Jessica Simpson’s meat-love gets her unsolicited advice from PETA

June 17th, 2008 // 207 Comments

PETA has taken umbrage with Jessica Simpson’s T-shirt proclaiming “Real Girls Love Meat.” They decided to seek the moral high ground and respond with a list of five reasons “Why only stupid girls brag about eating meat.” Sciencey! Here’s my personal favorite gem:

4. Meat will make you fat. All the saturated fat and cholesterol in chicken wings, pork chops, and steak eventually leads to flabby thighs and love handles. I hope the upcoming “Jessica Simpson’s Intimates” line comes in plus sizes! Going vegetarian is the best way to get slim and stay that way.

Jesus! “Eating meat will make you fat.” How superficial. (Ha ha! The name of this site.) But, seriously, PETA left out these other pitfalls of being a carnivore that warrant your attention. What can I say? I’m a helper:

1. Meat will cause the Lifetime channel to go off the air. Or, at the very least, cancel Army Wives.

2. Feeding your husband meat will lead him straight into the arms of another woman. Who’s totally that chick at your work who you’d be friends with if only she didn’t have the same purse. Bitch.

3. AIDS: It’s what for dinner – if you eat meat.


  1. Honey PIe

    You can live on vegetable food solely, actually people that do live LONGER.

  2. #148 – That’s a great line… which is probably why I used it on yesterday’s thread…

  3. joey bacon cheeseburger, jr.

    Peta is like the FOX News channel of the culinary world.

  4. sara

    i think the more important, and funnier, issue is that peta publicly called jessica simpson out for being fat. he he he he he.

  5. Boca Burger

    I started menopause early and started getting an aversion to meat and have not had it since. I drink soy milk to help with the hot flashes. I was not getting enough calcium in my diet until I became vegetarian. I was concerned that too much cheese would cause me to gain weight. To my delight I have maintained my figure and enjoy a variety of foods like Mexican, Italian, Asian, and American. The Boca Burgers are delicious and high in protein too.

  6. #155 – Why don’t you crush some fucking geritol on them and chase ‘em down with a nice Metamucil milkshake, granny?

  7. Kate

    I read through this whole thread. And while I see a lot of vegetarian-bashing, I also see a lot of self-righteous, condescending remarks like “it’s your body if you wanna put that crap in it”. Do vegetarians not realize its that kind of remark that brings all the heat on you? I eat meat sometimes, not a big fan and I’m really picky about it, but I do eat it.

    Try telling some lady making $10.50 an hour and trying to feed her family that she shouldn’t buy that cheap hamburger meat because its mean. And that she should take some of her meager income and go to a nutritionist to be coached on how to properly feed her family on a vegetarian diet. You’ll get laughed at. If you’re not punched out first.

    You can post all the famous people who are vegetarians you want, I really don’t give a crap. I don’t base my diet on what other people eat. Or what they say, for that matter. So, #102, you’re welcome to go to hell.

    I love animals, always have. I own no fur, and never will. I own leather because at least when a cow is slaughtered, the entire animal is used, nothing is wasted, unlike fur factories. I will always support legislation for humane slaughterhouses.

    Its a scientific fact that humans evolved into the species we’ve become because after they started eating meat, their brains got bigger and evolved. So please stop with the “we’re not meant to eat meat” garbage.

    The bottom line is, no one is right, no one is wrong. Its called personal preference, and no one should be looking down on anyone else for their dietary habits. Being a vegetarian doesn’t make you “better” or “healthier” than someone who eats meat, I don’t care what the studies say. And eating meat doesn’t make you better or heathier either. We’re all going to end up in the same place eventually, no matter what you eat, so shut the fuck up and eat what you want.

  8. Vegetarian on a Budget

    I use to live off beans, rice, and tortillas and we all did fine in my big family. One can actually eat healthy and be vegetarian on a budget. The bottom line is if you don’t mind eating all the crap they inject in the animals, then keep on eating your meat.

  9. Yuna lesca


    1. If a lady making $10.50 an hour cannot support children properly by giving them healthy
    food she shouldn’t of had kids.

