Brandi Glanville Had To Apologize About Joanna Krupa’s Smelly Vagina

Back in 2013 Real Housewives of Who Cares star Brandi Glanville claimed that fellow Real Housewife of Still Don’t Care Joanna Krupa had a stinky vagina. She also accused Krupa of having an affair with thoroughbred model farmer Mohamed Hadid. Since then “smelly vagina” accusations have followed Krupa around like Pepe Le Pew, until she decided to clear the room with the stench of a slander lawsuit, which she has now won.

The fact that this case took two years to settle- wait, the fact that this was ever a case in the first place proves the fact that we are living on a planet-sized Winnebego full of flaming poop that’s hurdling through space. There’s also a drunk guy driving and he’s never stopping to let anyone use the bathroom.

“I want to apologize to Joanna Krupa for the statements I have made about her. I regret ever making such statements about Joanna Krupa; I also certainly never intended my statements to be taken so seriously and out of proportion,” Glanville said in her apology, which was released through Rafool [her attorney] on Tuesday. “I apologize as I never wanted my statements to affect Joanna Krupa’s reputation and I wish her nothing but continued success in life.” (From People)

It’s interesting that Joanna Krupa was able to win this case as an attack on her reputation, because that implies that her reputation is built around her vagina. Which is true. This is why you go on a Real Housewives show, because you have a Westminster Abby vagina that can make somebody a lot of money, right? According to People however, Krupa’s vindicated vagina only netted her a $15,000 settlement. That’s not Beverly Hills vagina money, that’s Bonefish Grill manager in Jupiter, Florida money…

What’s next? Who knows… I’m going to guess it’ll be more of Brandi Glanville showing off her botched sea-monster plastic surgery on B-list reality TV shows while Joanna Krupa keeps stuffing her bra with crab cakes at Craig’s.