Jessica Simpson’s rotund breasts and other news

March 11th, 2010 // 40 Comments

- Lindsay Lohan’s Lawsuit: This is definitely what’s happening. [PopEater]

- Jessica Simpson talks about something on Letterman but you can’t see her cleavage no one cares. [Lainey Gossip]

- Amy Winehouse is designing clothes now. You’ll believe a woman can wear a bottle of rum. [Dlisted]

- Christoph Waltz should stop bogarting the free BJs. [Celebslam]

- Kristen Stewart proves Hollywood is a bunch of prudes. [Huffington Post]

- Elton John replacing Simon Cowell? [TheFABlife]

- Kendra Wilksinson literally thought the stork would just drop the kid off. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Ashley Greene’s breasts are still out there. [PopSugar]

- Mario Lopez impregnated a woman? That can’t be right… [ICYDK]

- Jessica Biel climbs goddamn mountains, but go ahead and bang go-go dancers, Justin Timberlake. That won’t end with a Yeti in your cereal. [Socialite Life]

- Charlie Sheen prepares to throw Brooke Mueller under the bus. [Betty Confidential]

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  1. nastyjay

    sexual napalm

  2. Jim

    Still short, still stumpy, but nice cans, and apparently a good lay.

    But like all hillbilly girls, the annoyance afterwards isn’t worth the poontang

  3. chav

    I heard she’s a farter, not to mention a dumbass.

  4. See you after dinner

    Please let me squirt my man-milk on your veiny jigglies.


  5. merilhepburn

    cute seeing eye dog though

  6. LouRob

    What’s the name of this doomed puppy, “coyote chow II?”

  7. Jackson

    She is definitely gaining weight! She needs to get back in shape asap!
    Those b00bies are nice though!

  8. Jimbo Jones

    I’d suck those things D-R-Y!

  9. Gueibor

    Somewhere not too far away, Wiley E… damnit #6, the coyote joke was mine!

  10. pimp

    she can fart in my mouth any day…then i would cleanse her asshole with my tongue…

  11. Richard McBeef

    @10 – that puts you are risk for significant gastrointestinal illness. not recommended.

  12. havoc

    God I love those blue veiny sweater puppets….


  13. Randal

    The magenta colored open toed shoes lures one’s gaze from a beautiful pair of eyes and stunning smile, downward through her lavished form to red painted toes of perfection. Too cute!


  14. who dat

    Serious titty fuckin tits.

  15. Like she’s sexually gifted. Please! John Meyer needs to go at Aniston live to hurt another dumbo. He’s mad the paps ignore him without horsefaced Aniston.

  16. Lea

    Fatkitten is just a hater because the only thing about her that a man would call “explosive” is her GUT

  17. Mr. Nice Guy

    She has always looked like a fun LAY!

  18. spanky

    69 69 69 69 yummy

  19. ppl

    looking old baby mama, there’s no turning around now, the snowball had been pitched

  20. cc

    Of course she’s got boobs! Did you see her on Letterman? She’s at least 30 pounds overweight!

  21. Luthor

    Jessica Simpson’s tits: wunderbar; uber-boobs.

    As far as her being overweight: I, frankly, don’t give a fuck. Just makes her pussy taste a bit sweeter.

  22. r4i

    I love her without so much makeup — she looks fresh and a lot younger! No need to go crazy with the colors, Jess.

  23. you are risk for significant gastrointestinal illness.

  24. Marcus

    Eww she is so fat.

  25. Nameless

    Without those tits, no one would care what Jessica Simpson is doing.

  26. What a dumbass

    I see fagggboy randal is back. Just die already, you limp wristed homobar loiterer.

    So, the gist of the whorehan article is that this is a ploy by E-Trade, in concert with whorehan, to increase people watching the advertisement. If that’s the case, then whorehan is in it for one reason: she’s broke & needs the money E-Trade is paying her for this little diversion. She’d have to be broke, because filing this lawsuit has brought public opinion totally against her; the lawsuit makes her look like even more of an egomaniacal retard that before. Pretty much, it kills any chance she has of working in hollywood again. So, if she is working with E-Trade on this, she better be getting millions; it’s the last money she’ll ever make from hollywood…

  27. captain america

    ………………………the coyotes are still hungry, folks!!

  28. IKE

    Ditto #1,
    Sexual Napalm

  29. Wicked Witch of Da West Palm Beach Area

    @ 10. pimp – March 11, 2010 5:23 PM

    she can fart in my mouth any day…then i would cleanse her asshole with my tongue…

    And her little dog, too!

  30. WMR

    I don’t know, I saw her on Leno or Letterman (I don’t recall which) the other night and was really quite impressed. I expected her to be a lot less self-reflective. I was impressed. Yes, she could stand to loose a few pounds, but then again so could I!

  31. WMR

    PS: You guys who want her to “fart in your mouths” are sick. :-)

  32. OH my god, I love your post very much , i love you , I will come back here every day, so beautiful …..

  33. She looks good

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  37. Ned

    She’s so hot, I would jam my entire tongue into her dog’s butt

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