    2. You don’t need a nutritionist to be on a vegetarian diet. It’s called common sense.

    3. Celebrities help influence other people.

    4. You only love certain animals, if you’re willing to eat meat. Called specism.

    5. That’s not a fact. People back then just didn’t know how to get the proper amount of nutrition from other sources.

    6. Haven’t the correct vegetarian diet makes you healthier. Fact.

    7. Dr. Fuhrman’s position on the consumption of animal products is pretty clear, meat and diary dairy products leads to disease like heart disease and cancer. Even “healthy” choices like fish and chicken put you at risk.

    There is a relationship between animal protein and heart disease. For example, plasma apolioprotein B is positively associated with animal-protein intake and inversely associated (lowered) with vegetable-protein intake (e.g., legumes and greens). Apolioprotein B levels correlate strongly with coronary heart disease.1 Unknown to many is that animal proteins have a significant effect on raising cholesterol levels as well, while plant protein lowers it.2

    Scientific studies provide evidence that many animal protein’s effect on blood cholesterol may be significant. This is one of the reasons those switching to a low fat-diet do no experience the cholesterol lowering they expect unless they also remove the low-fat animal products as well. Surprising to most people is that yes, even low-fat dairy and skinless white-meat chicken raise cholesterol. I see this regularly in my practice. Many individuals do not see the dramatic drop in cholesterol levels unless they go all the way by cutting all animal proteins from their diet.

    According to Dr. Fuhrman white meats are no savior either:

    Red met is not the only problem. The consumption of chicken and fish is also linked to colon cancer. A large recent study examined the eating habits of 32,000 adults for six years and then watched the incidence of cancer for these subjects over the next six years. Those who avoided red meat but at white meat regularly had a more than 300 percent increase in colon cancer incidence.3 The same study showed that eating beans, peas, or lentils, at least twice a week was associated with a 50 percent lower risk than never eating these foods.

    Chicken has about the same amount of cholesterol as beef, and the production of those potent cancer-causing compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are even more concentrated in grilled chicken than in beef.4 Another recent study from New Zealand that investigated heterocyclic amines in meat, fish, and chicken found the greatest contributor of HCAs to cancer risk was chicken.5 Likewise, studies indicated that chicken is almost as dangerous as red meat for the heart. Regarding cholesterol, there is no advantage to eating lean white instead of lean red meat.6

    The correlation between disease and consumption of animal products seems very clear. Even newer research warns of heighten stomach cancer risk associated with eating processed meats, like sausage, smoked ham, and bacon. Reuters reports:

    A review of 15 studies showed the risk of developing stomach cancer rose by 15 to 38 percent if consumption of processed meats increased by 30 grams (1 ounce) per day, the Karolinska Institute said in a statement.

    These foods possess cancer-causing additives outside of meat’s normal cancer-causing agents:

    The institute said processed meats were often salted or smoked, or had nitrates added to them, in order to extend their shelf-life which could be connected to the increased risk of stomach cancer, the fourth most common type of cancer.

    If this information spooked you, you might want to consider Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, “The best bet for overall health is significantly limit or eliminated all types of meat–red and white.”

  10. Brandon

    I posted the following up on the PETA blog I really doubt they will have the balls to approve it.

    1. there are studies that have tied cancer to eating too many carrots, kinds of bubble gum, and a million other things. You can’t trust every study you read, but everything in moderation is a pretty safe bet.

    2. Propaganda. Really? “hot people don’t eat meat because cute things get hurt in the process”? Laboring in rice patties in Vietnam isn’t exactly cruelty free you douche.

    3. There is a huge difference between swamp gasses being released by animal fecal matter, and the crap coming out the back of the diesel truck hauling your veggies across the country. More volume? maybe, more destructive? No, humans have that dubious honor on lock-down.

    4. Will it make you fat? I already mentioned everything in moderation, but there is a nation of body builders and fitness enthusiasts that can attest to meat being their best source of protein to maintain the lean muscle mass they use to be in shape and enjoy life. See, I didn’t even go into how much better Jessica Simpson looks than ANY vegan I’ve ever met.

