Jessica Simpson wearing Daisy Dukes again

March 9th, 2009 // 155 Comments

Here’s Jessica Simpson in Florida last night desperately trying again to remind people of when she looked hot wearing shorts in that one movie. That said, I don’t remember Daisy Duke requiring a corset, but after seeing Britney Spears’ insane outfits for the past week, give me BigBoobs McMaybeLoseAFew here any day. God, I’m romantic.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. sheesh

    she’s all muscle…and a healthy size….and hello…she isn’t 19 anymore….she’s perfectly fine and most american girls would love to have a body like hers…ya’ll need to put an actual 350lbs fat person and her side by side to get a little reality check….

  2. sluggo

    As one of the few straight guys left in Hollywood, I can attest that she is more than tasty right now, and even when she looked heavier, I’d be too happy to serve her up with some good, hard, straight, SEX!!!
    Here’s to Jessica banging me someday. Fuck yas all ;-)

  3. RaraAvis

    Let’s put aside her weight for a moment (ha, ha! a joke!) and look at her hair. It’s greasy and looks like it hasn’t been trimmed in forever. Gross, but strangely in keeping with the corset, flannel and torn-off jeans. She’s targeting the big-gut, beer drinking, truck driving crowd.

  4. the_prestige


    No one was hating on vegetarians. Now I have to assume, not only because you missed that, but also because you type like a 10 year old kid. What the hell is your mommy doing? She should be sticking your face into a book, shit-for-brains.

  5. the_prestige


    No one was hating on vegetarians. Now I have to assume, not only because you missed that, but also because you type like a 10 year old kid, that you’re an idiot. What the hell is your mommy doing? She should be sticking your face into a book, shit-for-brains.

    (forgot part of the sentence.)

  6. jj


    you fucking moron obviously you’re the one who missed it. aw, what’s wrong ?your tiny fucking brain isn’t big enough to process so much information at one time.

    oh and for your information just because i type in lower case letters doesn’t mean i type like a 10 year old. that mommy comment was completely retarded but that’s nothing new for you right?

  7. celebs love me

    Jessica looks gorgeous and it’s true, not one person commenting on this post who digs chicks would turn her down if she crossed the street to talk to them. And eating a boca burger is far worse than a grass-fed, humanely raised beef burger–it’s not meat that’s doing America in, it’s an ever-increasing influx of processed and convenience foods that will kill us eventually. Google the masai tribe of kenya.

  8. One hundred eighth!

    Bitch is so 2004. She was hot back then but now Da Man sees hotter girls everyday at any cafe sipping cappuccinos and licking the milk foam off their lips. Slowly. Anyhow Simpon’s looking strictly average with a flat ass shoved in outdated cutoff pants and a layer of fat rolling over the top. Scratch that, she’s wearing a girdle to hide the fat.

    PS: Da Man would still suck her tits holla!

  9. Shw’s pregnant for six months now, folks?

  10. Karma

    From a straight girl’s perspective: Those legs are HELLA fine…who wants twigs when you can have thighs like that!

  11. justifiable

    #88 Granted, that is a problem. You could walk around eating a sandwich which might deflect some of the whalebone ricochet to the face, but then again a good hoagie will draw them like flies. And that corset is under a helluva stress load – no Spanks for Jess cuz she’s “country”.

  12. Lowlands


  13. Sauron


  14. tc

    There was never a time I wouldn’t have fucked her.

    Unfortunately, since she isn’t a porker any more, she doesn’t have to take it up the ass.

    Those are the rules.

  15. sin

    Don’t care what she looks like. Just do not let her sing anymore. She is terrible. Just get naked and prance around. Thats all she is good for. Lets get Jessica and Ashlee nekid together hopping around onstage. That would be a ticket seller. Just remember to make sure there are no live microphones on the stage.

  16. name

    jessica lose the weight. you’re so pretty when you’re small! you can do it! think about it.. you’ve got sooo much money you could hire someone to be with you all day and disallow you to eat. just do it! you’ll be so happy. try the every other day diet. you dont even need to work out that much.. don’t need the extra muscle. just stop eating so much. really.. your stomach will shrink after two days and you won’t even be hungry. you can and shoud do it! no reason not to. just restrain yourself for two days and it will get exponentially easier.

  17. Hans

    haha now she looks like one of those fat american chicks living in trailers

  18. (rubs eyes) Uhhhhhhhh… exactly what’s wrong with those legs, I mean other than I can’t stand up for about 20 minutes without embarassing myself..?

  19. J. Simpson´s personal stylist


    now that´s a tough one

    how to make this fat cow seem not that fat… tabloyds are all over her already.. she needs to look slitely hot

    – legs are still ok – daisy dukes (and let´s pray no one puts before and after pics side by side)

    – fat stomack and waste – a corset! (dear god I´m a genious!)

    but now… what can I do about the fat stickin out in her back… and those fat arms… and the celulite she was the first human been to develop above the waste… dear god, dear god what am I to do???
    FUCK IT – take my flanel shirt and that´s it

    fat bitch

  20. lop

    She looks like ever other redneck walking out of walmart.

  21. Laughing at Fatties

    She’s become the postergirl of the trailer park set. Not a good career move.

    She’ll be a Jenny Craig spokeswoman in 2-3 years.

  22. Racheli

    am i the only one that think she’s still fat??…..

  23. pappy

    nick lache must be loving this

  24. Fati

    At this point it is clear that she is pregnant. She really should admit to it and have everyone off her back. And also stop wearing ridiculous outfits that she THINKS hide her baby bump.

