Jimmy Kimmel’s Message To Anti-Vaxxers Went Over Well

Thanks to having an infant daughter who’s been too young to get vaccinated, Jimmy Kimmel has become acutely aware of the low vaccination rates in California that led to a nationwide measles outbreak starting in Disneyland. So he put together a special message for anti-vaxxers last week where actual doctors tried to talk some sense into people with gems like this, “Hey, remember that time you got polio? No! You don’t! Because your parents got you fucking vaccinated.” (Actual quote.)

Naturally, this led to him receiving all kinds of crazy reactions, posted below, because if there’s one thing these morons love it’s spouting some whack-a-doo bullshit they read on the Internet, usually incorrectly, that falls apart every time it’s pushed up against actual science forcing them to start screaming, “BIG PHARMA! BIG PHARMA!” the Godwin’s Law of the vaccine debate. (See: justifiable vs. Don Ho) And if you’re wondering why I give a shit about any of this, these idiots are killing people. Killing them dead with their little Typhoid Marys. Get off Natural News and vaccinate your kids, Moonbeam.

And here’s the original bit for reference and because it’s fucking awesome:

Photo: ABC News