    5. I would love for every one of you to go have a big handful of grain at a farm. There is a reason that crap ends up on farms and not in africa fighting the problem of too many people breeding. Wide-scale birth regulation would do alot more then sending them shitty grain so they can feast on bad food while they rot in their terrible living conditions.


  11. Alaina

    no wonder jessica simpson looks so fat, she eats too much meat

  12. PETA is pathetic

    Meat will make you fat? I’ve lost 35 pounds in the past year and a half and one thing that helped was going back to eating meat.

    I gained weight as a vegetarian. I had to eat more often because vegetarian food burned off faster. And I ate very well, whole grains, vegetables, beans, lentils, etc.

    What helped me lose weight was eating lots of lean meat and working out.

    Vegetarianism is based on a lot of bull shit. A lot of animal rights activists consider animals to be better than humans. Just like a lot of environmentalists put the environment before humans, and consider humans to be a plague on “mother nature.” They will tell you whatever they need to tell you so that no more animals die. They don’t give a shit about your health and they’ll twist the results of health studies to suit their agenda. Look up the head of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk.

    She says things like:

    “I am not only uninterested in having children. I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it is nothing but vanity, human vanity.”

    What? Definitely someone who has a reasonable outlook on life and how people should live.

  13. giier

    #152 – Knowing that would require that I don’t skip over your posts as I usually do.

  14. Amy

    @ 94.

    “Some people have bad eating habits whether they are vegetarian or not and are overweight. The point is that being vegetarian is healthier than being a meat eater if one practices a balance diet and eats in moderation.”

    The point really is that practicing a balanced diet and eating in moderation is healthier than not doing so. Whether or not to incorporate meat into that balanced diet is a personal decision, and there are risks you have to take into consideration either way. Being vegetarian is not inherently healthier than eating meat, as the fat vegos that everyone here seems to know attest to. It’s certainly not inherently less healthy, either, and a vegetarian who has made the decision to eat properly is likely to be healthier simply because they are more aware of what they are putting into their system.

  15. Washington

    PETA’s new motto – “We’ll make up any bullshit we want”.

    #164 said everything else that needs to be said.

    Also, dating a vegan recently was probably one of the most annoying things I’ve ever dealt with in my life. “Yes, you pick the restaurant this time dear, just like the last 15 times!”

  16. Pepper

    All animal rights activist want is for animals to be treated humanely. If livestock is raised for human consumption then for goodness sakes raise them humanely and slaughter them humanely too. The problem with factory farms is lack of government regulations and the consumers don’t seem to mind eating chemical laced meat.

  17. Chip


    This is why one should eat organic fruits and vegetables because the carrots you mention were not organic grown and contain pesticides that can cause cancer. I am a vegetarian body builder and get my high protein from soy products and soy milk.

  18. Chip


    This is why one should eat organic fruits and vegetables because the carrots you mention were not organic grown and contain pesticides that can cause cancer. I am a vegetarian body builder and get my high protein from soy products and soy milk.

  19. Washington


    As a meat eater, I will still agree with you. More people need to educate themselves on the process of how modern processed food and meat is made. A really good book on the subject is “Omnivore’s Dilemma”.

  20. Boca Burger


    Amusing, thanks.

    I am 44 years old and do bong hits instead. I look like I’m in my 30s. It does my ego good to know that I have a better figure than a lot of females half my age. I love all the attention I get from the young and middle aged.

  21. @Jimbo

    When it comes to human meat I find red heads to the most edible.

    Still in the land of the morning calm. Anyounghaseyo!

  22. Amee

    i just want to say I LOVE ANIMALS……especially in gravy.

    i know that the vegetarians are getting a hrad deal when they should’nt as not all vegetarians=peta supporters. but if you are a peta supporter-you should expect some flack as you are supporting a hypocritical organisation.

    if you don’t want to eat meat for ethical reasons that great. but if you approach me, as a peta supporter, and tell me that eating meat is murder-what about all the cats and dogs that were given to peta in good faith of being given good homes only to be killed and dumped into a skipat the back of peta offices?

    lets face it-peta is all about making money. so if peta wanna step up and tell people to stop killing animals-maybe they should take their advice and stop killing animals.
    and politely fuck off.

