No Justice For Jessie Nizewitz’s Vagina

Back in August, former stripper Jessie Nizewitz tried to sue VH1 for $10 million after her uncensored vagina (NSFW) was accidentally aired during an episode of Dating Naked. Which seems like something you should probably expect when you agree to appear on a reality show entirely naked, and for once a judge finally agrees with me, so this is the part where you kneel before my power. MY ABSOLUTE POWER. THR reports:

At a hearing last week, New York Supreme Court justice Anil Singh agreed with the defendants that Nizewitz had consented to be on Dating Naked with knowledge of what it would entail. The signed agreements aren’t trumped by the supposed oral promises. Singh read her ruling from the bench. A written opinion isn’t yet available, but the order to dismiss has been recorded.

Turns out that while Jessie claimed the producers promised her they’d blur everything, she also signed a contract that specifically says “nothing we say to your face counts” because chances are they’re going to need to do some coaxing on set and then miss a few buttholes during editing. That’s just simple logistics. And the fact that they missed one so gaping speaks volumes to the amount of nudity they were dealing with because I’m pretty sure you could lose a small child down that hole. I don’t even think there’s a bottom.

(h/t Mr. Kimball)

Photo: VH1