Marc Anthony is smooth

July 27th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Who says Jennifer Lopez’s birthday has to be all about her?

Well played, Salsa Skeletor. Well played.


  1. Taz

    nice boob grab. id pump her ass all night

  2. jamillah

    J Lo still looks pretty good considering her age and children. She also appears to look less tacky than she once did.

  3. RtSS

    Ah, duh… I like boobies. Can I touch your boobies. Ah, nice and soft and squishy boobies. I like boobies.

  4. Very smooth operator

  5. YUCK! Skeletor grabs over-rated and talentless boobs! These two should not be allowed to breed!

  6. John T

    She looks very fuckable here. Would love to pump that ass.

  7. Lain

    I think Jennifer looks great! Her skin looks fresh, young. What is that thing on her arm?

    Oh. Her husband. ;/

  8. shelly

    He’s not grabbing her boob because he’s interested in her breasts .He’s covering her up so nothing shows.after all he invited Liza Minelli.And youj know what they say about Liza ,She’s a gay man best friend. ; )

  9. Is it only me to notive how small her breast is getting

  10. Darth

    Where’s the decorated chair and party hat?

  11. Christina

    Who cares and anymore?

  12. Jamie's Uterus

    This old slut is still desperate for attention. I think she is officially over. When TLC dumps your reality show, you are done.

    She’s also looking more white these days. I suspect she had some face work done, especially the nose. She hardly looks like the slutty, tacky, cocoa skinned Latina from her past.

  13. Father Time (knocking loudly)

    Man oh man this this hag has aged. And morphed into something kinda white. Sure has changed from her days with her bruthas on Living colors.
    She’s an old lady now and should dress the part.
    Bye bye granny.

  14. Ralph

    It’s sad. It looks like that JLo has started her Hollywood Botox/face augmentation stuff. She was such a natural beauty.

  15. The Original Shawn

    I honestly have never understood the fascination with this woman. Yeah, she’s attractive, but not all that. Even in her prime, I could go to the mall and find a dozen better-looking ladies without really trying. In all seriousness, most guys can probably say they’ve been out with hotter chicks than J-Lo.

  16. can't think of a name

    Wow. WTF did she do to her face?? She looks like a bad JLO impersonator.

  17. sarah

    ugh. jennifer looks sweaty and kinda drunk here. jen.. considering u dont get photographed that much anymore, when u know ur going to end up in the tabloids, try not to look like a weird waxy greasy mannequin… the hair is gross

  18. RaraAvis

    Jeez, he gives me the creeps.

  19. £it

    Once a fly girl, always a fly girl. Now clap that ass, J-Ho!

  20. Ananana

    where did her boobies go??

  21. I know that not being a beauty must fuck with JLo’s head. She seems so insecure but boy is she driven.

  22. Laina

    Salsa Skeletor has to be the best nickname I’ve ever heard.

  23. Banquo

    Why is John Leguizamo feeling up some dude in a dress?

  24. Glad their marriage is going strong and not a sham.

  25. Jennifer looks sweaty and a little drunk here. Jane .. u dont get the idea that now and much photographed, when U know ur going to end up in tabloids, a strange waxy greasy try not to look like mannequin … Hair is gross

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