  23. lambman

    I think eating meat is normal, but so many americans think they need meat three meals a day and you don’t. Eating a sensible amount and trying to only eat organically raised animals is just fine.

    But people who eat at McDonalds three times a week, and eat two dozen wings in one sitting are just kinda of disgusting and hurting themselves and the planet

  24. AliCat

    Of the 4 thousand pro-vegetarian messages I’ve seen, about 12 of them have been backed with factual information. The rest have consisted of name calling and insults. Way to go PETA- These types of comments really make me take your organization seriously.

  25. umm


    1. i never get why people say shit like that like it’s helpful. well, it’s too late. this hypothetical person already had them. what now? would it make you happy if she left them to die? less meat eaters that way.

    2. eh if everyone had common sense, there’d be a lot less fat people, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. that’s where nutritionists come in.

    5. no, no, you’re doing it wrong. if it can be proven that eating meat resulted in them getting bigger brains, then that is fact. what would’ve happened if they had gotten their nutrition from other sources is irrelevant. too bad they didn’t have nutritionists to tell them what to eat. or better yet, common sense.

    6. influence meat eaters to become vegetarians? i don’t care who eats what, you’re not gonna get the whole human population to stop eating meat by listing vegetarian celebs on the message board of a site that mocks celebrities. so stop trying to shut down people who just want both sides of this endless debate to shut up. get back to being superficial or get the fuck out.

    7. 157 said she doesn’t care what the studies say, so that whole blurb was a waste of copy/paste.

  26. kevin

    maybe just maybe real girls eat meat is a metaphor

  27. Truth doctor

    Hey PETA, just for that comment, I’m going hunting in my back yard tomorrow. I’ll rape the corpses and mail them to you – paid by receiver.

  28. Ted from LA

    #102, I enjoyed reading the Paul and Linda McCartney quotes. I heard Paul would like someone to eat her now.

  29. ernest

    PETA is a bunch of fuckin hippies, Its ok to eat meat, jesus says so in the bible. p.s Free Michael Vick

  30. bend it like becca

    the vegetarians I know who are thin were also hospitalized for anorexia. just say’n. But they’re so beautiful!

    That being said, the girl from PETA should probably be more offended by the sexual reference. Not that a girl shouldn’t get her fill of protien daily… but y’know. …

  31. #163 – Obviously not this time, cupcake…

  32. Chupacabra

    Don’t kid yourself Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!

  33. Beach Baby

    I am a PETA member and proud of it. I am also Agnostic. There are crazy PETA people but this is true with all groups. All the vegetarians I know are tanned, toned, and healthy. Perhaps it is because we live in Southern California by the beach. The anorexic females you talk about are not true vegetarians because they have an eating disorder.

  34. Kate

    #175 pretty much said it all for me.

    #159 – my motto is pretty much live and let live. I don’t give a shit what you eat. I don’t care if you peel bark off trees and eat that for lunch every day. Too bad you can’t do the same.

  35. Penelope

    Some meat eaters give me a hard time for being vegetarian and I just ignore them while watching them eat their chemical laced meat.

  36. Joe

    Seriously….. the whole PETA members and the vegetarians freaking out…. why? i seriously though MEAT was an innuendo for PENIS … hmmm or like #2 said, do i have to get my mind out of the gutter?

  37. BJ


    She must not be good at it because John Mayer dumped her.

  38. ufffff

    este tema es una idiotez!!! quien quiera comer carne q lo haga!!! me enferman los vegetarianos q dicen q los animales sufren cuando los mtan para comer! acaso el leon no se come viva a la zebra que sufre como la reputamadre, o el oso a los peces???!!! uhhhhh ebtonces matemos a todos los osos y leones por malos y crueles!! esto es infantil…. una cosa es matar por comer y otra muy distinta es matar por deporte, pieles o divercion, para lo cual no estoy d acuerdo…. ademas…. las plantas no tienen sistema nervioso central pero tb son seres vivos a los cuales matas para comer, al igual q los insectos…. mucha d esta gente es FALSA y ni siquiera sabe bien porq no come carne! y lo peor d todo es q no respeten a los demas que si lo hacen…
    igual jessica es una estupida por confrontar con esa remera, q haga lo que quiera , no es necesario q lo cuente publicamente… y ellos dicen que no ser vegetariano engorda???? tengo mucho amigos veganos con partes del cuerpo q se les fisuran constantemente por falta d alimentos escenciales
    ningun extremo es bueno!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Translator

