Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Were Rejected As Missionaries. Whoops.

“We gonna bring Jesus to the Mexico persons.”

Last month, Jill and Derick Dillard found themselves in some shit after fans started to realize the two were essentially scamming people for mission trip donations to go on vacation, which is what happens when you’ve been in a country for over two months and still haven’t set up an official mission site. Turns out that might have something to do with them being rejected as missionaries right out of the gate by their home Baptist church for failing to meet the already frighteningly low requirements to just waltz into a foreign country and say, “Hey, I’ve got something better than food, water, and medicine. Stories about talking snakes! Hurray!” Inquistr reports:

Cross Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. The pastor of Cross Church, Ronnie Floyd, serves as president of the SBC, which supervises funding of missionaries for all Southern Baptist churches. The SBC employees over 4,800 missionaries and 300 new missionaries were added just this year. The Dillards were not included in the multi-million-dollar budget of SBC’s missionary funding.
After a fundraiser Jill and Derick staged before a camera crew at a room in the Cross Church complex on October 2, one confused person made a comment on Derick’s Instagram post about the event.
“I don’t really understand. Are they with the IMB or not?”
Again, the answer is “no.” The SBC’s International Mission Board (IMB) cannot approve the Dillards for funding for the simple reason that they do not qualify as missionaries.

As for what it takes to be qualified as a missionary in the eyes of the Southern Baptist Convention, like I said earlier, a shockingly low level of learning complete and utter bullshit with absolutely zero relevance in the real world, let alone impoverished countries in need of actual aid:

To be a funded missionary of the SBC and IMB requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and between 20 – 30 graduate hours of designated courses, such as: Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, Missions, Evangelism, Discipleship, Preaching, Interpersonal Relationships, etc.
Although Derick Dillard has an undergraduate degree in accounting, he has never taken a college-level religion course and has no graduate credit hours. Jill Duggar has never been to college at all. To qualify as the spouse of a Baptist missionary, she must complete at least 12 college credit hours by taking these courses at an accredited college. The requirements are as follows.
■ 3 hours of New Testament Survey
■ 3 hours of Old Testament Survey
■ 3 hours of Biblical or Systematic Theology
■ 3 hours of Elective Courses in General Ministry

So read The Bible a lot. That’s literally all they had to do here? And yet somehow these two idiots couldn’t take 42 hours to do something they’ve basically been doing their entire lives. Is it because it involves the word “college” and Jill was taught she’ll turn into a pillar of salt if she even goes near one? Because that still doesn’t let Jethro off the hook. He’s the man in the relationship, and the man can do whatever he wants. I heard they’re even allowed to fuck porn stars. No foolin’.

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