Jessica Simpson’s dad behind Tony Romo’s media troubles

January 15th, 2008 // 28 Comments

When Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys lost on Sunday, fans blamed Tony’s trip to Mexico with girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Apparently nobody would’ve known about the trip, but somebody tipped off photographers who scored shots of Tony poolside in Cabo with Jessica. Her dad Joe Simpson might be the one to blame, according to NY Daily News:

“Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs,” says an insider.

That Joe Simpson cracks me up. But, seriously, what did you do with the bikini pics of Jessica in Cabo, Joe? I know you have them. They belong in a museum. What do you mean my bedroom’s not a museum? I wrote “Hall of Boobies” on the wall in permanent marker. Permanent, Joe. Yeah, I thought you’d see things my way. Is that a jetpack? Wait, NO! Crafty sonofa- I’ll get you next time, Simpson. Next time.


  1. fixed

    ” Jessica Simpson’s dad behind Tony Romo, trying to stop the bleeding”

  2. lil' e

    her daddy needs to stick to what he knows best….drooling over jessicas tits!!

  3. fo'sgirl

    It’s kind of disgusting the way Joe Simpson treats his daughters….but if I was Tony Romo’s mom i’d be all over that ass. Haha…that’s sick. Really.

  4. anko

    I like Jessica. I noticed her him at one big site, it seems that is It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found love there.

  5. put the ugly people in the back

    This woman will never have a succesful relationship as long as Joe Simpson lives. If that shitty pervert were my daddy I would cut all ties, sue the shit out of him , have him roughed up a little and leave him like the penniless drunk he always deserved to be. But, Jessica Simpson has the mental capcity of doorstop so fuck if she’ll never get her life in order and oh I don’t know, start acting like an adult and stop letting Daddy call the shots.

  6. Sam

    Romo later said he had a bad game because he couldn’t concentrate, knowing Jessica was watching him and her dad was watching her. And masturbating. Just like in Mexico (where, of course, that type of thing follows the cultural norm).

  7. Gerald_Tarrant

    Joe Simpson and Lynne Spears need to hook up. They both love whoring out their children more than anyone. If they had a baby it would come out with makeup and tits already.

  8. Anonymous

    Hey anko:

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  9. mike

    “I went to that meet millionaire lesbian sluts site”

    see, I knew it!

  10. The Office Whore

    7- Gerald. Nice.

    I went to that meet millionaire lesbian sluts site, and I found true love!! Christopher Columbus was said to have syphilis. I think it must be so..

  11. Gerald_Tarrant

    I met someone on Turns out it was Oprah but she was just looking for another beard so she can keep munching on Gayle. True story. Ok well maybe partly true. The Oprah is a lesbian part.

  12. Eva

    7- Gerald…

    I think Joe and Dina Lohan would be a better match.

  13. lol

    Cowboys lost cuz they suck!

  14. Ted from LA

    Judging Jessica’s arms, had she played offensive line for the Cowboys, they might have had a shot.

  15. D. Richards (Lover.)

    You know Jessica’s first sexual encounter was with her preacher father. Those wacky Christians. Always with those incestuous intrafamily relationships.

    Christians like fucking their kids. Why else do ya’ think they have so many kids? Right! Nobody wants to fuck the same person for eighteen years.

  16. Dear Jessica Simpson,

    Please sleep with HiIlary Clinton next, thus assuring her losing the Democratic nomination. Daddy can get a cut of the pictures.



  17. Pervy Guy

    Lookit ‘dem big ‘ol ti-tays……..I would so wreck that dumb bimbo, starting with her mouth and ending with her big pale ass……..that Tony Romo is a lucky guy

  18. Hey (rotten worm ridden) 16

    You hate christians. OK. Are you an atheist? Or Jewish? Or Muslim? Buddhist? All is good just “buycurious” (I like whores)!

  19. PunkA

    Jessica will never have a normal relationship because her father will not let it happen. He will ruin anything for her by trying to make a buck off of it. Joe SImpson sucks and is probably the worst father ever. Seriously, he and Lynne Spears and Dina Lohan ougt to write a book on how to mess up your kids for life. Worst parents in history. No wonder their kids are all so dysfunctional.

  20. Seymour Butz

    Anyone else notice how Joe Simpson stopped handing out bikini photos a while ago? They’re still getting taken, he’s just hanging onto them.

    Ah, there’s no love like evangelical/fundamentalist christian love.

    Unless it’s, that site is amazing. It cured my syphilis and got me laid, all on the same visit. I hear that site made Jamie Lynn turn preggers too.

  21. haroof

    the cowboys will never win a playoff game as long as romo’s banging these hollywood chicks.

    he has no idea how to juggle his personal life with football.

  22. D. Richards (Self.)

    #19? I’m my only god. Thank you.

  23. Italian Stallion

    It isn’t fair, (sniff sniff) that’s my teammate, (sniff sniff) that’s my quaterback, (sniff sniff) it just ain’t fair (sniff sniff)……………..

  24. Big Nose

    Yeah 23, you are awesome! Man you put the shit on toilet paper and the menses in pussy, the fart after a good meal, the time when your 17 year old daughter tells you that not only is she pregnant, but the father is black! Wow! we all are grateful you are here! The zits on a pretty girls face, the worms riddling the skull of a dead man, the tax bit out of a paycheck, the ice on a road…(too teary-eyed in worship to see the keyboard, the worshipper collapses in a brittle heap of cheap vodka and a gay man’s curiously multitoned feces)

  25. kels

    She looks like a man. Men who are into her are obviously closet gays. The only thing WOMANLY about her is the boobs, but the face screams MANNISH. She’s fugs, big time.

  26. Yoko Romo

    I bet Jessica has a big dick also…to match the tits, that it.

  27. FRT

    Trip to Mexico for Tony & Yoko….$5,000
    Money spent on booze and drugs….$10,000
    New cloths and trinkets for Yoko…..$15,000
    Boob job for Yoko by a Mexican hack….$40,000
    Limo ride back to Texas Stadium….$500
    Tickets to see the Cowboys lose…..$500
    The look on Tony Romo’s face after the loss….PRICELESS!

    Tony letting TO bang Yoko to make him happy again….”I owe you man, your my QB man, I love you man!”

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