Jessica Simpson’s weight mocked by FOX NFL

October 14th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Burger King and FOX essentially teamed up to harpoon, I mean lampoon, Jessica Simpson’s weight in a skit that ran on this past weekend’s FOX NFL Sunday. You can scope out the video after the jump then decide what you hate more: Horribly written fat jokes or people who blatantly videotape their TV screens and post it on YouTube. Yes, we know, it’s a magic box with movin’ pictures. Congratulations on your discovery, Ponce de Leon.

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  1. brian

    while I agree it is annoying to watch a clip of somthing recorded off a tv screen, this is often the only way to keep network clips from being deleted from youtube. The past olympics comes to mind, lots of people were uploading clips and nbc was getting them all taken down except the ones that were recorded in this way.

  2. gotmilk?

    9, what does she make millions doing? selling hair extensions and shitty footwear? she used to make millions, probably not so much anymore.

  3. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  4. Mel

    Okay shes not fat, shes probably even less than the normal wait of Americans.
    So stop making fun of her and go get your flaming hot cheetos.

  5. Bri

    hey 52 she makes more than you would in a 20 years.

  6. Ed

    I don’t see how she looks fat in these picture, Not sure if the pictures of her are even recent. But if you guys want to look at girls who have Eating Disorders then be my guest. I like to look at girls that have some MEAT on them bones, instead of being able to see their rib cages from Space.

    “Uh…Houston, We see a nice rack of ribs in New York.”

  7. Toot toot

    Who gives a flying shit what a second rate TV channel and a Fat Food chain have to say?

    Me, I prefer to read Viz.

  8. Elilang

    That is in such poor taste. FOX is vile.

  9. Elilang

    That is in such poor taste. FOX is vile.

  10. brandi

    They aren’t making funb of JS they are making fun of how the cowboys and the coach make fun of JS. They are making the COWBOYS look stupid, which come on isn’t hard to do.

  11. a circumcized jew

    HAHA! the girls that say jessica isn’t fat are in denial because they’re even bigger than her. keep telling yourself that’s how normal women look because only makes it more funny.

  12. lola

    She is pretty, but needs a stylist

  13. lola

    She is pretty, but needs a stylist

  14. Brent

    She’s not too fat and not too skinny, and she’s definitely the perfect size for any man. She is a little short, though, but other than that she is perfect.

  15. Dr.

    Well.. I’m a guy that doesn’t get attracted to unattractive people and nothing about Jessica Simpson is unattractive.

    Sure, you may mock her intelligence or her weight fluctuation but she’s pretty real. Some people would say otherwise but she doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. Plus, she’s making it happen.

    I’d be with that – hands down.

    BTW, all the pieces of crap that make fun of her dog need to take a shit in their hand and smack themselves. If you’ve ever had a family animal and not made a bond – you’re heartless.

  16. Dr.

    And I’d love to be friends with her chest.

  17. Wig Snatcher

    I’m a woman and I think Jessica Simpson is still beautiful. She is not fat. In this society, fat is five pounds heavier than scrawny.

    She doesn’t have a weight problem, just a problem with guys!

  18. carmen

    Aw “video removed”.

  19. Hello There

    I hate people who video tape their screens. But even worse are those people that video tape their faces talking about something. Like go to Youtube and do a search for almost anything, and one of the results will be a pimple faced nerd that sat in front of his camera and talked about it for you. So you can stre at him telling you about it, rather than just watching it. My favorite is for the Shaq vs show. Look for Shaq vs. Albert Pujols and there’s a video of some fat long haired loser telling you about it. You just sit there and stare at his ugly face while he spills the juice on the whole thing. WOW!

  20. June

    Even though this is the Superficial, I fail to see how she is even remotely fat in these pictures.

  21. Dread not

    54. Mel – October 14, 2009 4:54 PM

    Okay shes not fat, shes probably even less than the normal wait of Americans.
    So stop making fun of her and go get your flaming hot cheetos.

    – You completely destroyed the weight/wait joke. Happy now? It’s WEIGHT, Mel!. Is Mel short for Melvin?! I want to give you, a Melvin, right now!

    Oh, fuck it! Here’s the dumb joke:

    Yeah, Jessica has a weight problem… she can’t wait for her next meal! Badump-bump-crash!

    Fat?! I-don’t-think-so! I’d hit that, like Billboard charting a Mariah Carey song. Damn you, Mel! It’s contagious now! Happy? I just got Melvined… ow.

  22. Sam

    See the woman behind her in picture 7? That’s how Jessica’s gonna look like in a couple of years.

  23. Ed

    @ 72. Okay the Girl on the right. You may be right.

    Next time explain which exact lady.

  24. Olpol

    New link prz. This one is down.

  25. Trully the dress didn’t properly fitted on to her body.Apart she has nice figure and must try appropriate dressup.

  26. Narcissist

    It’s crazy, but I think she looks better in jeans now.

  27. Lucy

    Using a cartoon to poke fun at someone’s weight (whoever it is) during a NFL game is in pretty poor taste!

  28. cc

    She really needs to stop and think about how much happier she’d be if she’d let service her orally once or hopefully twice a day. If that doesn’t lift her spirits, nothing will.

  29. Galtacticus

    Just now they mentioned it.Her shoulders are getting rounder and rounder.

  30. Darth

    Her neck has disappeared too?! Oh wait there’s still some left.

  31. Gando

    A fine layer of delicate fat has begun to spread all over her body.It will help her getting through the cold winter months like a warm blanket.

  32. Lydia

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  33. size 3-5, baby

    GUESS WHAT AMERICA! 60% OF WOMEN IN THE U.S. WEAR A SIZE 12 OR LARGER! God, I’m so glad I’m not a part of that group. If I even got close to that size, I would starve myself.

  34. Huckle

    She is really pretty, always really put together clothing-wise, has a great bod is not fat. I don’t understand why she is always being put down in this manner. Rather, it was to deflect attention from Romo and the fact that he is a suck ass QB, and his game hasn’t improved since they broke up because he always stunk. Plus, his eyes are too close together.

  35. Rob

    You gays hate her because she is hot and you are fucking gays hating yourselves because you were born ugly fucked up guys HAHA.

  36. Mel aka Melissa and #71 your a dumbass

    hey number 71 my name is melissa not melvin dumb shit.
    im sorry i dont spellcheck what I write on a gossip blog, frankly its not worth my time, but you just sound like a complete dumbass, your attempt at a joke or what ever the hell that was, was a complete fail, at which im sure your life is like.

  37. Tina

    You guys are just knocking her because you know in a million years you wont tap an ass like that, and you know if she ever gave you the one in a million chance to be alone with her in a room that you wouldnt turn down the chance to “hit that.”

    And number 72 what the hell is “give you Melvin” sounds like something a third grader made up on the playground to me….

  38. mandy

    @ #83- you are shallow and will eat your words one day… be careful what you say.and if you do get close to a size 12 , the world hopes you starve yourself so we could eliminate one more retarded american

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