Jesus Christ, 50 Cent.

May 26th, 2010 // 81 Comments

These are actual shots of 50 Cent on the set of Things Fall Apart where he dropped over 50 pounds to play a football player diagnosed with cancer, according to

He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks.
“I was starving.” Now he’s back on tour and says, “I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!”

*quietly writes ‘liquid diet + 3-hr-day treadmill walks’ on napkin and passes it to Jessica Simpson*

I’m sorry, what was he saying?


  1. OJ's Mom


  2. HLM

    Am I actually first?!?!

    Wow, he really does look sickly. I dunno…don’t think I’d do that for a movie roll unless they were paying a LOT of money.

  3. jlylec

    that ain’t 50…quit lyin’ sucka

  4. Deacon Jones

    That’s what he’s going to look like in 5 years when he gets full blown AIDS from raw-dogging all those black chicks on tour.

  5. merman

    Mr. Superficial you crack me up!

  6. Eat this

    Now if only 50 would get cancer for reals.

  7. ahoff

    LOLOLOL. Good one fish.

  8. Shurely this is DMX?

  9. hmmm…guess not.

  10. 75CENT

    It’s amazing what happens when you stop taking steroids for a few weeks.

  11. Why the fuck is Darryl Strawberry on the site?

  12. tard

    This guy is for real man. I tell you for real. Gonna be the next raging bull you mofos. He is as cool a Drake.

  13. Imagen

    Holy fuck! I saw this and immediately thought “HE GOT THE HIV!”, and I’m still not entirely convinced he doesn’t, but SHIT, it looks like he died 3 weeks ago and noone told him!

  14. Moss

    He’s totally playing Christian Bale’s twin in The Machinist 2.

  15. lisa

    im impressed by him, more than a gangztah lolz. hope the movie turns out being really good.

  16. good times

    DYNOMITE…jj walker must be taking vitamins cuz he’s lookin good!

  17. Karen

    Wow!! He looks sick and scary. What a drastic shock.

  18. m

    So that’s where Dave Chappelle has been hiding. He looks good.

  19. Flocke69

    I love Jimmy Walker!


  20. snarkyscreenname

    I’m gonna go ahead and hop on the “bullshit” wagon. Where are his tattoos?? That man is inked the hell up and this guy has none.

  21. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Looks more like 17 cents…

  22. tha Dolla

    we should start callin him quarta’

  23. Wow, really convincing…
    My 2 cents :)

  24. 49 Cent

    Can I ask where his tattoos went?

  25. Iloveheidi

    LMAO #22 Yeah he does look like $0.17c hahahaha

  26. bar room hero

    who cares, rap sucks!

  27. Clem

    So where are the fat hooded eyes? Looks Like Iman shaved her head to me.

  28. Larry Love

    That’s a lot of trouble for someone who can’t act…

  29. Tek

    @21 He’s been removing them for a few years now ’cause the tattoos were costing him movie roles.

    And you know what’s really fucked up? The movie is going straight to DVD.

  30. DeNiro

    You know who wouldn’t go through this for a role?

    About 97% of hollywoods leading botox ladies.

    PS you are all fat adn could learn from him.

  31. Johnny Stab-O

    Looks like Tyronne Biggums from Chapelle Show.
    “I’m here for the 5 o’clock free crack giveaway!”

  32. ad nasuem

    Unless he had all those arm tattoos removed – That ain’t 50 cent.

  33. Go Shorty. Starve yourself to death. Go Shorty. Get another paycheck.

  34. Paddy O'Lanterns

    Still looks like a stupid asshole. Can’t rap. You people are a bunch of idiots.

  35. e

    still cant act.

  36. georgia

    I can only hope.
    He looks like an ape.

  37. Medical Mysterys Revealed

    The New York Times itself said Fifty Cent was heavily using steroids up until 2008.

    When you get off them they shut down your bodies natural testosterone production for a few months.

    He’ll swing back to an average sized human after three months but he will have trouble dropping fat like before.

  38. 49 Cents

    50 cent’s arm tattoos are fake, that’s why they change slightly on ever album and he has none in his movies.

    They’re just Henna.

  39. dyliep

    Looks like that 100 pounds he lost went to his eyebrows. Dude makes Oscar the Grouch jealous.

  40. Mcfeely Smackup

    So 50 cent has been using fake tattoos for all these years…AND he lives in a mobile home?

    seriously? gullible much?

  41. That is what he is look in five years when it is full Dogging AIDS intermediate all black chicks on tour.

    • stupidmofo

      @SD card—Funny how ALL the latin, white, mexican, asian and ALL the OTHER international HOES you forgot to mention-giving 50 HIV/AIDS???

  42. Humans do not really get anything.He will swing back to a man of medium height, after three months, but it will be hard to fall in fat as before.

  43. Didi-T

    14. Imagen – May 26, 2010 4:57 PM

    Holy fuck! I saw this and immediately thought “HE GOT THE HIV!”, and I’m still not entirely convinced he doesn’t, but SHIT, it looks like he died 3 weeks ago and noone told him!

    ROTFLMFAO! So fuckin’ true! Imagen FTW!

  44. What was his Wonderlic Score?

    I have seen Fiddy in interviews, so it doesn’t make sense, but somehow he looks like the smartest black guy I have ever seen.

  45. Stayinclean7

    dachau blues

  46. captain america

    do not panic folks.
    ………….THIS IS FICTION!!

  47. tisha6593

    UHHMM…….. seriously??

  48. I saw this and immediately thought "was HIV!" And I'm not entirely convinced that it has, but shit, it seems that he died three weeks ago and nobody told her!

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