Jimmy Fallon graduates from college

May 10th, 2009 // 25 Comments

I guess his Monster.com resume was looking a little thin because Jimmy Fallon decided to complete his degree in communications from College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y. Turns out “Modern-Day Carson Daly” isn’t a marketable skill after all. Who knew? People reports:

“There’s always going to be someone out there like that movie critic, who doesn’t believe in you or who thinks your head is too big or you’re not smart enough,” Fallon told the graduates. “But those are the people you need to ignore, and those are the times you need to just keep doing what you love doing.”
The Saturday Night Live alum attended St. Rose from 1992 through 1995 but decided to drop out just one semester short of graduating to pursue a comedy career in Los Angeles.
In order to graduate, Fallon presented college officials a portfolio of his work on TV and film that illustrated he had learned and fulfilled the college’s core curriculum through his real-life experience, which satisfied remaining credits.

A portfolio of Jimmy Fallon’s work sealed the deal? Really? Why do I get the feeling there are parts missing from this story? Namely bleeding from the eyes, a huge check being cut and someone saying “Well, at least he’s not Dane Cook.”

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  1. matilda jeffries

    Jimmy Fallon rules! Don’t hate.

  2. hmna

    Sorry, but I was up late working the other night and his show came on . . .

    Boy did that suck. Now I know why it’s on so late. You’re either too tired or too stoned to care.

  3. BAah

    He resembles a bird.

  4. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    I like when you do weekend updates, Superficial Writer. I feel bummed out when you don’t.

  5. The Pope

    Let’s put this in perspective…he’s speaking at St. Rose College…in Albany. Enough said.

  6. Savalas

    Giving up, Johnny? Er..Jimmy?

  7. C Chase

    We gotta hear about this schmuck for the next 50 years? Why?

  8. Gando

    He must be pretty proud on his probably once Del Monte factory line job.Otherwise i’ve no explanation for those cans.Part of his portfolio?

  9. Tones of lame bits for his late night show…

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  11. this action is a hollywood one”
    …………………………….JUST .AS FAKE AS “BATMAN”, folks!!

  12. rekk

    This guy is such a douche. Hate him, boring and his head keeps on getting fatter and fatter. What happened to his professionally mussed hair. Does he still laugh at his own jokes the way he did on SNL. Why is he in comedy? Go back to Albany!

  13. steve

    Jimmy Fallon is NOT FUNNY.

    I can’t stress how important that is for someone who is wants to be a comedian.

  14. yep

    I agree with Steve. Fallon sucks. All he does is mumble and stumble through his lines. He doesn’t pronounce his words with enough articulation. It is like he is trying to be fratboy/jock funny.

    PS he sucks

  15. 3douche bags

    Why do we have 3 douche bags on late night TV?

    Jimmy Fallon: Sucks
    Carson Daly: Sucks donkey balls
    Jimmy Kimmel: Sucks

    Fallon mumbles his lines. Kimmel thinks he is being ironic by being so predictable. Daly is a total tool.

    Can’t we just meld them all into one superdoosh for an hour instead of 3 dooshes throughout the evening?

  16. name

    he looks like bob saget

  17. Cem

    What a talentless heck who freaking destroyed the whole concept of SNL. He was so overrated at the time, because it seemed cute to people to mess up his lines during the live showing however, it just proved he cant act or keep a straight face. Why doesnt he go away already with Tina Fey and leave us alone.

  18. Obi Wan


  19. kinda green

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  20. mikeock

    Wow. Those communications degrees are pretty special. Kind of like art history, only without all the books.

  21. Ed Stone


    We are so proud of you. Graduating college, even be presented with an honorary doctorate degree.

    For your doctorate, you had to give a speech. You told jokes. You told the graduates that life after college did not involve sex with your parent’s hot friends like in The Graduate..

    My wife is working on her doctorate. She has to write a dissertation, defend in front of a committee, our life is hell.

    You told jokes and got a doctorate.

    F**k you!


  22. KATHY =( ^-^ )=

    Yep. I have a hard time watching Jimmy because he mumbles.His speech is terrible .. I wanna pull my hair out just listening to him. I can tell that deep down he doesn’t have the full confidence.. I guess he needs to have Alec Baldwin come over to his show & other SNL alumni’s to save his ass… so sad… You might as well have Stallone hosting…

  23. A clumsy cat angry that what destroyed the whole concept of SNL. He was so arrogant the time because it messed up his lines to the people looked pretty but the show live, it just proves that working in slang or to keep a straight face. Why doesn’t she already run away with Tina Fey and leave us alone.

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