The Duggars Lost More Advertisers, Are Somehow Still On TV

Despite losing almost every single advertiser ever – and a 30% ratings dropJill & Jessa Counting On somehow returned for a new season at the end of August, which was celebrated by even more advertisers freaking out when they saw their products advertised next to a baby farm that covers up child molesters like its Penn State. And it’s still happening. The advertisers dropping, not the molesting stuff. — Don’t quote me on that. In Touch reports:

… many companies were unhappy their commercials ran during the show’s first episode of its season two premiere. And now, two more companies whose ads ran during the Aug. 30 episode have issued statements.
Bob’s Discount Furniture says it was “unaware” that its ad had run during Counting On, adding it is “currently looking into making sure that our ads will not be aired during the program again.”
Credit Karma, whose ad aired erroneously for a second time, tells In Touch: “The ad that aired was a mistake. Our position has not changed and we will not be advertising on that show.”

Of course, the real scandal is that Jessa clearly used birth control to time her second pregnancy with the premiere of the new season. So I hope she enjoys burning in a lake of fire for all eternity because that’s pretty much guaranteed now. The vagina is Satan’s playhole, and Jessa learned its dark arts of pulling out. So stare not into her gaze, children, lest ye never ovulate again and be forced to walk the earth a barren shrew becursed with a busted baby oven. As for her poor husband, he has a penis and was surely tricked by her devilry. Let him trade her for a mule and go about his way. Why curse the man when you can demonize the noonherhole? That’s in The Bible.

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