    188 Translation

    this theme is a stupidity!!! who want to eat meat q do it!!! the vegetarian q make ill me say q the animals suffer when the mtan to eat! perhaps the leon is not eaten alive to the zebra that suffers as the reputamadre, or the bear to the fish? ??!!! uhhhhh ebtonces we kill all the bears and lions by evils and cruel!! this is childlike. … a thing is to kill for another very different one is to kill for sport, skins or divercion, for which I am not d agreement. … ademas. … the plants do not have central nervous system but tb are alive beings to which you kill to eat, to the equal one q the insects. … a lot of d this people is FALSE and not even knows well porq does not eat meat! and the worse thing d all is q they respect not to the They do… equal jessica is an estupida by confronting with that oarswoman, q do what want, is not necessary q count it publicamente… and they say that not to be vegetarian grows fat? ??? I have a lot of friends veganos with parts of the body q itself them fisuran constantly by lack d food escenciales ningun extreme is good

  40. Tight Pussy

    Being vegetarian makes my pussy tight and wet 24-7!

  41. laura

    i agree, she totally wore this shirt to start something. she needs the publicity! however, i do know exactly where she got this shirt. from a steakhouse in new york called primehouse new york. she must have been in nyc recently. i live in nyc and have been to the restaurant numerous times and have seen the shirt on sale there. i am a meat eater (and this restaurant serves delicious steaks)and i love it! peta needs to realize there are people out there that love meat and will eat it.

  42. Chris

    Without the proper balance of amino acids you can do permanent and irreversible damage to your brain. Yes you can get these amino acids from only a vegan diet but it is nearly impossible to do so.

    Our bodies (mostly our brains) absolutely NEED the proper balance of proteins and it is easiest to get them from Animal sources. Do we eat too much meat? Absolutely YES but doing without it requires a great deal of effort to remain healthy.

  43. stephen

    yeah, my girl eats meat! so i got the ‘real girls eat meat’ t-shirt!! get it…

  44. Kalin

    PETA is for suckas. Meat rules.

  45. Trixie


    “If a lady making $10.50 an hour cannot support children properly by giving them healthy food she shouldn’t of had kids.”

    I was going to stay out of this but what a stupid and ignorant comment to make. How dare you comment on a person’s right to have children. You’ve obviously never been in a situation where you had to make crucial choices where the budget is super slim. I’m a single mom and I got laid off from my job due to the economy. Does that mean I shouldn’t have had a child because I didn’t think 4 years into the future and realize that I’d get laid off and be without income while I scramble to find another job? Sure, I had savings but I had to make that money stretch until I had paychecks coming in again. And I don’t care what arguments you state, buying healthier food does cost more. Whole wheat products are nearly twice as expensive as white. Fresh fruit is more expensive and goes bad a lot quicker than canned. And meat makes a meal stretch further.

  46. Irvin McWhorter

    That comment that PETA made about how meat makes you fat (also for the fact they made that comment in a way that makes ex-anorexic chicks that are eating healthy again to become anorexic again) is absolute bullshit.

    PETA, you have made yourself go even further down on my shit list. This is the kind of crap why the majority of people don’t take you seriously and label you as a crazy cult.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  47. Carnie Vore

    Love it!!!!! I just found the shirt on cafepress-

  48. Know_It_ALL


    I guess the scrawny little meat-free brats with “cute” spray-tans that can beat their brothers off during tennis need someone to look up to…


  49. Courtney

    I’m not a TOTAL vegetarian, but I do think that Jessica Simpson’s shirt was ignorant and offensive to a lot of people. If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with eating meat per se, but the modern meat industry is f***ed up beyond imagination. Most people just don’t want to think about it. I respect PETA for taking a stand even though it means taking endless crap from people who just want to keep going about their ignorant ways.

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