Joanna Krupa’s Husband Doesn’t Bang Her Enough

October 21st, 2013 // 29 Comments
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In the past four years, counting this post you’re reading right now, I’ve written three times about Joanna Krupa complaining she’s not getting enough sex. Which is exactly 27 times too many because have you looked at Joanna Krupa? So here she is at Crazy Horse III over the weekend where she brought it up again that her husband Romain Zago doesn’t bang her enough. Although, it could just be a tactic to score a threesome. Yup. Radar Online reports:

“I am very sexual and I haven’t been getting sex as much as I would like,” the stunning Real Housewives of Miami star said as she prepared to host Crazy Horse III’s fourth birthday where she’s raising money for her new project Angels for Animals Rescue.
She has revealed that her husband, Romain Zago, isn’t coming with her to the event because one of the things he said might spice up their sex life is another woman in the bedroom.
“We aren’t doing it as often as I would like! I’ve tried role playing, anything I can so it is a work in progress. But I will not allow a third person in the bedroom. He would love it if I brought it up! He would love the idea of another girl.”
Joanna said that her husband has been threatening to go to Europe while she parties at the Las Vegas benefit and said she would have “a sh*t good time without him!”

So Joanna Krupa not only looks like Joanna Krupa, but is a married woman who wants to have sex all the time? Then it’s official: She’s a figment of my imagination. A myth, a legend, a quiet whisper in the night while drowning in the sea of life. You can probably capture her voice in a seashell and wear it around her neck, that’s how fictional she is.

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  1. Slappy Magoo

    An attractive reality star who would literally say or do anything to get attention and publicity said she’s not getting enough sex when the media was present?

    Yeah, right, pull the other one. Next thing you’ll tell me we have a black President.

  2. Inner Retard

    I petition to start the Save Joanna Krupa’s Sex Life foundation. I’m perfectly willing to do the first act of philanthropy.

  3. Cameras Rolling: “I am very sexual and I haven’t been getting sex as much as I would like”

    Cameras Not Rolling: “Not tonight, I have a headache”

  4. I’m willing to help her with that problem. 3 minutes at a time.

  5. Sure.
    anything for attention.
    just like any 3 year old.


    Joanna Krupa’s husband i an idiot!!

  7. Firecrotch McBatshit

    On one hand, she’s probably 100x more vapid and self-absorbed than anyone realizes just on the basis that she’s on reality TV.

    On the other hand…yes, yes, I’d bang her until one of us couldn’t see straight. Yes, I would.

    I acknowledge my double standard.

  8. Joanna Krupa Cleavage Crazy Horse III Gentlemans Club 40th Anniversary Party
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Joanna how about the bimbo in the background? I sure White Mandingo would love her as a threesome or are you one of those women that can’t orgasm via fucking hence husband should take up sushi/oral?

  9. blerg

    There is no woman so beautiful that there isn’t some guy who is sick and tired putting up with her bullshit.

  10. He is a wealthy nightclub owner in Miami, my guess is he is banging every hot little 18 year old piece of ass he can get his hands on. Cocaine, nightclub and Ferraris, this guy probably thinks threesomes are boring at this point.

  11. Dox

    Yeah she looks good, but Im willing to bet she screws it up completely by wanting to talk.

    • @DOX, I totally agree.

      Personally, my standards are pretty low. I’d bang just about anything up to but not including Rose O’Donnell.

      But if she can keep her mouth shut, meaning, stop talking, I’d do anything with a pulse.

  12. cc

    There’s a part of me that really wants to bang her mercilessly.

  13. The more a woman tells you how sexual she is, the lower her libido or the more pathetic she is at performing in the bedroom. Joanna is that Ferrari with a 4 cylinder engine or one who hides the keys. At some point you do not want to keep staring at that Ferrari in the garage that you cant drive or which is always broken.

    The only difference between her and most women after “I do” is that she gets to talk in front of a camera and people can shut her off once she appears on tv but for everyone else its in front of a marriage counselor with the angry husband sitting right next to her having to listen to her crap.

  14. ace11

    She is probably the problem

  15. D-chi

    Not gonna lie, if you’ve seen RHOM, she’s kind of cray.

  16. I. Call. Bullshit.

  17. BetterBelieveIt

    Say what you want about her but I would be trying to knock the bottom out 24/7.

  18. Apparently there are a load of guys posting here who know they would never have a chance with any women who even live in the same zip code as Joanna Krupa. Otherwise, why all the hate? Buck up, guys. There are plenty of uglies to go around.

  19. tlmck

    She should watch the Abi Titmuss sex tape and make a response video.

  20. richie

    So F’ING hot!!

  21. For every beautiful woman there is a man who’s tired of her shit.

  22. anonym

    I’d fuck it and chuck it after I’m done.

    I wouldn’t want to be around her on a daily basis.

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