Jim Carrey is a Street Artist Now

September 9th, 2011 // 45 Comments

Shia LaBeouf‘s doing what now?”

Before I get into anything that’s happening here, if you haven’t looked at these new bikini photos of Jenny McCarthy, look at these new bikini photos of Jenny McCarthy and take careful note of her huge breasts and how one might respond to their absence. I’ll check back with you in an hour.

All set? Okay, good. Jim Carrey has taken to spraying graffiti outside of his art studio in New York City and what started as just the random smatterings of a crazy person, has naturally progressed into a battle with the local government. Granted, Jim Carrey completely has a leg to stand on considering he’s defacing his own property, focus your attention on just what the hell he’s actually painting. TMZ reports:

Carrey tells TMZ … the drama began when city officials painted over some “street art” he had spray painted on the outside wall of his West Village art studio.
Carrey says the street art featured an image of a character he created named “Baba” — a “mischievous deity … [who] exists in negative space.”
So today, Carrey stuck it to The Man with a brand new piece of street art on the same wall — featuring another image of Baba … along with the message, “This graffiti reapplied pursuant to … [Baba]“

But, wait, here’s where Jim Carrey really sticks it to “The Man” by kindly saluting his good work and offering to consistently pay for his trouble:

Carrey tells TMZ … he’s not upset with the city worker who painted over his work … saying, “This gentleman has a job to do” … but he adds, “I’m just doing my job now as an artist and putting it back up.”
He adds, “They can take it down again if they want to and it’s OK with me … I’ll even pay for it.”

“I’m just really, really bored, frankly. And lonely. And missing giant tits in my face telling me all those kids had to die for the cause- Oh, God, why did I let her go?!” *spray paints sad clown face on the side of a dog* “Baba made me do that. You all saw it!”

Photo: Splash News


  1. ZigZagZoey

    You know, he’s actually pretty damn good at it.

  2. TomFrank

    Anyone know what F.F.C. stands for? All I can come up with is “Fucking Fucking Crazy.”

  3. Too much time & money on his hands. Donate it all to the poor & feel better about your lunatic self.

  4. diddleysquat

    If I were him I’d be doing the same things: dump Nutbag Mccarthy, hit on Emma Stone, paint on the side of buildings, and generally do what ever the f**k I wanted with my millions. You go Jim

  5. I can’t wait for this Bucky Larson campaign to over. That picture alone has convinced me to absolutely never see this terrible attempt at what looks to be Steve Coogan meets Napoleon Dynamite. Yup, that’s how they pitched it.

    • TomFrank

      That comment is an immense insult to Steve Coogan and I demand a retraction. It’s also an insult to Napoleon Dynamite but, eh, I don’t care.

  6. Jim Carrey Graffiti
    Commented on this photo:

    That shit gives you the munchies, eh Jim?

  7. Cock Dr

    His crazy appeals to me, and the “art” ain’t that bad.
    Emma should give him a chance.

    • oh dear

      Right, you dunce. She should really give some nutjob has-been twice her age a chance.

      • Casey

        I agree with Cock Dr, actually. I’d give him a chance, and I’m 24 (but sadly not famous so I’ll never get my chance).

    • Dan

      Hmmm…. I am thinking I should rethink my dating strategy. Revel all the crazy at once! Maybe I’ll find someone it appeals to.

  8. Jim Carrey Graffiti
    Commented on this photo:

    Relevancy is an elusive bitch.

  9. OK, maybe the pink creation symbolizes his last fertile sperm cell NOT EVER making it up the big tittied child killing woman’s fallopian tube. He names this work of art… “F.F.C.” (Fuckin’ Fallopian Closed).

  10. Jim Carrey Graffiti
    Commented on this photo:

    dude needs a gf again

  11. Right, nothing says Anarchy like defacing (one) of your own multi million dollar properties while wearing $1000 shoes…what a dufus.

  12. Richard McBeef

    The painting is actually a mescaline induced interpretation of Emma Stone’s naughty bits.

  13. dotmatrix

    Too bad Jim and Jenny split up. They really really deserved each other.

  14. I would go absolutely crazy too if I didn’t get to motorboat those titties again but there is a difference between he and I……He is mother fucking Jim Carrey!!

    Stop huffing the paint and whining like a little bitch and go get you some pussy. These multi-millionaire whiners get on my nerve.

    Go to the bank…get yourself a handful of cash and go do something instead of trying to fake it like you are some deep, dark hipster with some astronomical, philosophical meaning of life burning inside you that needs to be let out.

    You are where you are because you made your asshole speak on camera. I would claim that as a miracle and a blessing. stop being a pussy.

    fuck you very much.

    • pete

      Some much jealousy in such a small little post.

      • not jealousy. as much as your little brain would love to believe that instead of having to look at a bigger picture of the world we live in and give yourself a migraine.

    • ohplease

      wow they get on your nerve? Must be a little world you live in something like this gets on your nerve :) “Stop huffing the paint and whining like a little bitch and go get you some pussy.” Obviously, who cannot agree with your sensibility? Sound like a very smart man. I meant a very angry man hating on a celebrity haha what a futile exercise.

  15. zipper

    He’s attempting to be cool and young and impress emma with his dopeness.. duh.. She certainly is going to dig him now that he does graffiti and is really going to look cool for her now that he is fresh like this.. w00p w00p..

  16. certifiably insane, but gets a free pass because he can act.

  17. Is this the moment he decides to shoot President Reagan to impress Jodie Foster?

  18. D-chi

    This is all very surreal and Yume Nikki.

  19. Cher X

    He looks very Henry Rollins-eque.

  20. KumaTenshi

    @bianca – To mar or spoil the appearance or surface of; disfigure.

    Definition of deface. Since spoil is a rather interpretive term, much like deface, it’s kind of hard to say he defaced his, as you pointed out, OWN property.

    He owns it, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to it, and if he thinks what he’s doing is good, then it’s not actually defacing anything!

    Common sense. Get some.

    • flatspottin'

      Just becuase he owns it doesn’t mean he can ‘do whatever the fuck he wants to it.’ There are many areas in many cities that have restrictions on neighbourhoods, from styles of lawn, to paint colours and so on and so forth. Being a public facing wall where this studio is located – there is probably a similar stipulation in place.

      Common sense. Get some.

  21. Tony Sopprano

    Maybe he’s just bat – shit crazy?

  22. Jim Carrey Graffiti
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  23. Jim Carrey Graffiti
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    “Yeah, the mercury in vaccines causes autism, but I’m sure whatever’s in spray paint is safe to eat with.”

  24. Jim Carrey Graffiti
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    oh great, he’s painting pictures of Emma Stone’s vagina now

  25. Jim Carrey Graffiti
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    F.F.C. stands for “Former Funny Comedian”

  26. Jim Carrey Graffiti
    lisa carty.
    Commented on this photo:

    How about something original. chalk maybe, beautiful artist anyway.

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