Jim Jeffries Told Piers Morgan To ‘F*ck Off’ On TV? What Scandal!

Hey, remember earlier when I said a bunch of stuff about how we can’t shut the hell up about Trump for like five seconds? Never mind that because the internet wants to talk about Jim Jeffries telling Piers Morgan to “fuck off” on Real Time, so we’re doing that now. Deal with it. – *chugs SEO right from pitcher, wipes chin* – Just as Bill Maher was trying to wrap up Friday’s episode, Piers Morgan said, “There is no Muslim ban,” and categorized the nationwide protest of the kneecapped executive order as “mass hysteria” that isn’t helping to solve anything. So Jim Jeffries yelled, “Fuck off, mate,” gave him the finger, and then said something about The Apprentice. To which the internet went goddamn nuts, and even Harry Potter’s mom chimed in.

Meanwhile, our President golfed in Florida while his chief policy advisor made the Sunday rounds and basically declared the executive branch’s intention to overthrow the judiciary. But he didn’t say “fuck,” so did it even really happen?

It’s cool though, everyone, let’s keep talking about what a comedian said to a failed anchorman instead of the actual coup being committed by top officials in our government who are brazen enough to say it right to Chuck Todd’s fucking face. Because at least we’re not talking about emails anymore, right? Nope, no reason to act on any of this because we’re all beholden to the “honorable forgotten” who are too dumb to get involved until a change in tax policy puts a dent in purchasing that new big screen from Walmart.

Anyway, what was this post about? Oh right, some guy said “mate” after “fuck you.” It sounds so polite even though it’s naughty!

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Photo: Real Time with Bill Maher