J.Lo hates animals and Heather Mills McCartney

September 16th, 2005 // 17 Comments

McCartney_Peta.jpgThis Tuesday, after an animal rights rally, Paul McCartney’s wife, PETA activist Heather Mills McCartney, urged demonstrators to boycott Jennifer Lopez’s music, movies, and clothes because the singer’s fashion line, Sweetface, uses real fur. However, when she tried to deliver a video of animals being killed for their fur to Lopez, she met with more than a little resistance.

After striding into the building opposite Manhattan’s Bryant Park, accompanied by an entourage of journalists and photographers, McCartney Mills – who lost a leg after being hit by a car in 1993 – was confronted by burley minders who yelled: “You have no authority to be here.

“Get out! Leave the floor immediately!”

In the tussle that ensued, Mills McCartney’s prosthetic leg became detached. She bent down and clutched her knee in pain, before asking to use a bathroom so she could reattach the leg.

Guards refused and she was forced to cling onto a photographer as she carried out the humiliating task on a stairwell.

I gotta tell ya, despite what she says, I


  1. Ellie

    I fucking hate Heather Mills.

  2. laheina

    I don’t like her either, but at least she’s using her attention gathering gluttony for something worth while.

    For what reason does J-Ho’s assault on aesthetic sensability need fur from animals, that would pass for house pets outside of China, to sell at Macy’s? (or whereever the hell she’s hocking her crap now)

    That whole situation is rather surreal.

  3. Jonotyourtype

    I agree Heather Mills is a bit on the annoying side. All animal rights activists are. Personally I don’t believe in wearing fur of animals you wouldn’t normally eat. I say JLO can wear all the chinchillas and minks she wants when she starts including their meat in her low carb diet. So Heather really took the wrong route. She should simply sneak into her house late at night and forcefeed her chinchilla steak. If Heather does that I’ll truly admire her. I’ll also feel the general public has been avenged for her terrible, terrible singing.

  4. Innujuando

    She’d eat it of her own free will… provided the chinchillas and minks were all white.

  5. sugarplum

    It’s two sides of the same coin. They are both annoying. But if I were to choose sides, I’d pick Heathers. People should know better by now of how barbaric it is to slaughter animals just for their fur, when there’s perfectly beautiful synthetic fur available. – They are doing it because it’s expensive and need to show off aka are fucking insecure tramps.

  6. sparkydingle

    I’d like to see them battle it out in a cage match. I bet Heather Mills would get the KO by beating down JLo with her plastic leg.

  7. mac2048

    I don’t agree with the tactics PETA uses (bunch of crazies that they are), and I think Heather Mills is a complete prat.


    Hating J-Lo is just too good an opportunity to pass up. Right on, Heather Mills. Hopefully in her next life J-Lo will be skinned for the sake of fashion. (Or maybe even if this life, if we’re lucky.)

  8. Eukonidor

    I really hate PETA. I have always felt that animals are both delicious and fashionable. But… has anyone actually seen JLo’s Sweetface “fashion” line. That shit sucks. Who the hell would buy mink shorts? So I gotta say that for the sake of actual fashion, please stop using fur, JLo. Design some big cotton panties for that fat ass of yours instead.

  9. Juliette

    Awww….that Jenny from the Block gal is so REAL and down to earth. She remembers where she came from!


    She deserves whatever is coming to her, just because she is so self absorbed.

  10. Queen LaQueefah

    I love how J.Lo is on this whole “old Hollywood” roll, first she looked like an extra in the movie Ride and now she likes to pretend that she’s a fucking silver-screen legend. Along with that blatant delusion of grandeur comes a love for fur. I think J.Lo should be locked up with her eyelids shown open to see the way foxes and minks are clubbed over the head and skinned alive while they are still screaming and writhing in pain, then she should be forced to wear the bloody fur all over her body, in the searing heat, while one of the poor innocent animals dies an excruciating death at her feet. Then maybe she’ll stop wearing fox-fur eyelashes and killing in the name of vanity.

  11. Queen LaQueefah

    oh, and I’m not a PETA activist and all that, but really…how could you stand by and let this woman behave this way and not say something about it? She’s as self-absorbed as Madonna, but with the I.Q. of a kumkwat

  12. fuck those peta activists. just because you’re against people wearing fur doesn’t mean that you’re automatically right.

  13. elle26

    heather mills

  14. Ollie

    Who or what is JLo? Is it some sort of washing product or a talentless big-arsed bimbo perhaps? Someone should tell the bint to lay off the pies, as well as the second-hard fur coats of course. If she assumes they make her look better she is out of for what passes as her mind.

  15. carol

    if anyone would like information on what it is exactly that heather mills was fighting for, go to furisdead.com. you will not only see how cruelly minks and chinchillas are raised and killed for their fur, but learn that a lot of the cheap-ass crap (such as jlo merchandise) is actually dog and/or cat fur from china (that of course is labeled mink or chinchilla). take a look for yourself….it’s all there. oh, and…..

    jonotyourtype–all animal rights people are not annoying. but people who stereotype are.

    anorexic–grow up and get some information.

    to all who stereotype peta people (or any animal rights people) as “crazies”–

    what have YOU done for YOUR cause lately?
    do you even have one?
    didn’t think so.

  16. Corry

    MMMEEEOOOOWWWW that’s a bit rrruuufff

  17. JERK


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