Jim Carrey vs. Elin Woods?

In probably the most random way to handle a break-up, Jim Carrey took to Twitter on Friday and essentially kicked Elin Woods in the Swedish teats for letting Tiger Woods cheat on her:

- Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That’s enough!—>
– No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)

After causing a media frenzy, you’d assume Jim Carrey would walk back his statement. Instead he fired back at his followers and continued shitting on Elin:

- @JimCarrey. Who r u to attack Tiger Wood’s innocent wife Elin? YOU CREEP!!Jenny mightve been INTO SEX groups. Elin was home w. her babes. :(
– @eyssogreen That’s a cop out Gail. No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore. Tiger was wrong and Elin was ignoring the obvious ;^)

Was Elin Woods willfully ignoring Tiger’s affairs? I’d say the Escalade tore to fuck by her bare hands answers that one. That being said, let’s not lose sight of the real issue here which is that Jenny McCarthy goes to “sex groups.” I have no clue what that is, but I’m pretty sure I need to check it out and claim my penis cures autistic kids. — Let’s try that again.

Photos: Splash News