Jim Carrey is having a nervous breakdown

April 12th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Because chucking bricks at Elin Woods wasn’t enough Twitter fun for Jim Carrey, he’s taken to firing weird late night tweets where he refers to himself as characters from his movies. Not at all an exaggeration:

RT Breaking News!Jim Carrey’s ambassador to the world,is dead!He is survived by me,the actual Jim Carrey,who has opinions about stuff.—>
…I am grateful for my avatar’s many yrs of dedicated service, but nowone has ever won the Tour De France while peddling. —->
…so I killed him,I do not plan 2 bow to expectations or to be confined by the fear of losing altitude in the ‘statusphere’! (my word)—->
…I have freed Truman,at long last!I am now free 2 be my whole self,which includes a somewhat contemplative nature,a yen 4 sociology—>
..and a joyfully disarming(with a hacksaw if necessary)sense of humor.I promise 2 reflect all that I’m seeing,hearing,feeling,sensing—>
…and being fed by the media.I was almost out of Tiger untill E.T Supersized me!But I will wear cool shades and get my lips injected! p^m
word missing earlier. ‘Nowone has ever won the Tour De France by ‘back’ peddling. GET IT?! IT IS BETTER WITH THAT! HA HA! Sleeeeep! |^ozzz
Some folks out there are worried that I stay up too late but their fundamental mistake is in assuming that I haven’t moved to Fiji! |^osnore

Jim Carrey then goes on to respond to concerned followers that he’s not having a “nervous breakdown” which is exactly what someone says when they’re having a nervous fucking breakdown. Sort of like how I always say I don’t have a drinking problem right after someone points out I drove naked to work again. It’s called a penis, folks, you all have one. — Oh, right, women.

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  1. Gotta love the facial hair on Jim.

  2. cdizzle

    What’s with the Raliegh Fingers moustache?

  3. ambidextrous handjob

    #40 Completely disagree. Rebecca made her point perfectly and gave Carrey a nice verbal swift kick right to his ignorant balls. Since his brains are in his ass I was hoping she’d nick them too, but you can’t have everything. Vitriol, scorn and really great sarcasm do make an impression (just ask Bill Maher) and I can only hope this tool gets lost of it. Maybe he’ll think again before tweeting another toadload of bullshit. Carrey’s not funny anymore. Not relevant anymore. And definitely not qualified to tweet anything beyond what he eats and when he takes a crap.

  4. You have a valid point but it was lost somewhere in all that vitriol. Learn to make your point better or nobody will take you seriously

  5. Lemmy Caution

    Let’s conjugate:

    To Twitter: Tweeting right now.

    To Twat: Having previously Tweeted.

  6. so nbcie and so thanks for your share

  7. What’s up with the top of her hairline? it makes it look like you can just pull off her face to reveal what’s underneath.

  8. kick right to his ignorant balls. Since his brains are in his ass I was hoping she’d nick

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  10. Since his brains are in his ass I was hoping she’d nick them too, but you can’t have everything. Vitriol, scorn and really great sarcasm do make an impression
    Since his brains are in his ass I was hoping she’d nick

  11. How could you not understand where this guy is coming from? Did you read what he tweeted on Easter? How is his intelligence not apparent? He’s being cohesive, he is making sense.

    Me? I come on here every once and a while to check up on the dregs of American Pop every once and a while. No shame about it. I don’t read anything except the headline. This one however got me to looking at a bit more than I usually would. I read Carrey’s tweets and I’m glad I do.

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  15. MyssNoe

    Yep…another victim of Eckhart Tolle…As i try to say to everyone, this guru is dangerous. Jim Carrey, i repeat what i told u already on Twitter : stop this Tolle shit.He is not enlighted.His crap is a digested East and christian philosophy …Nothing more…Stop reading him and stop drinking his words. I tell u that cause i appreciated your presence on earth.

  16. XSaraGreyX

    Jim is a wonderful artist and actor. He has brought pleasure to many. To me though, it is patently clear that he a mental health problem has a hold of him. He has said recently on Twitter that he “hasn’t had depression for years”. One of things about depression though, is that you don’t see it coming. It can be the “black dog” on your shoulder – ask Winston Churchill. I worry that the need to “cause controversy” is so important to him at this time. I would suggest that, at baseline, he would not have this urge but off baseline (for whatever reason, Jenny’s fault or is that an easy excuse etc. etc.). I think she was probably a very stabilizing influence on him and with a little negotiation they could have had many more happy years together. I hope she is the forgiving type because this is very sad. Love you, jim. Get well soon.xx

  17. chip Douglas

    Love Love Love is all we need. Im fine. When you love someone you go threw some emotional turbulance when you split. Its normal. Dont believe everything you here in the media. My intention now is love for all. We cant spred negative info about people famious or not and expect to be a happy world. What you see on tv is mostly illusion. All you have to d isprocess what is being told to you and then ask the question, was that true or bs. Alot of my funny comes from mocking things that try to decieve you. Its a healthy way to expand your consciousness and it fuels my creative juices. My life has been a series of coincidences going back a long way. Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you to i love you phillip morris i mean your dreams.

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