Oh Good, Jim Carrey’s Going To Solve America’s Gun Problem With A Silly Song

As most of you know/bitch about I’m pretty liberal and open about how way too fucking easy, not to mention deadly for small children lately, it is to get a gun in this country and that the gun nuts who are obsessed with them are predominantly racist idiots dying for a darkie to break into their house so they can dubble-tap ‘em and think camouflaging that fact with talk of protectin’ ‘gainst TEERKNEE is fooling anybody. So this Jim Carrey Funny or Die video should be right up my alley, but let’s be honest, nobody’s going to watch this thing and go, “Haha! He’s right, I do have a small dick. I hate guns now.” No viral ego stroke is that magical. Although, in fairness, the Sam Elliott impression is technically awesome enough to at least get us some background checks. Is it too much to ask for background checks?