Jim Carrey vs. Elin Woods?

April 11th, 2010 // 79 Comments

In probably the most random way to handle a break-up, Jim Carrey took to Twitter on Friday and essentially kicked Elin Woods in the Swedish teats for letting Tiger Woods cheat on her:

- Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That’s enough!—>
- No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)

After causing a media frenzy, you’d assume Jim Carrey would walk back his statement. Instead he fired back at his followers and continued shitting on Elin:

- @JimCarrey. Who r u to attack Tiger Wood’s innocent wife Elin? YOU CREEP!!Jenny mightve been INTO SEX groups. Elin was home w. her babes. :(
- @eyssogreen That’s a cop out Gail. No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore. Tiger was wrong and Elin was ignoring the obvious ;^)

Was Elin Woods willfully ignoring Tiger’s affairs? I’d say the Escalade tore to fuck by her bare hands answers that one. That being said, let’s not lose sight of the real issue here which is that Jenny McCarthy goes to “sex groups.” I have no clue what that is, but I’m pretty sure I need to check it out and claim my penis cures autistic kids. — Let’s try that again.

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  1. mfbinc

    like jim carrey’s comments mean anything…..

  2. Ally

    I don’t think Jim Carrey was saying what Tiger did was Ok – he was just expressing that it would be pretty hard to miss that amount of cheating.

    I think Elin knew about at least one of them before the whole group came out and I agree with Jim she prob tried to make it work for the kids. What he says is probably right and we all know it.

  3. shimmy

    Hmmm. Me thinks dude has lost his shit.

  4. LongtimeJimFan

    Jim needs to take care of himself. It sounds like he might be falling in depression again.

  5. Ally

    Everyone is so defensive of Elin because she’s pretty. No one is wrapping Sandra Bullock in cling wrap and treating her like a porcelain doll. Geez get over it – Elin is not a fragile piece of glass. Jim Carrey is right – she would have to be pretty dumb to have missed it!

  6. Ally

    And lets all insult people who suffer from depression while we’re at it – having depression has no impact on someone’s intelligence anyway (so nice try trying to bring Jim down).

  7. timmy the dying boy

    Attention whore on the outs is just looking for a little extra publicity.

  8. Dude Love

    Jim Carrey has become the biggest douchebag…

  9. Dointhebulldance

    complacent = complicit? You’re better than that fish.

  10. Dointhebulldance

    complacent = complicit? You’re better than that fish. Olive juice.

  11. D

    I thought Jim Carrey stopped talking out of his ass when he stopped doing the Ace Ventura movies.

    Guess I was wrong….

  12. Dointhebulldance

    God I suck at commenting, I quit

  13. What a loser

    Jim carrey is making the worst mistake possible: tweeting. ONLY DUMBSHITS tweet: kim whoretrashian, parasite hilton, tila slutquila, demi whore, etc. It’s the stupidest thing you can do as a celebrity; it drags you down into the gutter, and brands you an attention whore. Whatever respect I had to jim carrey is gone; he’s a high paid loser…

  14. Fati87

    The lamest nicknames ever. You are not very imaginative, are you?

  15. truthhurtssometimes

    Elin married for the lavish lifestyle, and not love. Women need to wake up to that.

    • I think my name is Debra.

      Tiger has skills, intelligence, success, and youth. He’s absolutely gorgeous (IMO). If you can add to that sexual prowess and a decent personality… Jesus Christ, what’s not to love? I’ve seen women fall for men with MUCH less to offer. Believe me. She was in love.

  16. renee

    doesnt matter what “walk of life” ya come from” y’all F’d up!

  17. turd da third


  18. jt

    jim, tiger and elin: get out of my life. please.

  19. turd da third

    an old broad in a Buick,, what a wonderful combination.. I think she needs an old-ass hat to complete the look

  20. sztumpf

    somehow, she manages to make that outfit totally work

  21. Elin is GORGEOUS! Jim Carrey, needs to work on his own issues!!

  22. justifiable

    So he doesn’t think Tiger owes anything to anyone but himself, does he? This attitude may also explain why Jim Carrey’s own marriage tanked, because making a commitment to marry someone generally means accepting the shockingly radical notion that you now have to start considering your spouse’s needs rather than just your own. Fuckity, it’s bad enough Elin Woods has to deal, in public, with the humiliation of her douchebag husbands’ shitting all over their marriage for fucking YEARS, she now has to defend her trusting her husband against this fuckwit’s comments? Carrey doesn’t tweet, he twats.

