Jesus Mother of God

March 10th, 2010 // 120 Comments

I’m mostly posting this just-released outtake from Megan Fox’s photo shoot in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar because it has absolutely nothing to do with Corey Haim. Unless it turns out he was secretly Brian Austin Green in disguise which, I’m not going to lie, will make me a religious man. (Ball’s in your court, Big Guy.)

EDIT: To anyone who cares about women’s names, turns out this is actually model Mia Rosing which still has no impact on the theme of this post.


  1. Manhating skank, may her ovaries become cancerous.

  2. spiderLAW

    Mia Rosing > Megan Fox anyways

  3. xiannian

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  4. Megan Fox is absolutely beautiful….

  5. I wonder who she’s dating right now in Hollywood though?

  6. boo

    I agree with #5 wholeheartedly

    you are not funny SW. Most of your posts are embarrassingly unfunny actually.

  7. I think I just got turned

    I may be a heterosexual female, but GOD DAMN.

  8. PostmortemG

    “I guarantee you that if you put ANY MAN in a room with Megan Fox, had her get naked and assume that position above, unless he’s gay, he’s gonna be rock hard and ready to go! So, get over yourselves.”

    Yes, she´s attractive; she might even be hot to some… but i fucking swear this lady has nothing on the Paraguayan fertility goddesses i know, here in South America. You all can keep your Mia Rosing. =D

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  12. Ilan Ben Menachem

    I think she love to sex in the way mostly.

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  15. sexy photo,i love it :fuck hot

  16. wow very nice

  17. NOY MEGAN FOX…….. This is a commercial shot by Danish photographer Henrik Adamsen of the Danish model Mia Rossing. Its for a company called Forrest And Bob Goes to Hollywood, their SS10 campaign, and you can check out the other shots from that campaing at

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