Jessica Simpson’s dad ruined her relationship with Tony Romo. Again.

July 15th, 2009 // 33 Comments

First it was reports that John Mayer was still texting Jessica Simpson, now it seems Papa Joe was annoying the shit out of Tony Romo again causing him to bolt, according to FOX News:

Another inside source said that Jessica’s manager/father Joe Simpson’s meddling ways most likely took its toll on the relationship, which is the reason why they split the first time fourteen months ago. We’re told Joe promised he’d take a step back when the couple reunited but he was still too involved in his daughter’s private life.
“At one point Joe was even giving Tony football advice which doesn’t go down well,” said an insider. “Tony was a football superstar before he got mixed up in Hollywood, this move will be probably be good at least for his career.”
And not to mention the pop princess/country crooner was eager to tie-the-knot again, something Romo apparently wasn’t ready to do.

Okay, I’ve said some things about Joe Simpson in the past, but can you really blame the guy for wanting to bond with Tony? I mean, shit, his only son-in-law is Pete Wentz. You can only spend so many nights putting on black eyeliner before you snap and eat a raw steak while grabbing your daughter’s breasts. Or so Joe told me at the titty bar where he was “laying low” for a couple of days.

Photos: Flynet

  1. I wouldn’t give up a pair of tits that fantastic even if her dad WAS grabbing them. I think I could overlook incest to fuck Jessica.

  2. The Jerk

    I still believe it was ended because she refused to do anal.

  3. tIM

    C’mon. After you bang the short, tree-trunk legged, fatty Jessica a few dozen times, what’s left? An ignorant hillbilly girl whose brightest thought, at age 29!, is to have a Barbie and Ken birthday party.

    Redneck girls peak at age 18. Drive through the south – the landscape is littered with these little piglets.

  4. Tony’s penis got bored, end of story.

  5. andy7171

    As hard as it is to comprehend happening, I completely agree with #5.

  6. “You can only spend so many nights putting on black eyeliner before you snap and eat a raw steak while grabbing your daughter’s breasts.”

    Funniest read ever!

  7. Oh, yeah…Big surprise.

  8. Anonymous

    Tony Romo a “football superstar”????


    He’s the ultimate choker.

  9. It’s been said a million times, but it’s worth repeating: no matter how many times some hot chick is titty raped by her dad, someone, somewhere, is tired of fucking her…

  10. sin

    Time for Tony to go and find some young pussy again.

  11. Sotto Cinco

    I think Jessica needs to cut the cord. Daddy is ruining her life/career. He needs to just get a blowup doll and go away.

  12. Dr. Detroit

    Jessiaca has retard eyes. Look at that first picture. Maybe a touch of Down’s Syndrome?

  13. Last!


  14. Inmate #2648927

    Tony sees so many big squatting asses on the field he couldn’t deal with one at home too.

  15. jbone

    Tony, there’s a fork in the road……..either move on to your next debacle (Lohan) or call Tom Brady and learn how to score some real tail. Oh, and then make the “you were right and I was wrong” call to T.O.

  16. FACE

    Tony is a punk. Anyone who does not roll over and make it easy for him gets cut – first TO and now Jessica. Funny thing is that he will miss them both terribly. Tony Romo is more like Tony Oh No!

  17. Dan Marino

    A fucking Ken and Barbie party? Grow up, Jessica. Take control of your own financial situation from Daddy, and stop running home every time your feelings get smashed. Unless you push your father away, how is any man going to step up and fulfill that “Daddy” role you so desperately need? And Romo is a pussy, btw. He should have confronted father-Joe and put the old bastard in his place. Like most woman Jessica just picks the wrong men – she’s dated and fucked pretty-boy actors, boy-singers and brain-dead Cowboys – now why not try a solid guy out of show-business who wants to take care of you, someone who sees your neediness as sweet and endearing. Poor little rich girl, boo-hoo, like anybody thought it would last.

  18. Rodham

    Where’s Randal? Doesn’t he have something sensitive to say?

  19. Of course! I was right on the money about my open letter, I hope she took it to heart…

    Also if she feels a little tingly between her breast, thats me fondling them telepathically…

  20. netstarman

    Does this mean Tony will play better with Jessica out of the picture? Or will it be Papa Joe wanted to marry Tony ? Hard to pick it out.

  21. Tom K

    Jessica Simpson’s father Joe is the white version of Michael Jackson’s dad Joe Jackson. They are both crazy fucking showbiz dads!!!!

    Also don’t put all of this on her father, some blame has to go to the fact she became a sloppy life sized version of Miss Piggy. Every time I see this bitch I think of Muppet babies on ice!
    Agreed #4 and #5!!!!

    That dumb blonde shit gets very old after a while.

  22. del

    This father is baddd news!

  23. lj

    Now she and Papa Joe are bad mouthing Nick! She’s the one who dumped Nick just like Tony dumped her. I’ve seen photos of her out with other guys before she asked for a divorce the day before Thanksgiving. What a huge hypocrite. They are low.

  24. mixedsugar

    my 7 yr old just saw this picture and she said “who’s that? a midget?” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Martina

    Daddy REALLY wants Jessica to himself. Also, #3 (Jerk) is right, and maybe daddy can help her out with that problem.

  26. Rhialto

    These are older pics but the body language already did tell it all.

  27. Galtacticus

    You don’t need to be a spy master to see that Tony Romo didn’t care much about Jessica Simpson.He only liked to fuck his brains out and bury his head between her boobs.

  28. Darth

    @28 Are there any other possibilities?

  29. £it

    First off, Joe Simpson is a major pimp Daddy douche, and ya gotta love him for it! If it wasn’t for him, Jess’d be wearing breast concealing button up collar blouses, belting out gospel tunes, while subconsciously giving a microphone a blowjob, as she stares dreamy-eyed at Jesus on the cross. Okay? Not to mention the priest who would be performing the eucharist five times a mass, just to see Jess kneel before them, stick out her tongue to take in “the body of Christ,” as he takes mental snapshots for late night sock poppin’ fodder. Good lookin’ out, Joe!

    But as far as, Joe Simpson telling, Tony Noshow, “don’t fumble the ball during field goal attempts.” Or, “stop throwing interceptions during a crucial drive in a pivotal game”, hardly qualifies as football advice. Though, if you’re actually doing these things, and have to be told not to do them, then I guess it is advice. And calling him a superstar?! Huh? What? Just because Bill Parcells thinks that you’re good, doesn’t make you an automatic superstar. Tony Noshow, you just lost the last trophy you’ll ever have during your football career. Sucker.

  30. Nejxn

    Ole Jess is definitely headed in the direction of Kirstie Alley and Sally Struthers, but is still somewhat attractive – until she opens her mouth and tries to carry on a conversation. I would have a guilty concience banging somebody THAT stupid – kind of like taking advantage of a really drunk girl or screwing a patient in a mental hospital. Plus the fact that she wanted a Barbie – Ken Birthday party leaves me thinking she probably functions at about a second grade level. Not attractive.

  31. Now she and dad who are bad mouthing Nick! He is the one who dumped Nick threw it just like Tony. I’ve seen her photos with others outside before she asked for the day of a divorce before Thanksgiving. What a huge hypocrite. They are low.

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