Jessica Simpson’s breasts are still huge. Ohthankgod.

June 9th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Jessica Simpson paraded her large breasts around New York yesterday and what the-? Does anyone remember them having that many veins? Seriously, what’s up that? They look like the head of one those aliens with the pulsating brain. If this is some sort of invasion, all I’m saying is, who wants nuclear codes in exchange for lap dances? Don’t be shy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Valerie

    Fish–no kidding, man! Yuck

  2. Neil McCabe

    veins mcblue

  3. cb

    Big, veiny boobs are a sign of pregnancy….

  4. Lourock

    In the words of Raddimus from “Waiting”. “It’s so veiny!”

  5. Me

    Anyone posting after me drinks from Tony Homo’s sweaty jockstrap

  6. Fati

    That’s what happens with big boobs. Bleh! My B rules.

  7. Aimee

    to #3: they’re also a sign of big natural breasts. some dreaming about what’s going down in her vag.

    to #5: gladly.

  8. Aimee

    to #3: they’re also a sign of big natural breasts. stop dreaming about what’s going down in her vag.

    to #5: gladly.

  9. Percalator

    Her last colorist was male & NOT gay because he missed her black roots- staring down at them tee-otties!

  10. Funeral Guy

    You homos are crazy. J. Simp might be dumber than a box of rocks but her body is smokin’. I’d do her until she couldn’t see straight.

  11. john

    veiny boobs are also a common among those known to have “fat boobs” which are basically boobs that have grown in size due to excessive weight gain

  12. Goodness, gracious, those are monstrous. This chick went from beyond bangable, to feeling sorry for her, to somewhere in between. She is as dumb as dirt, but you Romo motorboats the hell out of those.
    The Rake

  13. Howie

    Her body moved veins from her brain to her breasts – thereby ensuring her most overused part is getting blood, while her most underused part can just sit and hibernate.

  14. Ashley

    Those are some of the nicest biggest breasts I have ever seen in my whole life. I think they might even be bigger than Nancy Pelosi’s humongous tits. Bigger than Slama Hyek’s fake plastic rack. Someone should film Jessica doing jumping jacks. Imagine the seismic shock those huge natural funbags would create.
    I want to milk her.

  15. EB

    “You’re so vein……”

  16. Danklin24

    Meh, they’re not that bad actually. I’ve always liked her breasts.

  17. boobman

    Class: Those are what REAL breasts look like. Now, I know it’s strange to a lot of you… but… real breasts ARE better than plastic. Say it with me… “…Megan Foxx is fake… I refuse to drool over plastic bags…”

    Accept no substitute!

  18. Meg

    Veins are normal, she’s just not airbrushed right now.

  19. AJ

    Actually Jess got breast implants after she lost a lot of weight for Daisy Duke and her boobs drooped. She should have just waited to gain the weight again and her boobs would have been perky again.

  20. lol I think Joe hire a good stylist,,,you suckers are so picky,,,gimme those veiny mams rough night long….

  21. Lilly

    Hey at least they’re not stretch marks.

    I would kill for boobs like that. BTW she’s had implants. They just fluctuate with her weight.

  22. Lilly

    I meant she has NOT had implants.

    She hardly ever needed them but seriously when have her breasts ever looked fake?

  23. Parker

    uh-oh, when non-veiny boobs turn veiny it’s a sign of baby on board. She should have stuck to anal only.

  24. uhhh,I think Joe hire a good stylist,,,you suckers are so picky.
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  25. Nutter Butter

    Those look like pregnancy veins, not fatty veins, but who knows.

    @14, Good Lord, i can never look past Pelosi’s gaping hole of a gargoyle mouth to notice she even has tits… and i don’t think Selma Hayek’s tits are fake.

  26. Axel

    I dont like the big blue vein… But motorboat!

  27. Parker

    Anyone here who thinks her dad will try to blame Tony Romo for knocking her up? I say he proudly takes full credit.

