Jimmy Fallon Finally Went After Trump. Sort Of.

Jimmy Fallon’s version of The Tonight Show is such a diluted form of late night comedy that it actually somehow spawned something even worse: Lip Sync Battle. And if you don’t know what that is, God, how I envy your blissful life. However, Fallon’s Tonight Show is where celebrities wear silly costumes and move their mouth over pop songs like toddlers do when adults are trying to talk, and way too many people think it’s hilarious and cute even though it’s stupid and requires zero talent. So, it’s no surprise that the same show declined to sack-up and provide any kind of viewpoint on Trump other than “His hair is wacky!” And since America is still backwards enough to pick a lying, orange business failure over any woman, The Tonight Show was #1 for a while because we suck on the whole.

But then the undeniable horror show of Trump’s presidency started, and real comedians like Stephen Colbert started kicking Fallon’s ass in the ratings by simply pointing out said horror show. It’s the silver lining that indicates America might still have a functioning brain somewhere out there in corn dog country. So Fallon is now attempting to skewer Trump in the only way he knows how: A hacky impression that his own network puts to shame every Saturday night. So, enjoy The Tonight Show’s “Trump News Network” sketch that takes such hard shots as “His hands are small!” and “He golfs so much!” that I honestly can’t believe it didn’t end with someone taking a water balloon to the crotch.

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Photo: The Tonight Show