Jimmy Kimmel Taking Down Sarah Palin’s Bullshit Went Over Well

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel went to town on Sarah Palin’s bullshit claims that 97% of scientists are lying to the world about climate change. Which they’re not, so Jimmy Kimmel brought on actual scientists to explain how climate change is definitely happening and that, no, they’re not fucking with you. And just like the time he pissed in the face of anti-vaxxers, idiots went right the fuck off on social media. And if you’re wondering why you should give a shit, these people are almost definitely voting for the DayGlo Mussolini telling them global warming is a Chinese trick while the left’s threatening to sit at home and pout if Bernie Sanders doesn’t shoot free college and legal weed all over their ironic lumberjack beards.

Haha! We’re all gonna live to see our kids die underwater. #USA

And here’s the original video because, let’s be honest, you’re reading this site. You’re not busy.

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Photo: YouTube