Jessica Simpson wears really cool pants


Jessica Simpson was spotted at Cabo Cantina without a bra on and wearing what appears to be her grandmother’s pants. She actually used to be hot, right? It wasn’t just some wonderful dream I had? Because looking at her now, I can’t even wrap my mind around it. I’m pretty sure if you took a sample of her DNA it’d show she was slowly devolving into a monkey.

jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-01-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-02-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-03-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-04-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-05-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-06-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-07-thumb.jpg jessica-simpson-braless-cabocantina-08-thumb.jpg