Jessica Simpson’s nipple busts out

April 17th, 2007 // 133 Comments

jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-11-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-12-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-13-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-14-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-16-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-17-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-18-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-20-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-21-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-22-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-23-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-25-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-26-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-27-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-29-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-31-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-09-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-32-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-33-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-35-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-36-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-40-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-41-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-44-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-45-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-48-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-01-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-02-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-50-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-51-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-52-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-hollywood-nipple-53-thumb.jpg


  1. daηielle™↵

    Well damnit! Put it back in.

  2. Lal


    Ew, she looks like John Travolta.

  3. AreYouSerious?!?!

    Ewww come on! I just ate! She has no talent and now her looks have gone to hell. NEXT!!!

  4. scienceguy

    On a completely unrelated topic “What are the 20 top signs that the guy in your class might be a school shooter?”

  5. Fishstick

    that was dissapointing. you shouls have to prove you’ve got something dirty to hide before they issue you a black censor bar thingie.

  6. DangerR

    ew she looks like a christy ally look alike, except Christy Ally used to be hot and isnt the color of a rusted septic tank!

  7. jazzdrummer420

    Anything is better then when she’s out with JM affectionately known as Lurch, in her flower child dresses, at least there is something to see this way.

  8. It looks like her ass is about to bust out of those pants too.

  9. chaunceygardner

    Who’s the Spanish broad, and why isn’t she in my vast porn collection? She should seriously get cock-blasted in the face for money. I’d pay to see that shit.

  10. bellasera

    good. these worthless bimbos are all the same. they have their fifteen minutes of fame and then they disappear like paris hilton’s boobs. like a shooting star they burn bright but fast, and then turn into trannie look alikes.

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Tits all out, just like Poppa Joe likes…

  12. Fishstick


  13. daηielle™↵

    what ass?

  14. bungoone

    wow, the brown hair really accentuates some masculine features in her face. good thing she’s got those things hanging out the front of her shirt though.

  15. tits_on_snack

    “jessica simpsons’s nipple busts out” are you kidding me? this was titled “jessica simpson’s nipple busts out”, and not “jessica simpson looks like a fat gorilla sniffing her own farts”?

  16. Negatrice

    What’s with the pics, all I seem able to see is a farm animal sporting black jeans.


  17. tits_on_snack

    That’s barely even a nipple anyway. Some mild aeriola maybe.. Europe is laughing. LAUGHING.

  18. I’m not sure I noticed the face until that black censor bar popped up — my attention was diverted with a force akin to that of a swift ballsack to the face … not that I would know what that feels like … yet.

  19. Lal


    Well put.

  20. SkepticTank

    Damn, she done went and got bloated all up…

    But I’d still hit it.


  21. Nick is looking prettier than Jessica these days. Even with the bloated boobs, Jessica looks like a dude.

  22. Jimbo

    Those are some nice tits. She sure likes to touch them a lot. Can I touch them too. What else is she good for!!! She does not know the differnce between chicken of the sea tuna and real chicken.

  23. thefonz888

    Nothing even close to a nipple. LAME, I should sue for false advertising.

  24. davina85

    ew those jeans look so uncomfortable…talk about sausage casings

  25. HughJorganthethird

    Hey Tranny, have another donut

  26. lawboy

    Wow. If that is what dating Edward Scissorhead–I mean John Mayer– does to a girl, the dude needs to be kept away from all daughters.

  27. 2for2true

    Guess the deal with Mary Kay is in big trouble now…probably got the make-up applicator confused with the sandpaper again.

  28. whitegold

    Hasn’t she heard? Being a trashy slut and flashing the pap isn’t the cool celeb thing to do anymore? Poor Jessica Simpson, she’s also behind the trends with everything!

    Britney Spears is wearing panties now, so take that bitch.

  29. 1MILFhunter

    What the hell has happened to her? It’s nice her rack is falling out all over the place, but she’s getting huge. That dark hair isn’t doing it either. She’d better keep using that skin cream she’s hawking on infomercials because she’s going downhill in a hurry.

  30. Where the nip?

    Anyway, I wanna give ol’ Jessica a pearl necklace. Thanks.

  31. iamsosmrt

    Yuck is it UGLY TRANNY day today? I mean John Travolta, Paris, Britney and now Jessica.
    Fuck you Superfish my optometrist will be billing you and I bet it’s really expensive to treat bleeding eyes.

  32. Niecy

    Maybe she thought her boobs would distract from her face. She needs make-up badly.

  33. kamihi

    She looks rrrufffffffffff! Bow Wow! those jeans are not flattering either.

  34. iamsosmrt

    Might I add all the trannies I spoke of are looking very ragged, a lot older, and fatter and their skin is repulsive.

    Oh and I found a way to cure my eye bleeding all by myself … I just had to look in the mirror and my youthful immeasurable beauty caused spontaneous healing. As did looking at my insanely sexy husband and his GIGANTIC unit.

  35. bedbugsandballyhoo

    That girl seems like she is so uncomfortable in her own skin. She is always pulling and tugging at her clothes and shoving her boobs around. Self-concious much?
    Here’s a piece of advice Chestica…Wear some frickin’ clothes that fit YOU!
    You know those jeans are chafing her…

  36. FRIST!!!

    What? That’s not her….that chick’s ugly!!! Jessica Simpson is supposed to be pretty. Isn’t she???

  37. imran karim

    now those are real

  38. I’d shag her rotten, baby.

    No doubt about it.

  39. elf

    those look fake and she’s starting to look like john mayer

  40. ph7

    Uh-oh. She’s really starting to look like the inbreed hillbilly that she is. In three years, she be super fat and fugly.

  41. Nathan_A

    I swear to god; Jessica Simpson is just Joey Lawrence in a wig.

  42. LL

    Wow… didn’t she used to be hot, and not all that long ago? Her hair is OK, I guess, but damn, that orangey skin is not flattering, and yeah, she’s porked up. It’s like she’s been on the all-donut diet or something. I mean, nobody expected her to keep that rock-hard “Dukes of Hazzard” bod she had forever, but it’s like she sprinted fast in the other direction. If I was a guy or a lesbian, I’d be sorta depressed now, but I’m not, so I’ll just say: Jessica, you can stop eating now.

  43. schack

    she looks good chubby. her eyes don’t pop out all crazy, as much.

  44. FRIST!!!

    If that’s what you guys consider chubby, I’m like a beached whale….
    But isn’t it nice to see someone non-skeletal for a change? Even though her face looks like a man now?

  45. ph7

    Looks like she was on the rag when this pictures was taken – oily, bloated, blotchy. Yuck.

  46. NuPicasso

    I think she looks f#@kin’ hot!

    What’s with all the “fat” and “ugly” comments??(Which are probably coming from dudes who couldn’t get a date with my pet jackelope)

  47. Depraved22

    When I saw the first picture I just about jumped off my chair, it scared me. What’s with the hair and darker face? If she even thought her nipple was showing, she should have figured it out at home, not spending the night tugging at her shirt.

  48. Jimbo

    I would do her!!!!

  49. drew51

    I agree with #48…

    Only I would do her twice a day and four times every Sunday.

    Instead of another skinny skank, she has a little bit of meat on her.

    As Spinal Tap says, “The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin”.

  50. PunjabPete

    Used to have a fabul-ASS…
    Now it’s just enorm-ASS….

    Must be carrying John Mayer’s spawn…

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