Jesus Mother of God

March 10th, 2010 // 120 Comments

I’m mostly posting this just-released outtake from Megan Fox’s photo shoot in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar because it has absolutely nothing to do with Corey Haim. Unless it turns out he was secretly Brian Austin Green in disguise which, I’m not going to lie, will make me a religious man. (Ball’s in your court, Big Guy.)

EDIT: To anyone who cares about women’s names, turns out this is actually model Mia Rosing which still has no impact on the theme of this post.


  1. Johnyjohn

    Heaven, I’m in heaven.

  2. JB

    Damn…she looks…really fucking hot.

  3. Nome King

    She should just pose like this and never ever talk or “act.”

  4. ballsy

    Its megan fox. who freaking cares, shes ugly, fake and she cant act. You couldnt pay me to watch her or get turned on by a pic of it.

  5. The Internet


    Please shut this site down and stop trying to be funny. It’s not working, for you are an asshat!

    Yours Truly,
    The Internet

  6. personal I find the SW to be a refreshing talent.
    his style is unique and his humor classic.
    i love you sw.
    we should get married. the end

  7. Rob

    Eh, her ass really isn’t all that. I prefer a little more booty meat, and i’m not even a black man.

  8. Munky

    Is it has been day here on The Superficial? Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and now queen has-been Megan “I think I’m a Pinup-Girl” Fox? WTF is going on?

  9. salsa

    Megan “The Body” Fox.

  10. The Interwebs

    @The Internet

    shut the fuck up

    Yours Truly,
    The Interwebs

  11. She’s hot, I’m just so over her for some reason. I used to think she was quite possibly the hottest woman on the planet, and now, not so much. Maybe it’s all the stupid shit that comes out of her mouth, or that she’s fucking David from 90210 and that makes me think of Tori Spelling…idk.
    Maybe I should just go take my meds now.

  12. gigi

    very cool loft. This pose is weird…. but since she already has a ‘she’s hot’ spot in your brains, you’re not going to think so…. meh…

  13. Mary Jane

    Great pose.
    Loser subject.

  14. SO RIGHT

    Looks a little airbrushed to me, but if it’s not, well….she’s got a very hot body.

  15. Rob

    i dunno, man. i see better looking girls on the NYC subway on a daily basis. again, where is he ass? she has the ass of an Asian girl.

  16. Sammersaurus

    Uh, actually. I don’t think that’s Megan Fox.
    If you looked at the face instead of just the rest, you probably would see that yourrselves!

  17. Photoshop Police

    NOT Megan Fox. It’s Mia Rosing. Someone over at Harper’s Bazaar is in deep doo doo.

  18. Georgeo

    Wow, look at that fat belly.






  20. scooby

    oh hell yeah. megan fox doesn’t have legs that long. i still spanked it.

  21. farles chew

    Nice ass, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s got like 20 extra vertebrae.

  22. boobie

    Yeah that’s not even Megan Fox.
    Look at the face.

  23. Uhhh

    Nice body… but her face is creeping me out.

  24. MJM

    First of all, it should be Mary, Mother of God. Jesus is no one’s mother…

    And, yes… she is extremely hot. There is no fat belly there!! She’s arching her back and causing a curve in her abs. Arch your back and tell me you still look flat up front (if you even do to begin with). She is not ugly. She may not be a person’s particular taste, but it’s ridiculous for someone to actually call her ugly. I see comments all of the time on this site about how someone is fat or ugly and it just blows my mind at what extremely high standards you people have. I guarantee you that if you put ANY MAN in a room with Megan Fox, had her get naked and assume that position above, unless he’s gay, he’s gonna be rock hard and ready to go! So, get over yourselves. If you’re a female, quit being so jealous. So what if your man thinks she’s hot. HE CAN NEVER HAVE HER!!! LET HIM HAVE HIS FANTASIES!!! IT’S HEALTHY!! I’m a woman and I find her to be INCREDIBLY sexy.

  25. sjsj

    that’s mia rosing. not megan fox.

  26. Harold^Sick

    Not this Megan Fox craziness again… I thought everyone already agreed she’s an average looking skank with less than average talent(s). It must take a team of Dreamworks’ graphic designers to make her look like a tranny from the usual nothing-special that she is. Next pls…

  27. COCKS


  28. frankw

    Not her, Superfish. You slippin’…

  29. Mr. Nice Guy

    Its Megan Fox. who freaking cares, shes does not like Sex and she can’t act.

  30. MJM

    LOL Okay… I think a woman is sexy and suddenly I’m gay. I am married and have a healthy sex life. 3 to 4 times per week. I get plenty of GREAT cock and I still wouldn’t kick Miss Fox out of bed for eating cookies!! LOL So, call me bisexual, but I’m not straight up gay. NOT that there’s anything wrong with gay, anyway!

  31. The Scientist

    I figured out faster than light travel. You would attach Megan fox to my dick, and the force of my boner exploding into delicious quim would propel me into the sun.

  32. His Huge Greatness Himself

    You guess out of which bone i created the woman!

  33. over her, she's a retard

    @27 – exactly, you have it all right.

  34. Willie Dixon

    Mia, Megan…whatever. Are we really concerned about names here?

    @5 – If you cruise the other Gossip sites, you’ll find SW actually is the wittiest one as far as commentary goes. Sure that there was that week where SW had that other writer that was a complete retard.

    I personally think you think you’re (another) Bible thumper who thinks that God or Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor. Go back to the compound if you don’t like what SW is saying. You’ll be surprised at who you’ll see in heaven and hell.


  35. Nero

    Holy crap! I bet viagra hates her!

  36. Matt

    Mia Rosing

  37. PtC

    Agree, it’s Mia Rosing not Megan Fox.

  38. Gando

    I’m off for a while folks! *Grab her by the waist*

  39. Mia Rosing

    Yup. that’s me. Megan is not as classy. Not to mention the ink…

  40. Gando

    That foreign accent does make it just a bit more kinky!


    MJM please describe your hubby’s COCK more. Lets hear what’s so great about it. PLEASE.

  42. Rhialto

    Not that i’m much disappointed.But i’d expect from Megan Fox to make this up good!

  43. Luz

    She looks like a tranny.

  44. blackout501st

    she has to be THE sexiest woman aliveno if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. i would KILL for 30 minutes with her.

  45. mer

    So very average.

  46. snarkyscreenname

    Did anyone notice that her arm is completely out of place????

    Seriously, take a second look…the back arm (behind her overly stretched body) is justting out from the bottom of her rib cage. Now when I crawl (not that I do often) Both my arms tend to line up with one another…OR if one arm is placed sar far down my torso, it is ingled and or bent causing the shoulder on that side of my body to drop lower….How did she contort her arm like that?

    Bionic evil sex doll here to take over the world? I think so

  47. Jesus

    Is that you Maria?

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