The Duggars’ Missionary Trips Are Scam Vacations? GTFO

If the naked, not naked celebrity tit racket ever dries up, I could write a book about how American evangelical mission trips are a bullshit racket that reek of colonialism and send dangerous idiots into situations where they often do more harm than good. Which is usually what happens with tourists who think they’re somehow helping by telling dying, starving people stories about a talking donkey instead of using the money for their plane ticket on something useful like, oh I dunno, food, water, medical supplies, and staying the fuck home. Except way more clever men have tackled God’s cash problem better than I ever could, and sometimes you have to learn this shit for yourselves. Which is what’s currently happening with fans of Jill and Derick Dillard who fled to El Salvador to do “mission’s work” after the (first) Josh Duggar scandal, but have been basically been taking an extended vacation on idiots’ dimes. Via Raw Story:

The couple solicits donations through their Dillard Family Ministries, which an IRS representative confirmed was listed as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
But fans have questioned the couple’s travel after Derick and Jill Dillard have apparently flown back to the U.S. at least three times — including this weekend, when they attended cousin Amy Duggar’s wedding in Bentonville, Arkansas — since leaving about two months ago.

“I (love) you all and Jill and Derick but it (concerns) me that I am sending (money) for them to do missions and (they) fly home 2 times for weddings,” complained fan Shadman Rolfe. “I want to know if my cash is paying for this or (ministry). I want to serve the Lord and I want to give (but) I need to know my money is being used right.”
Another fan cautioned Rolfe not to expect an explanation from the Duggar family about the couple’s spending.
“You will never get a straight answer, you are just financing their extended vacation,” said Claudia Brown.

Granted, these are simple people marks who genuinely mean well, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of insight to realize that, thanks to their sheltered upbringing and home-schooled “education,” the Duggars have very few skills outside of farting out babies all day, and I’m pretty sure impoverished countries don’t need any more of those. Unless they’re using them as bricks to build hospitals in which case, shit, maybe I’m the one who’s looking at this all wrong. Do I make the check out to Jim Bob or Duggars Vacay Fund Ministries? Let’s make some kid buildings! GO JESUS!

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Photo: Dillard Family Blog