Jessica Simpson’s breasts anger, confuse country music fans

Jessica Simpson continues to have a hell of a time winning over country music fans. After wearing a cleavagey getup at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, Jessica learned this crowd fucking hates spectacular racks. I’m not even going to read between the lines on that one – except for quietly in my head: Gay. People reports:

Audience members, it seemed, couldn’t believe her costume choice. “I think she should have put some clothes on,” one viewer said. While another one responded to how she liked Simpson’s performance with: “I loved that new girl, Crystal [Shawanda] – and she was dressed appropriately.”

I honestly don’t get it. Why can’t Jessica Simpson seal the deal with simple folk? I mean, Sarah Palin had the Midwest eating out of her hand within five seconds and she didn’t even show some boob. (Yet.) For the record, I’m in no way suggesting Jessica Simpson give birth to a mentally handicapped child to win this crowd over because that would be both cynical and wrong. But, on the same token, let’s not kid ourselves that she couldn’t do it – easily. I’m talking blind-folded, people.

Photos: Flynet