    Dr. Jimbo needs to stop preening and making himself out be some sort of psychological pundit. Unless he’s been bugging the Woods’ marital bedroom, he needs to STFU and go back to what he actually does know – which is making Grinch 2.

  23. Of course the dumb blonde gold-digger knew! Why the fuck do you think she’s still with the half-ape, half-man Missing Link?


    This little trollop is probably giving hand jobs to the pool boy to relieve her psychological suffering. Right.

    She fucked him long enough to get his monkey juices flowing & his little ape brain all scrambled so he’d marry her Swedish ass. Then she has him trapped.

    Elin, you bitch, leave Tiger if you have the self-respect of even a dung beetle. Otherwise, prepare to be branded a gold-digging cunt. You cunt.

  24. justifiable

    Richport just found out that Swedish women aren’t into choke fucking.

  25. Tom

    You can tell :^O that Jim Carrey :/ is a giant cockmongler :p for leaving emoticons :)~ after his unsolicited accusations :|

  26. Spam Basher

    We are all wondering how it could be Erin didn’t know. Can we hear from the cheated upon wives out there?

    I believe Tiger wanted to get caught and just maybe Erin was determined not to know. I know a gay person who lied to themselves and everybody else about it for a straight 35 years ha ha h no pun…

    If a gay person can be in THAT much denial for 35 years, with all the evidence in the world, it’s possible Erin was also in denial. Nobody said she was smart or anything, right?


  27. saywha?

    sad to say i agree with 50% of what he says. there’s no way she couldn’t have known about all that infidelity. at the same time, she probably kept her mouth shut for the sake of the money; i mean, family.

  28. heystfu

    @5 No one said she was fragile, i think the car “accident” proved she can handle her own.

    @15 Seriously? Can you tell me something more about Elin’s intentions with Tiger and her desire for the “lavish lifestyle”? Please don’t pretend you know anything more about their relationship then the rest of us. Suggesting she had it coming or that infadelity comes with marrying someone succesful is just stupid. Remember he’s not a rapper or a movie star, he’s a golfer. So if you’re going to generalize, you could probably say golfers are the least sleazy, unfaithful and dirty group out of all professional athletes.

    Saying you’re sick of hearing about Tiger and his whores is one thing (because we all are) but commenting on Elin’s role in this mess is just unnecessary. Jim Carey and everyone else that seems to know intimate details about their relationship just look like attention seeking idiots. All we know is that Tiger fucked up and fucked around A LOT, suggesting anything else is stupid.

  29. Mr. Nice Guy

    Jim is correct.

  30. justifiable

    #26 First, it’s ELIN not Erin. And lying to yourself about your sexuality is totally different from not suspecting your husband or wife is cheating on you. Subconsciously wanting so desperately to be straight and have a family and be accepted by society – or, if you’re religious, living in fear of hell and damnation – that you’ll try to live a lie and “fake it til you make it” is entirely different from knowingly closing your eyes to your spouse’s having serial affairs. Elin Woods doesn’t strike me as anyone’s doormat. I don’t think she’s the type who decided to turn a blind eye because she’s afraid she’d be behind a financial 8 ball if she divorced him, or ignored the situation for fear that she’d never find anyone else to marry her.

    Unless you’re incredibly cynical and suspicious about everything, or you caught your guy (or gal) cheating on you before you got married, it’s not unreasonable to trust the person you love. If your husband’s behavior doesn’t change throughout your marriage, why would prompt you to question his faithfulness? Yeah, Woods has groupies, but thanks to his handlers he always had that squeaky clean upright reputation – so why should his wife have been suspicious of him? Cheating is a deceptive art, after all, and perhaps he’s a very practiced liar. Ask any serial cheater, and they’ll tell you when they finally do get busted, they only cop to the recent stuff. And that’s because if their partner really found out how long they’d been lying and fucking around, they’d turn up dead in a shallow grave.

    Woods was on the road a large part of the year, and thanks to cell phones it’s easy to claim you’re somewhere else than where you really are – we all saw how well Scott Peterson was able to pitch that phone call from “Paris” aka Modesto. If you want to get in touch with someone famous on the road, do you go through all the hassle of calling their hotel and try to get put through to their code-name room – or do you just call them on their cell phone?
    All Woods needed do was either erase his hookup texts or else get another phone strictly for contacting the ho’s and he could have kept this hidden for years. And unless you’ve been cheated on before or you’re some paranoid PMSing lunatic you’re not going to be grabbing your man’s phone the instant he gets home and start checking the history to see who he’s been calling.

