Jimmy Olsen’s A Girl In ‘Man of Steel’

Because staging school shootings to steal our guns and making Perry White black apparently isn’t enough for Obama, Jimmy Olsen will reportedly be “Jenny Olsen” in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. And you don’t need me to say that’s PC bullshit because everyone knows comic creators had perfectly good reasons for making all their characters white men in the 1930s, so we should just stick to that and never change because flying men from space and their boyish pals are serious business. Next thing you know dames will want to vote. I won’t have it! Via io9:

A quick search over at IMDB confirms that actress Rebecca Buller will be playing a character called Jenny Olsen. And there’s no mention of Jimmy. Sure, IMDB isn’t always the most reliable of websites, but it’s worth noting. Plus, fans have already spotted the new Jimmy in the trailer, running with Laurence Fishburne, who is playing Perry White (pictured). Could this be an even bigger change than the loss of the red briefs? And what’s next?

Children born out of wedlock. That’s what’s next. I saw it in that other Superman movie where he kept peeping in windows trying to look at that skinny fellow, what’s his face? Kate Bosworth.