Joanna Krupa’s Husband Doesn’t Bang Her Enough

In the past four years, counting this post you’re reading right now, I’ve written three times about Joanna Krupa complaining she’s not getting enough sex. Which is exactly 27 times too many because have you looked at Joanna Krupa? So here she is at Crazy Horse III over the weekend where she brought it up again that her husband Romain Zago doesn’t bang her enough. Although, it could just be a tactic to score a threesome. Yup. Radar Online reports:

“I am very sexual and I haven’t been getting sex as much as I would like,” the stunning Real Housewives of Miami star said as she prepared to host Crazy Horse III’s fourth birthday where she’s raising money for her new project Angels for Animals Rescue.
She has revealed that her husband, Romain Zago, isn’t coming with her to the event because one of the things he said might spice up their sex life is another woman in the bedroom.
“We aren’t doing it as often as I would like! I’ve tried role playing, anything I can so it is a work in progress. But I will not allow a third person in the bedroom. He would love it if I brought it up! He would love the idea of another girl.”
Joanna said that her husband has been threatening to go to Europe while she parties at the Las Vegas benefit and said she would have “a sh*t good time without him!”

So Joanna Krupa not only looks like Joanna Krupa, but is a married woman who wants to have sex all the time? Then it’s official: She’s a figment of my imagination. A myth, a legend, a quiet whisper in the night while drowning in the sea of life. You can probably capture her voice in a seashell and wear it around her neck, that’s how fictional she is.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, WENN