  31. first time i heard this kind of news that someone announce his break up on social media site . i wonder when i got this news . How crazy is that .

  32. patrix

    I’m sure Elin is the first BILLIONAIRE wife to ignore her husbands cheating. IMO, Tiger was most likely going to get blackmailed from one of his dozens of whores, and THAT’s what pissed his wife off. Not that he was cheating, but that his cheating was now having an effect on her living her complete dream life. Seriously, the woman got to live the life of a literal Queen, I’m sure she didn’t give a shit about what the King was out doing as long as it didn’t fuck up her situation. His stupid mistakes eventually fucked her situation, causing her to lash out, he found a way to back peddle and keep the money rolling in, and she settled back down. Plain and simple, there was an arrangement, he fucked it up and had to fix it or face her wrath.

  33. Cute child.. looks like both are going out for a hangout.

  34. RtSS

    Elin, sweetie, I have a strong shoulder for you to cry on… I have a warm bed for you to sleep in. You are such an incredibly beautiful lady. You are totally hot! Call me, Elin… You have my number. I will always be there for you.

  35. Albin Bainbridge

    If Elin knew about the cheating all along than why did she go apeshit on Tiger when she found out?

    And why does Jim Carrey tweet like a 12-year-old girl? :-/

  36. Bianca

    Yeah. I agree with Jim Carey. I would say she went crazy on his ass because it caused her public humiliation. Tiger Woods is not a nice guy, he had a nice guy image. Elin had to know the real Tiger.

  37. ambidextrous handjob

    Ya know, it wasn’t just Tiger pulling the wool over her eyes, it was his entire entourage covering his ass and cleaning up after him that allowed him to pull it off. That’s like 10+ cheaters doing the work of 1 lying SOB, so no wonder his wife didn’t know he had women coming to their house (!) for 30 minute quickies. Team Tiger probably explains why a lot of these mistresses were convinced that they were the only woman he was cheating with and they were going to be the next Mrs. Woods. Hell hath no fury than a women fucked around with, so no wonder they’re all going after his balls. I always thought JFK had fucking around down to a science, but Woods leaves him in the weeds. So like, fuck you, Tweety Jim!

  38. nice women ,nice car

  39. Rhialto

    I think that most women have a sixth sense for cheating partners.We don’t know really what her story or what her share is.Up till now we’ve been mostly figuring out.

  40. Gando

    I think that guys like TW,they buy themselves a wife and family as being (an important) part of the big game.With all the benefits and handicaps..

  41. captain america

    yep………………………………………LET’S DO IT.

  42. Darth

    I think this marriage is one big Masters golf tournament for TW.His hole-in-one is his own favorite part.

  43. Nero

    Girls like Elin Nordegren do understand this.This might be even the most enjoyable period to her.Because she’s winning.

  44. His Huge Greatness Himself


    Wtf is up with your ‘ #i think’? New twitter topic?

  45. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You know whether she knew it or not (I wouldn’t -If I were a supermodel- suspect my husband would stray and fuck some …paperbag heads! It is just not logic) And if I found out I would do exactly the same thing she did with his car and all his precious possessions back at home. I would fucking crash them all
    But why is it Jim Carey’s business? I mean, man what the fuck? Would a real man reduce himself to gossip???
    On a positive note…have you guys seen that episode of South Park which was about Tiger Woods and Elin? Man, it was a riot !!!

  46. Aryn

    I think Elin knew, but she didn’t want it to be true. Or she knew, but she didn’t want to give up on their marriage for the children, or the money. I think her going batshit on the car can be attributed to it all comming out in public, and her being embarassed by the media. Just the whole situation in itself, not necesarilly the cheating asspect of it.

  47. Aaron

    Elin knew. She didn’t get so freaking pissed off and attack him because she just found out. She got so freaking pissed off and attacked him because THE WORLD just found out.

  48. jose cuervo

    WTF she has the body of a little boy.
    no wonder Tiger needed more, I’d want big tits and a big round ass too.

  49. shankyouverymuch

    …… and a mind that can conjure up insightful statements like that is the reason why Jim Carey makes TENS of MILLIONS of dollars a year & fucks kick ass looking chicks like Jenny McCarthy ….

    meanwhile we all sit around the SF & write what we think are real clever comments – Ha-ha, now that’s funny & yet sad at the same time, don’t you think?

    PS #23 is SPOT ON!

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