Anti-Vaxxers Already Saying Big Pharma Killed Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend

News of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend committing suicide hit late yesterday morning, and by mid-afternoon anti-vaxxers were already saying Big Pharma murdered Cathriona White because Jim Carrey is too important to the cause. Which he absolutely is, but that doesn’t make these other idiots any less of a conspiratorial shit-bucket. Then again, according to several of these people with no credible evidence whatsoever, multiple holistic and anti-vaccine doctors have committed “suicide” recently, so obviously ninja assassins are out there working to ensure special little Timmy is jabbed with mercury even though fish oil and St. John’s wort work just as well on polio. Or you can believe “modern medicine” that people get “severe depression” and then “kill themselves.” #OpenYourEyes #BringBackRubella

h/t Nicole for pointing me at these crazies

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Photo: FameFlynet