only be a matter of time before both of them disappear into a black SUV and never come back – which is terrifying. [CeleBitchy]

On that note, she got Sarah Palin to say “suck it.” [TooFab]

Slow down a sec… Let me get this straight… Kim Kardashian read a book? [Radar]

I actually enjoy Kodak Black and think his lyrics are so stupid it’s practically punk and kind of genius in a way, but the kid is dumb as rocks in interviews so maybe we’re all getting played- he’s finally out of jail if that does anything for you. [YBF]