Jessica Simpson’s breasts are still huge. Ohthankgod.

June 9th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Jessica Simpson paraded her large breasts around New York yesterday and what the-? Does anyone remember them having that many veins? Seriously, what’s up that? They look like the head of one those aliens with the pulsating brain. If this is some sort of invasion, all I’m saying is, who wants nuclear codes in exchange for lap dances? Don’t be shy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. mikeock

    I would crawl over glass, Adam Lambert and thumbtacks for a chance to fuck this girl

  2. GOD, I love her, I mean them…..

    You who claim heterosexuality haters, STFU.

  3. minnie

    she is frickin unreal………..shut up all you sad pathetic haters !!!!! YOU ARE JEALOUS!!!she is fab , gorgeous SO SEXY .


  4. sal

    Yes, the boobs are big, but look what they are attached to…the body of a linebacker. Man face, man hands, beer belly, and massive tree stump legs. That is not an attractive combination. She is a freak of nature.

  5. anonymous

    Why is she making a plastic blowup doll face in the big picture? Did a network executive say no to her idea for a reality show, but promised to consider her for a reality show about a blowup doll if she could imitate one?

  6. I’m sorry, but shouldn’t Madame Titsalot be out getting booed doing country music..? Nice priorities there, Jess…

  7. msjessiemeghan

    She’s all right.
    Her boobs are a bit veiney though…

    And it’s not because they are big. Mine are a C and not like that, although…not that big either.

    Nice to see she is losing weight though, slowly but surely….

  8. stickykeys

    looks like she’s lactating to me. could this be how she’s lost weight?

  9. Queen Regina

    She’s definitely pregnant.

  10. America's Dairyland

    Those udders look like they belong on someone much older than 28. They are so droopy and saggy.

  11. Jorge "No Chin" Posada

    I would give up any of our steriods won World Champions for a chance to motorboat those babies.

  12. crazypants

    Those are great boobs. Some boobs are veiny. Some great boobs are veiny. She has veiny, great boobs. God, so many of you are fucking children.

    She’s a human being. I betcha sometimes she poops and eats food and other weird shit too.

  13. Wow, those are huge and veiny. But she looks hot here.

  14. Dave ain't here, man

    @48 “I have the same size tits she has, I have the same fair skin and figure type…”

    How YOU doin’?

  15. e-rcok

    Sorry guys, those knockers are IMPLANTS! They were always big, but if you look at old pics, they were SAGGY, and she got implants. They AWESOME though, so everyone needs to shut the hell up about implants.
    Salma Hayek
    Bar Refaeli
    Jessica Simpson
    Gisele Bunchen
    Adriana Lima
    Alexandra Ambrosio
    you get the idea… all implants. AND THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!
    So let them be. They are all gorgeous.
    There are some with great implants, some with terrible implants

  16. minty

    my boobs get HUGE like jessica’s and very veiny just before that time of the month. it looks to me like that is the reason for all the veiny-ness.

  17. OaklandAs

    Pretty pregnant looking

  18. melissa k

    People have veins get a life. I agree with 36

  19. melissa k

    People have veins get a life. I agree with 36

  20. Crappola

    She’s just thick. That’s all there’s to it. Her black dress isn’t doing a very good job at hiding her thickness.

    I’m sure Jessica Simpson was hoping you notice the boob and not the increase in size.

  21. Amir

    Her ass is still as wide and flat as a pancake.

  22. Ella

    Perhaps you have never seen real breasts in your life – you would have noticed veins are very common, unless they are fake and/or badly done boobs.

    If you are a male, you’re sad. And if you’re a female, no comment.

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