Jesus Mother of God

March 10th, 2010 // 120 Comments

I’m mostly posting this just-released outtake from Megan Fox’s photo shoot in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar because it has absolutely nothing to do with Corey Haim. Unless it turns out he was secretly Brian Austin Green in disguise which, I’m not going to lie, will make me a religious man. (Ball’s in your court, Big Guy.)

EDIT: To anyone who cares about women’s names, turns out this is actually model Mia Rosing which still has no impact on the theme of this post.


  1. gosyco

    good catch!! O.O

  2. gosyco

    Could the legs be elongated too?!?

  3. Galtacticus

    Central Park in the background. . I’m sure this girl can make it big. .

  4. scooby

    yeah that is totally photoshopped. look at her left hand! and her legs are not that long… and her head doesn’t fit! still sexy, just not real.

  5. Mr. Photoshop Man

    Yes there is nothing about this that was not photoshopped. That arm was totally placed wrong. My bad. Still looks a lot better here then she did naturally. Oh well, atleast I am making lots and lots of money on these fake broads.

  6. fuck you @4

    i cant stand her either, but hot damn

  7. Parker

    It’s funny but every dream I’ve ever had of buttfucking Megan Fox always starts out like this. She’s on all fours, floating on a white raft in the sky, looking over her shoulder watching me approach her eager-to-please bottom. I get behind her, pull her whatever-you-call-that-thing-she’s-wearing aside and silently slide my weiner in her tight, sweet ass. The next two minutes seem to last forever but eventually I have to finish up. This is when the dream changes and we leave heaven for Earth. I’m sitting in an easy-chair, watching a ballgame and Megan is asking if I want two slices of swiss cheese on my turkey sandwich. Make it three, baby, I say. Then the suddenly the sandwich is in my left hand, remote’s in my right, and the sound of the door closing as she leaves is muffled by the crack of a bat. Line drive, deep center field. Sizemore backing up. Going back, way back, oh no more room, that ball is gone. Homerun!

  8. TheRage

    her legs look unnaturally long. especially the lower half of them. i think someone stretched them out a bit with photoshop! but.. it’s still hot.

  9. is that really megan fox? she is really hot who ever she is, now that what i call a pose!

  10. Agreeeddd

    I Agree with #20

    WHERE IS THA COCK. mmm i love cock :) and meghan’s face gets whipped daily by brian austin greens <333

    anyway, that is a pretty hot pose tho. if i did that i think ppl would throw up :/

  11. wait

    That’s not meghan fox!!!!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!!!!

    mia rosing! wtf :(

  12. Oh...

    So this is the natural version of Meghan Fox with real beauty, is that what you meant to write?

    Real nose, lips, titties, therefore far better than meghan fox. Plus, a model, meaning she doesn’t speak nor act.

    I think we found a better version of Meghan Fox and can stop being obsessed :)

  13. kaylia

    Like was said before… that’s model MIA ROSING not MEGAN FOX! lol great shot though :) very flattering for someone with no tits

  14. KrishanuAR

    I wish there was a higher resolution wall paper version of this image. I like this picture a lot (composition in addition to the chick)

  15. DAYUM

    Time to Masterbate.

  16. Engel

    Well since we know it’s not Megan Fox, I guess ” Mia Rosing ” will be getting a very big bump on her goggle searches.

  17. justsaying

    I don’t like the… swimsuit? And she’s hunched over. I dunno, not one of her best pictures. All but and leg, which is nice, but no boobz

  18. buffy

    I’m sorry, but if I was watching a horror movie and a chick made that weird pose, I would run from the room screaming. The ass looks ok, but the back and head look horrible.

  19. Maniacfive

    I am so over Megan Fox. She ain’t all that, and she’s ruined it by talking to much,

    There’s plenty of other fish in the sea, like for instance this hot model Mia Rosing, I hear she’s very good looking, much like Megan Fox infact. sans tattoos and bitchiness. I’d happily look at pictures of her.