  28. Superbiggerevil

    Anyone posting in spot #5 licks Warren Sapp’s black applesack clean after workout!

  29. Alli Watermelon

    LOL @ anyone saying her boobs are fake. LOL @ anyone saying her boobs are veiny due to pregnancy. LOL @ anyone insisting that boobs get veiny due to weight gain. Some of you people are complete DUMBASSES. She has big boobs. She’s always had big boobs. They are not fake, she is just blessed (at least in the boob department). ALSO, she has always had veiny boobs. I’ve always noticed it, but WHO CARES? They are lovely! You people just never noticed the veins before because she was skinnier and you were too busy trying to hide your BONERS from your obese and pasty wife sitting next to you. The end.

  30. Tom K

    Agreed #29.

    Though she really fell off in the looks department. She used to have such a body and pretty face then she started fucking with and injecting her lips to to make the fuller now she looks like a baboons ass.

  31. Tom K

    She fell off hard! She use to be hot now shes not. Nick Lachey used her up, he was tapping that ass everyday even when she didn’t want it. Now Tony has the used up less hot version.

  32. let 'em breathe

    Maybe the veins wouldn’t be so visible if she’d just let those things out. Looks like that dress is smashing those things back into her head.

  33. Darth

    A couple of years back i used to think that Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were very much alike.

  34. Nero

    @33 Their looks or IQ? Or maybe both?

  35. justifiable

    #23, 25 You guys and other have been screaming “baby” for months now. Her boobs looked like this back in February – and pics # 5,6,7 etc is NOT what a 5 months (minimum) belly looks like. Some women, implants or not, with big boobs have veins close to the surface – in movies they’re covered by makeup, in pictures they’re airbrushed out.

  36. HoneyQ

    It’s called the circulatory system. Get the fuck over it.

  37. Maximus

    Jessica Simpson is seriously gorgeous from head to toe. Damn.

  38. Jeff

    Please Tony – let me handle the snaps on her chest .

  39. Delgo

    Ah, the internal mammary arteries.

  40. Mister Bored

    Nice breasts.

    Zero ass.

  41. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Big fucking deal, breasts have veins. If that bothers you, I suggest you start saving up for a RealDoll.

  42. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    WTF??? Where her butt go. She got hit from behind by a Mack truck or something?

  43. oh fer chrissakes

    #39 As opposed to the external ones? P.S. Breasts don’t have arteries.

  44. :B

    disconcerting what turns people off now a days.

    It’s a human body. it’s going to have LIKE, omg, veins and shit to keep it working.

    Pretty soon though, everything will be homogenized and like walking photoshop. People with imperfections will be Taboo. SO DONT YOU WORRY, in fifty years or so we’ll all look like porn stars!

  45. Bosco

    @43 Although I’m no doctor, breasts better have arteries or they would no blood supply and would shrivel up and die….

  46. GG1000

    Take it from a mother of three – big veiny breasts mean you’re pregnant.

  47. justifiable

    #45 But do you play one on TV? You’re not wrong. Breasts have a very rich vascular supply which is why they’re able to undergo reduction and other surgeries so well. They derive that blood supply from some 3 or 4 major arteries. Arterial systems are deep and thick-walled, not close to the surface and visible – I think this is what #43 means. Thinner arterioles are what branch off of those. Vessels like the axillary vein and its branches are thinner walled and more visible. Bet you’re glad you asked, huh? ;D

  48. amisaki

    #46 Take it from a mother of none, you’re wrong. A positive pregnancy test means you’re pregant – things like this differ from women to woman. I have the same size tits she has, I have the same fair skin and figure type, and I’ve always had really visible veins since high school and no kids have ever showed up. Besides someone said, they looked like this back in February. She’d be showing by now if she was preggers.

  49. Insatiable Peter

    After all these years, to whom I’d still make insane unbridled love and never marry.

    Some of the best tits in the biz. Always have been.

  50. Her belly and upper legs are HUGE too, folks!!

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