  25. Mr.Sticky

    I wanna do a K-Fed on this broad and MAKE ME SOME MONEY!

  26. what the fuck is wrong with all of you?

    she’s 100% banging hot.

    anyone who even has a second of concern with her weight is obviously retarded. id fucking pound her if she was even “bigger”

    she’ll always be a ten in my book …

    bet she tastes like pork rinds to boot.

  27. Mike

    Yeah she has to be knocked up. I guess she saw how Ashlee got her man and decided to trick Tom to nab him. Fatty is pregnant.

  28. Jack


    Most Americans are 10 pounds or more overweight, so it is no surprise you would would bang her at a heavier weight. Such a great future for America; a bunch of fat people with fat induced medical problems. The US needs a trillion dollar reserve just to take care of all the fat related illness.

  29. Manda

    man you guys are so mean it’s borderline pathetic. yeah she’s not skinny but isnt that refreshing? she looks healthy/curvy and attractive. she still has awesome legs. yes the face is dumb.

  30. #126, I love pork rind. I would make this backwoods chick squeal like Deliverance.

  31. Jenna

    I don’t think she’s fat or even chubby. I think she’s just wearing unflattering clothing and has maybe gained 10 pounds since her glory days. It happens. My best advice: get a better stylist. I know girls way bigger who look much smaller because they know how to dress.

  32. Morela

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  33. crankymiss

    her lips are horrendous.

  34. Monalisa


    Jessica says she gained 20 pounds and when she got heavy with John Mayer she admitted to weighing 145 pounds. She use to weigh 125 pounds and now she weighs 145 pounds again. I think it is great that Jessica is honest about her weight and weight gain. Females like Kim Kardashina lie about their weight and can never ever say “I am overweight” or “I am fat”. The best Kim could do was say “I am not a small girl”. I hope Jessica gets back to 125 pounds and does fall into the typical American habit of overeating and getting fatter.

  35. And she looks great….so tired of all the fat jokes and weight issues….her legs look off the hook, go Jess…show em’ you dont care.

  36. Jon

    The “smelly poop” incident on her reality show turned me off to her for eternity. Now, now matter how hot she looks, all I can think about is her putrid poops stankin a hole in my face.

  37. Meow

    Oh, please. To any of the guys saying that she’s fat and ugly, don’t talk as if any of the girls you’ve dated or are dating are frikken size 0 supermodels. She’s just as normal as any girl you encounter on a daily basis, but you’re just holding her in comparison to other super skinny celebrities. I never really liked her face, so I won’t say she’s hot. But fat? No way.

  38. mamamiasweetpeaches

    She’s looking pretty good…but…..I have to agree with the poster that said “What a stupid freakin outift!” Where a lumberjack flannel or wear a bustier. Not BOTH! EVER!

    I feel about Jessica Simpson the same way I feel about Britney Spears- They COULD look good if they dressed better. Sometimes its like they are TRYING to showcase their problem areas! Cover up a little!

    And as for the Pic One pout? Its screams “Dont I Just Rock Out Loud?” to which the answer is “NO!” Only someone like Steven Tyler gets away with making that “I Rock SO Hard!” face, cuz he does indeed rock hard!
    I’d wager he looks better in short shorts too!

  39. mamamiasweetpeaches

    She looks best in Pic 7. it looks like Blair trying on Jo’s clothes. After they just had sex!

  40. Mrs. Garrett

    The fact of life is Jessica Simpson is an attention seeking, daddy loving, can’t dress herself, can’t sing, can’t act ho.

  41. Paulina

    How the hell did this girl get her legs that beefy? It’s a little scary… Is this what happens when normal people exercise?

  42. Kevin

    NO ASS….and I’m a white guy!!!!

  43. Schadenfreudelicious

    She looks about ready for a bustier bustout….those hooks must be under a whole lotta pressure to keep that flab contained…

  44. pigs attack

    come on people! she looks great! really fat like a nice overweight country girl

  45. sara

    its said to see her go downhill considering she left Nick because she was too famous for him and according to her, she can get anyone better than Nick. But the reality of it is ever since she left Nick she has gone downhill and she knows it too that she made the biggest mistake ever! That is why she is getting so much because shes depressed! you know you still love Nick, just get back with him and see how your life will get better overnight!

  46. asd

    shes ugly stupid and dresses horribly.

    and lacks talent….

  47. StanfordString

    She looks WAY better now. I’m sick of those freakishly thin side-show gals who prance around pretending to have thighs and ass. Seriously. No body fat = no BODY. Give me thick thighs and big round breasts any day. She looked like a skeleton in the Dukes movie.

  48. Narcissist

    I saw on a

  49. I saw on a tabloid cover that Jess wearing gut binding corsets and such should be perceived as a great achievement for her.

    Her legs weren’t really the problem area to begin with.

    Why doesn’t she just button up that flannel?

  50. Deleon

    Geesh….Jess is HOT! The only problem here is: WHITE MALES!! You want a woman who basically looks like an adolescent boy with BOOBS! 40-22-22….’white dude’s dream’! This European (and predominantly white) standard of beauty is ridiculous. The first ‘white’ female who “gets a body’ (Jess, Kelly Clarkson) then gets to be called “fat”. And those who have a body, her “handlers” push her to lose weight…again turning them into the white man’s dream! But if you look like Calista Flockart, Kate Moss, and any of those pathetic creatures on the new 90210 show..flat as a board, no curves, and bony a$$ legs, then you end up on the cover of countless magazines. Then sadly…many young females…especially white…buy into this standard. Am I lying? Just look at the ethnic make of females with eating disorders! That should tell you something!

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