Joan Rivers’ Doctor Took A Selfie During The Biopsy That Killed Her

When Joan Rivers died, the clinic where her heart stopped received an assload of backlash which apparently it should have because not only was a biopsy performed without her consent, but the doctor performing it took a selfie in the middle of it. I warned people that shit would start killing people, but nooo, look how good your face looks if you hold the phone down by the steering wheel. CNN reports:

The cardiac arrest leading to Joan Rivers’ death happened as the comedian’s personal doctor began performing a biopsy on her vocal cords, a source close to the death investigation told CNN.
A staff member at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators that the doctor, who has not been publicly identified, took a selfie photo in the procedure room while Rivers was under anesthesia, the source said.
Rivers, 81, was at the clinic for a scheduled endoscopy by another doctor, gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen. That procedure, intended to help diagnose her hoarse voice and sore throat, involved the insertion of a camera down her throat.
After Cohen, the clinic’s medical director, finished his work, a biopsy was done on Rivers without her prior consent, according to the source.

According to investigators, it was during the biopsy when Joan’s vocal chords began to swell cutting off oxygen to her lungs, so hopefully the doctor got a good shot of that happening while trying to decide if he should raise just one of his eyebrows or maybe do like a grin while pointing back to Joan with his thumb. But, first, could someone find out what all that beeping is? It’s interrupting all this handsome.

UPDATE: Turns out Dr. Selfie is a woman which doesn’t make sense because I thought they were only dangerous beyond the wheel. Can someone double check this?

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