Jessica Simpson’s breasts aren’t big enough

January 14th, 2010 // 122 Comments

Because there’s no way anything from Victoria’s Secret will hold those things up, Wonder Woman is gonna be pissed when she sees these pics. “Borrow my clothes without asking, will ya? I want Tony Romo naked in the Invisible Jet in one hour. We’re parking this bitch on her lawn.”

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jessica Simpson is a gorgeous woman. She’s a supermodeal and has even been on many magazine recognizing her beauty. She has a better set of boobs than me that’s all I know,

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  6. She looks soooo much like Jessica Simpson. I was like “Is that Jessica Simpson or are they trying to like cool? I dont know lol. It’s annoying though.

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  12. I am big fan of Jessica Simpson. She is looking gorgeous.

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  18. Pat

    She looks awful in that outfit. She looks bloated.

  19. I like a girl that doesnt even know she is sexy, and looks good in ANYTHING like pjs. i actually like cute than sexy. I usually like long dark hair, not too tall, and a PALE body. that’s right, i said pale.

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    It seems that she is not comfortable in this dress which is why everything is seeming to be awkward. She has a good body though.

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