Joanna Krupa Said Something Stupid About Sexual Harassment Victims

Former Real Housewife of Somewhere and animal sex rights advocate Joanna Krupa may not have a stinky vagina in the eyes of the law, but at least she’s got some highly insensitive gumption. The Krupa-troopa was caught outside of a restaurant by paparazzi and asked about her opinion on the whole Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Piven, and the creepy child catcher guy from Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang thing that’s happening right now. Not because people actually want to know what she thinks, but because they want her to say some stupid shit so they can slam her in the press for it… and by-golly did she deliver.

From US Weekly

“I love Jeremy Piven, like I’ve known Jeremy Piven for a very long time,” the Real Housewives of Miami alum, 38, told The Blast outside of L.A.’s Craig’s restaurant on Wednesday, November 1. ‘He’s like the nicest f—king guy I’ve ever met.”

Piven, of course, was recently accused of being a handsy creep on the set of the feminist manifesto that was HBO’s Entourage.

The reality star then explained why she believes that women who have come forward and accused Weinstein, 65, of sexual misconduct may not be genuine. “So I think people are taking advantage of the whole situation with Weinstein, and they’re trying to make a living or they’re trying to get famous,” Krupa said, before reaffirming her support for Piven, 52. “Jeremy never did anything wrong to me. He’s always been an amazing friend to me, so I support him.”

Sound victim shaming logic from Lady Krupa: “If it didn’t happen to me, then it probably didn’t happen—I mean, look at this… You’d think if anyone’s boobs were getting grabbed they’d be mine.”

What Joanna Krupa probably doesn’t realize is that while in her mind she may be at the apex of the Hollywood socialite ladder, she’s no more than a woman whose only moment came when she took someone to court over her smelly vagina. It’s going to be an obvious “L” for her on this one, case closed, clear the – oh God, she’s talking again…

Added the model: “I knew about Harvey Weinstein over 10 years ago. Do I have any issues with him? No. I hope this whole situation gets better and people in Hollywood actually get hired for their talent.” (from US Weekly)

Joanna forgets that her most notable acting credits include the titular role of waitress in an episode of CSI and a juggy dancer on The Man Show.

Are we done here? Should we objectify her body for clicks? I think this warrants it…

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