Jessica Simpson’s breasts almost kill a man

The Superficial | November 2, 2008 - 11:05 am

Jessica Simpson’s chest acted like a giant paparazzi magnet with duck lips last night causing her best friend stylist Ken Paves to end up in the hospital after taking a camera to the face. TMZ reports:

Ken was escorting Jess out of the restaurant, when the sea of snappers swarmed — and in the madness, one guy hit Ken near his eye with a part of a camera.
With blood trickling down his face, Ken still managed to get Jess inside their waiting ride. Their driver then whisked the group to a nearby hospital, where Jess accompanied her friend inside the building.

The sad part is Ken Paves is gay, so he couldn’t care less that he just took a Canon to the eye for Chesty LaRue. Talk about a recipe for pity sex going right down the drain. It’d be like getting your hands on a winning lottery ticket, then tearing it up and saying “Nope, I love penis.”