  20. if transformers 3 were like this picture i would probably cum over my TV

  21. Ridiculous


    check here

    her name is mia rosing and she’s way more classy and beautiful imo. but then again i never understood why you americans are so obsessed with megan fox anyways.

    just spend 5 secs on ANY model agency website and you’d find at least 10 girls who are more beautiful and at least as sexy as she is… just sayin’…

  22. Ridiculous

    oh yea and most of them -if not all of them- are NATURAL beauties

  23. timmy the dying boy

    Is she still around? Shouldn’t she be working at a Dairy Queen by now?

  24. stylist

    The arm is out of place and her calf is about 3 times longer than any human leg…and no it isn’t megan fox.

  25. I know who Rough'ed you last summer!

    Id saddle up that curvature…with spurs on…

  26. Dolly L


  27. r4

    She wants it both ways – becomes rich and famous on her physical appearance (certainly not great acting abilities) but wants to claim that she’s “pure”.

  28. Sqweakers

    Hey superficial,

    I was over at Egotistic when it was mentioned the above picture you have of Megan Fox actually isn’t Megan but a Model named Mia Rosing. I would have sent this via email but I couldn’t find it anywhere on this your site. Hopefully you’ll see my comment soon enough to make an edit.

    BTW: love your site and you humor. Have a good week


  29. leah

    wait, 6’3″, and 120 lb.?? , no, that look is not good..

  30. leah

    wait, 6’3″, and 120 lb.?? , no, that look is not good..

  31. Kay

    This is so heavily photoshopped, her farthest arm is not positioned right for one, her face looks incredibly artificial as well…why do the media need to keep warping women’s bodies? This is just absurd. No one can look like this in real life. Gorgeous women are gorgeous, but not when its incredibly fake like this.

  32. temp

    haha, the legs gave it away. from far away it looks like megan fox, but i was thinking “there’s no way in hell she got her legs to look that long, no matter how gifted she is proportionally…she’s only 5’5″ or so!”

    yep. not megan fox, but that girl has a crazy fashion model body! O.O whew.

  33. Rhialto

    The posts are getting better and better! Keep the good work going on!

  34. Darth

    Trump Tower &Hotel New York?

  35. Rhialto

    Not my idea but according to Darwin the Frisian is the top of the bill of the whitey race.What runs in the Danish blood as well.These supermodel headhunters might really have knowledge or a good instinct. .

  36. Boogeyman King Dong

    Darwin>f-cking racist!

  37. Darth

    I know some Frisians but they don’t look top of the bill whitey race to me at all.Wait,does that make myself top of the bill of all races in the whole world?

  38. Bootilicious

    This is a fake picture, Devil is in the details.

  39. captain america

    let’s be thankful GOD must hate FAGGOTS!!

  40. Kelly

    IT’S MIA ROSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP, IDIOTS!!!! U losers who are going on and on AND ON about how sexy ‘Megan Fox’ looks in this picture and it’s NOT EVEN HER. DUMB F**KS.


  41. dan

    wow i’m surprised thats not megan as she def. looks like her-maybe she had the same surgery?

  42. Yup, not Megan Fox…and I agree, the lower half of her leg looks really long, almost unhuman like. I can’t exactly see her face, but her body is decent. I sense she might be a FAT skinny girl but who knows.

  43. Randy Stapler

    That is Mia Rosing not Megan Fox.

  44. bizz

    way too skinny for my liking. its not even the no ass part, its just revoltingly skinny.

  45. Will

    DAMN!!! look at that view!!
    oh yea nice ass

  46. Mandi

    Haha, I love how the Fish handled the name mix-up. Good one. Now everyone can stop shitting themselves over it.

  47. cookie

    …can we use her to replace megan fox???
    i already like her more.

  48. Parker

    wow, Megan Fox just gets better looking every day. She could be a supermodel. I’d have anal sex with her and she’d make me sandwiches.

  49. Jesus

    Please please Megan, stay like that. I’m about to thrust into you from behind.

  50. She looking so gorgeous in this picture.. and i really like her,

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