J-Lo wants a baby, won’t get one

tn_j_lo_smokes_cr.jpgSlowly but surely realizing she’s become nothing more than Skeletor’s trophy wife, Jennifer Lopez is feeling like she missed out on a golden opportunity to crap out a kid. With the recent birth of former fiancee Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s baby, J-Lo is wondering why husband Marc Anthony won’t give her one of her own.

A friend of the couple says the issue must be especially stressful given that “Jennifer has a strong mothering instinct. Having a baby would mean more to her than winning a Grammy or an Oscar.”

I imagine it would mean more than a Grammy or Oscar, because the likelihood of her winning either is on par with me being the man to impregnate J-Lo with my unholy seed. If she still is Jenny from the block, it might be time to work one of the corners and find baby’s daddy.